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Worldgate 2: Contact Walkthrough

Worldgate 2: Contact

[REPLAY] Worldgate 2: Contact is the second episode of this point & click adventure type escape game series developed by William Buchanan for Wyloch's Armory. October 25, 1888. The Wyoming Territories. The story continues after the scientist has returned from his first excursion through the Worldgate and has brought with him a strange hexagonal component. But there are still worlds to explore and answers to be found. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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i played the first capitel of this game and it was great

I can´t find the "about item" button ???

I would like to examine my lighter but how ?

it looks very nice, but I don't know how to lighten the candle?

can't seem to use lighter or move either.


Finally i opened lighter, there was a magnifier suddenly...

click only once on the lighter, there is no about item bottom

I just clicked like mad this inventory bar.

Ahh you have to click the lower right part of an item.

ah, tricky to find the magnifier. I thought it was on the bottom right side of game instead of item...

can't find the magnifier grr

got a pickaxe and a device

Pickaxe, device, book, yellow gem and keywand.

now from the cave a yellow cubic and a keywand

put gems in wand, place it back and open a portal

I put yellow gem in wand.

Used pickaxe on blue gem between some "needles" after going through portal.

@Zazie: there are two more crystals and a prism

the navigation is difficult, found a prisma and two cristals

I am a bit worried too by the heavy navigation...must eat sthg, and come back after...let me some hints please :)

@gabi: you can change the navigation setting in the menu.

prism can be placed on holster with colored bars

i know Casual, but it's difficult

no success i am looking for the coloured bars to place the prism

Place prism at pedestal where coloured balls are and use lighter

*coloured bars, not balls. Sorry.

thanks @Blanka!

have i to go back through the portal, i can't find colured bars here in the spacelab???

You're welcome, Casual ^_^
Now have a portable laser but stuck...

@Blanka: place laser on bracket and get to a new room

@ gabi, the coloured bars are on the left platform from the world gate portal

Laser goes down rightward path to grey "igloo".
Went in the "igloo" hard to find how to use the filter crystals in the laser beam.

Thank you Casual and Poppy!

have i to go back through the portal, i can't find colured bars here in the spacelab??please help

@gabi: when stepping out of the portal, go left (forward and left again)

POP! place crystals and combine colors with tiles (and don't foret to place prism as well)

TY Blanka finally found this place


Yo have to take back the prism after dealing with the spectrums made by the lighter. Use the prism to focus laser into crystals in the igloo, you generate power.

now feel dumb, don't know what to with lighter and spectrums, passa nada click click click

pop got it!!!

where is the igloo please?

gabi, move the lighter in front of the prism to match the spectrums in proper sequence.

There is a link the the walkthrough just above the game.

this white thing, where it says device has no power, is that the igloo? There i can place nothing

To reach the igloo, from the portal entrance :
go right, forward, right, forward and left.

White device (teeppee shape) is the elevator you have to power it on as well as the elevator cabin.

finally opened another box (using colors red and blue in igloo and the number from upstairs)

and with orange/blue you can melt the water thingy tool

use stone mold and melted metal on machine across from igloo

wow =difficult and involved game.

found a mould, poured molted metal in where blue liquid is and made something in mould that is to sharp to pick up, need some wire to fix machine upstairs by elevator.

stuck now with red lens, mold (with sharp blade inside). anyone need help until this point?

I'm exactly where you are @evans

anyone still playing?


took red lens upstairs along with portable lazer, red lens disappeared on machine that needs power, you can use portable lazer there too, did not seem to do anything.

lazer disappears on power button but you can get it back by clicking left side of machine.

yes, trying to find a way to hold the blade and cut the spare wire.

thanks @evans. let's hope it's not a bug.
I wonder about this diamond shape on both of the machines...

found a terminal plug under the elevator.

@vivmim: up- or downstairs?

downstairs. send the elevator up, then turn on the green light in the igloo.

melted my water repulsion device but I can't use the stone mold... did I screw up?

@vivimim: thanks, I'll try that

@Andrea: place mold on machine and pour melted metal in funnel

Andrea, put the mold on the platter of the pourer device (opposite side of the igloo) pour melted device in the device, that's it!

hmm, seems I can't send the elevator up, when I'm outside. it just says: "the elevator is already here".

Clever, vivimim, I did not thought of sending the elevator up without me inside! Casual, press the button to go up and get out immediately;

thanks @Poppy!

@casual, go in, click the button and then step out before it rises.

gotta go. if anyone finds a way to hold the blade, please leave a word.

