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Fruits! Fruits! Fruits! Escape Walkthrough

Fruits! Fruits! Fruits! Escape

[REPLAY] 45rpm - Fruits! Fruits! Fruits! Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by 45 rpm. In this game, you are trapped in the place and you have to search around to find items and solve puzzles to escape. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Fruits! Fruits! Fruits! Walkthrough

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seems to be a very interesting game

going in

2 batteries, a knife and a red notebook

0 8 5 +
on red notebook under UV light...

found apple and pen

set A P P L then press E!!!!

where is knife?

remote or smartphone thing?

use the pencil for drawer?
can't remember well

did you get the picture yet?

picture for the remote-like thing
press BANANA


still not yet used
hint under UV light, knife(used once), batteries

a one strange thing with + shape end

the batteries go into the remote thingy. lottie, hi, how did you come up with the number? doesnt work for me in tv shelf ...

hi uzi, i've use the remote thing
actually it is more like to be a smartphone
press any one button(turn into pink), then move the cursor around the screen

I have my 2 batteries back after entered the code

thx, smart move! I get a different number.

oh yes, this site do have random code for each gameplay...i forget that...

So I guess the plus part is the plus from the UV light, but no clue where to use it

where is the knife please? a pencil not used

use pencil "inside" desk to open drawer

I'm out. I'll be around for help if needed.

thanks Uzi

any help for the 085+ thing, Sarah?

yes please....

Lottie, look at the white grid. Take the 8th across and the fith down and click where they meet

great thz!!! Sarah!!

no prob. :)

lots of fruits!!!

Great! after that it was smooth. thanks to all!

The grapes shouldn't have been on the plate because they did not participate in the game. (¬_¬)

That's a great one.

Bit on the easier side - but not too easy, presents its challenges. But easily beatable without any hints.


Arrgh, I am so stuck, I cannot figure out the clue from the TV, I'm guessing it's to do with the box on the table? But what does it mean!?!

illBeing: the thick line is the middle. Look at how many thin lines there are left or right.
My stuff is now in a drawer. I only have the batteries, NBA* paper and a strange ball with X on it.

Thanks Catqueen, I'm out now. Use the NBA* paper to spell BANANA on the picture

Thx, illBeing. I'm still stuck with pad with 4 buttons, batteries and ball. Still can't open the drawer with numbers near tv.

       Anonymous  5/21/13, 3:44 AM  

Can anyone provide the solution of the slide box? Still cannot figure out how to set.

how do i use the pencil to open the desk drawer?

@tautau move the 1st 3 sliders tot he left once, thrice & four times and the last one to the right four times.. then press the button

radhu, click on the left side of the 2 drawer to see the inside of the desk.

Took me ages to insert the batteries in the button box.

tyvm, catqueen

Finally out. After placing batteries push buttons one by one and move cursor over screen to reveal numbers for drawer.
Got a thingy to use with the X on the ball which made a key for the door.

uw radhu

yes am finally out too.. thx to all the above comments

       Anonymous  5/21/13, 4:05 AM  

@radhu, it does not work according to your move. Any help?

       Anonymous  5/21/13, 4:35 AM  

Finally get it. It is different for different game.

What a lovely game, not too hard and very logical, and nice graphics. I just needed help as I hadn't tried long enough to insert the batteries into that smartphone. Five stars.

This was a good game. no bugs and interesting. 5 stars!

Thanks for all the help, but I'm stuck nevertheless.

Where is the clue for the 4 sliders? On TV? Cannot make it work... I tried the answer given by radhu but it doesn't work either.

Where is the clue for the remote for TV? I pressed the 4 buttons in random order but nothing worked.

Where is the clue for the clock-like purple thingy on the stool?

You know, it's never helpful when people just say "I'm out, man that was sooo easy". The point of making comments here is to help each others, to write walkthroughs together.

Logical game. Nice.

       Anonymous  5/21/13, 6:18 AM  

Valérie, for the TV hint, the thick line is the middle, you place the slider to the leftmost or rightmost thin line as indicated in TV accordingly. It is different for