Vivimim, use the same maneuver with the elevator but upstairs, I've made a sword!

to the same upstairs (push button and go out) for a hilt

I finally gave in and checked out the walkthrough. I am out. Great game!

use laser and sword on machine, lighter on block of ice for a "dt-core" (whatever that is)

huh, I just went back through the portal, suddenly I am paralyzed and it's over?!

Cuasual, is a Deteurium-Tritium fusion core (nuclear power engine).

and I didn't do anything with the other damaged machine upstairs...?!

@Poppy: did you fix the other machine upstairs?

nevermind, just read the WT. still wondering what this other machine upstairs was about? maybe it will come back in "worldgate 3" (or 4)...

Yes, Casual, get paralysed also, until the next episode...
Probably the best Escape series of all times.

I agree, great puzzles, great graphics: 5 stars

have blue sharp thing that can't take out of mold, now stuck with a red lens??

bellee76, read the last comments (from vivimim 12/18/12 1:59 PM till end), you need a hilt.

machine upstairs ate my sword

this sucks stuck upstairs with a lighter no smoke sittin in front of a sword eatin machine

oh yeah and i didnt have my game saved

There was only one machine upstairs, you came at it from either the back or the front....

unfortunately front or back it ate my sword and puked up my laser

tried goin everywhere else apparently cant finish game now

^ You did not try the walkthrough?

tystik4, sword goes in the machine, it's the right place, you have to add the laser and the red lense, then just press the button on the top.

I do not understand how to put the yellow, red and blue crystal filters with the colored pentagons.

Thanks and sorry for my English

are hexagons, lol

Red + Blue = purple
Red + Yellow = orange
Blue + Yellow = green


Yeah, I know but I can only use two hexagons

At any given time, two is all you need. Whatever color is on the hexagon is the color it requires. The hexagon has a symbol on it, which matches the device that it powers in other places of the world.

Thanks Bill, continued tomorrow

Really that's the end..... paralysed and wait for Episode 3?

       Anonymous  12/19/12, 1:34 AM  

I'm following the WT step by step, trying to understand how I could have guessed which coupler(s) to use, especially to activate inactive paths...
Jumping out of the elevator when it already works reminds me one the first of Myst games.

No need to guess. The symbol on the coupler matches the symbol of whatever device it powers.

After all that work sequestered???

the game is very beatifull, but navigation is so hard, just like worldgate 1... I hope the 3d will be better.

hmm... if I read the WT there's written that I have to use the sword downstairs in the device room to get a wire to fix the access panel upstairs...
but I did what I read here... I gave the sword and the laser to the panel at the right of the lift upstairs, it disappears... did I missread something you wrote here?
no I don't have a sword for the wire and the laser is also gone... maybe that's the end for me? I can't finish the game?

I got the laser back... it suddenly popped out of the panel... but the sword won't return back :(

^ That was a bug that's been fixed as of 2 hours ago. Try refreshing the page to re-download the game.

I also closed the game and opened it again, because its autosaved... but I can't get back the sword...
maybe I have to restart... but not today... sad...

thanks @Bill... I just read your comment... I refreshed the page now, the game loaded again, but now the autosave is gone... only the possibility to start a new game... maybe tomorrow ...

This would be an all day project without the walkthrough!

The lazer, sword and red lens
goes in the machine right of lift
to get the new power supply!
Game End.

Device to the left still needs a fixin ?

5 Stars Mr. Buchanan!

If I had have known, that I had to do
so much walking, I would have worn
a better pair of shoes...

wonderful game!

everything has to be one of (if not the) best series of games escape / puzzle! Grafico gameplay and incredible!

       Anonymous  4/15/18, 6:15 AM  

caught the 2nd part of «The Freewill Cycle» & decided to play all other games from this dev

thx Bill for all your awesome creations ☺

       Anonymous  4/15/18, 6:23 AM  

wire is in cave, back thru portal

ha ha...I think it needs more than an hour to understand that I have to jump out of the elevator after clicking the button.....nice game

where is this walkthrough that you are all referring to... can someone at least bother to copy it here!!!!

       Anonymous  9/19/18, 5:19 AM  

at your service, Deniz ☺

(cit. JayIsGames)

Worldgate 2 Walkthrough

Rocky Mountain Nights

Examine the Lighter in your inventory. Click it to open and light it. Use the Lighter on the oil lamp.

Pick up your Research Kournal from the table. Examine and read through it for some hints and background information. Turn to the right and examine the chest. In it you will find the Water Repulsion Device and a Pickaxe. Pick both of them up.

Back away from the chest and turn to the right. Go down the passageway into the mountain until you have reached the circular gate. Pick up the Keywand on the left of the gate.

Turn to the right and examine the ornate cabinet. Pick up the Yellow Cubic Gemstone. Examine the Keywand in your inventory. Use the Yellow Cubic Gemstone on the cross-hairs of the Keywand. Click away and turn to face the Worldgate.

Place the Keywand in its holder. The Worldgate will now be activated. Enter the portal

       Anonymous  9/19/18, 5:20 AM  


Once More Into The Breach

Walk forward until you are are on the Central Platform. Turn left and walk forward twice, then turn right to face the central podium. There will be a staircase. Climb it onto the Central Podium.

In front of you will be a Blue Crystal. Use the pickaxe on it to take it. Turn to the left, and use the pickaxe on the Yellow Crystal you see to take it. Make a 180 degree turn. Pick up the Prism and use the Pickaxe on the Red Crystal to pick it up. Turn to the right and move forward down the stairs.

Turn to the left, move forward, then turn to the right and move forward onto the walkway. To your right will be an unactivated walkway, so turn to the left, walk forward, and turn to the left again to face a wall with various chromatic spectrums on it.

Place the Prism in the holster. Pick up the lit lighter from your inventory. The light from it will cast a rainbow through the Prism. Move the lighter so that the rainbow cast by the Prism matches up with each of the four spectrums on the wall: first the spectrum with one circle beside it, then the spectrum with two circles, and so forth. When you are finished, a panel will open. Take the Portable Laser from the compartment, and, once again, pick up the Prism.

Turn to the left and walk forward. Turn right and walk forward onto the central platform. Turn right and walk forward twice. Turn right and move forward onto the walkway. Turn left and you should be facing a stone dome with a deactivated walkway leading to it. Examine the bracket on the right walkway beam. Use the Portable Laser in the bracket. Back away, and the walkway will be activated.

       Anonymous  9/19/18, 5:21 AM  


Walk forward towards the stone dome. Press the button to open the door, and move forward into it. This is the Power Station. Each of the six colored hexagonal Power Couplers will power one of the various devices scattered about the setting, if it receives light of the appropriate color. The symbol on the coupler will inform you as to what device will be powered: said device will have the same symbol on it.

Start by placing the prism in the rectangular compartment closest to you. This will split the beam of light into three, and direct it towards the two coupler holders. Click the Purple Coupler (which powers the elevator) to place it in the left holder, and the Yellow Coupler (which powers the elevator room door) to place it in the right holder.

Use the Red Crystal on the left part of the central rectangular compartment, and the blue crystal in the central part of the central rectangular compartment, combining to cast a purple beam of light onto the purple circle. Place the Yellow Crystal in the right part of the central rectangular compartment to cast a yellow beam of light onto the yellow circle. Back away from the power station and return to the central platform.

Once on the central platform, turn right, move forward, turn right again, and move forward in front of the elevator tower. The elevator room door should be powered, so press the button, and its touch panel will be activated. Click the touch panel to open the door.

Walk forward into the elevator. Press the inside elevator button, then, quickly, step forward before the elevator moves. There will be a button behind where the elevator car was. However its device is not yet powered...

Return to the Power Station. Click the purple and yellow power couplers to remove them from the coupler holders. Click the Green Power Coupler (which powers the e to place it in the left holder. Pick up the Red Crystal from the center rectangular compartment. In its place, put the Yellow Crystal, which will combine with the blue crystal to cast a green beam of light onto the green power coupler.

Back away and return to the button that was hidden behind the elevator car. Press the button. The panel will flip off to reveal a Terminal Plug. Pick up the plug.

Return to the power station. Click the green power coupler to remove it, and replace it with the purple power coupler. Remove the yellow crystal from the central rectangular compartment, and put the red crystal in its place, to cast the purple beam of light onto the purple coupler, powering the elevator.

Return to the elevator room. Click the elevator call button on the right side of the room to call the elevator. Enter the elevator, and press the inside elevator button to be taken to the second floor.

       Anonymous  9/19/18, 5:22 AM  


Going Up

Once you've reached the second floor, press the inside elevator button, then step forward and out quickly, before it moves. Turn around to face the elevator shaft, and you will see a Hilt that would've been hidden by the elevator. Take the hilt.

Turn to the right and walk forward. Pick up the Stone Cast. There's also a glass dome in front of you, but a quick look at its access panel confirms that the wiring is shot. Looks like we have a couple more puzzles to solve before we can get inside.

Turn to the left. Note the number written on the wall: 724.

Turn left again, walk forward twice, then turn to the right to see the elevator call button. Press the button to call the elevator, return to the elevator car, then press the inside button to return to the first floor.

Everyday Devices

One back on the first floor, return to the Power Station. Remove all the Power Couplers and Crystals from their places. Now click the Orange Power Coupler (which powers the laser melter) to place it on the left, and the Blue Power Coupler (which powers a walkway). Place the Red and Yellow Crystals in the left and center of the central rectuangular compartment (combining to send an orange beam of light to the Orange Coupler) and the Blue Crystal on the right of the center rectangular compartment (sending a blue beam of light to the Blue Coupler). Back away from the station and return to the Central Platform.

Once on the central platform, turn to the right and walk forward twice. Turn to the right and walk forward onto the walkway. Turn right to see the now-activated pathway. Walk forward twice and turn to the right to face the laser melter.

Place the Water Repulsion Device on the Melter's platform. Press the button, and it shall be melted into a pan full of molten metal. Pick up the pan. Turn away and return to the central platform.

Once on the platform, turn left, walk forward twice, and turn left again to face the pathway you take on the way towards the power station. Walk forward, but this time, turn right. Walk forward, then turn right to face the Forging Device.

Place the Stone Cast on the platter. Pour the Molten Metal into the funnel on top. Pick up the Stone Cast. Examine the Stone Cast in the inventory. Click the Stone Cast to open it, revealing the Forged Blade inside. It's too sharp to wield by hand, so use the Hilt on the Sword Blade to create a Sword.

Back away from the Forging Device, and return to the power station. Click the Orange Power Coupler to remove it from the Coupler holder, and click the Red Power Coupler (which powers the Safe) to take its place. Now remove the Yellow Crystal so that a red beam of light hits the Red Coupler. Back away and return to the Central Platform. Turn left, walk forward twice, turn left again and walk forward onto the walkway. Turn right to see the blue activated-walkway. Walk forward twice and turn left to face the Safe.

The Safe needs a three digit combination. Try 724, the code we saw on the wall on the second floor. The Safe will open, revealing a Red Lens. Take the Red Lens. Back away and return to the Central Platform. Turn right and walk forward. Turn right, and walk forward up to the portal, and travel through it.

       Anonymous  9/19/18, 5:24 AM  


Basic Repairs

Once through the portal, walk forward, turn left, and walk forward into the Receptacle Device room. Use the Sword on the Wire on the right of the device to add the Wire to add it to your inventory. Return to the Portal and go through it.

Once through, go to the Power Station. Click the Red Power Coupler to remove it from the holder, and click the Purple Power Coupler to replace it. Pick up the Blue Crystal from the right section of the center rectangular compartment, then put it in the center section of the center rectangular compartment, sending a beam of purple light to the Purple Power Coupler. The elevators are now powered again.

Leave the station, then turn back and examine the bracket on the walkway. Pick up the Portable Laser from the bracket. Now make your way to the elevator and go up to the second floor.

Step out of the elevator, turn left and walk forward so you can see the access panel. Click the access panel to examine it. It looks like some severed wiring needs fixing. Examine the Terminal Plug in your inventory, then use the wire on it, to make a Wired Plug. Use the Wired Plug on the severed wire. The indicator light should turn on, meaning that the device is powered.

Back away from the panel, turn around, then walk forward until you can see the other side of the glass dome. Examine the access panel on this side. Press the button and the panel will open.

Looks like that Purple Coupler in the upper-right of the panel needs some purple light. Place the Portable Laser in the Laser Holder, the Blue Sword along the bottom, and the Red Lens on the compartment on the right side. Now, the dome will open.

Three of Six

Back away from the panel. Examine the DT-Core Storage Capsule, revealed by the dome. Press the button on top, and a block of ice will be revealed.

Use the Lighter to melt the ice. Pick up the DT-Core

Return to the elevator car, and press the button to go to the first floor. Walk forward to the Central Platform. Walk around to the pathway leading to the Portal, then walk through the Portal.

Walk forward, turn right, and go into the Receptacle Device room. Click the receptacle covers to remove them, so you can place the new core inside...

OK, for hilt, try to reach top of the elevator with the same method you reached its bottom part :)

THen you may adapt the wire somehow.

THen you may want to use the blue colour of the reflective sword and the red coulour of the transparent filter to get the piink colour of the light inside the machine

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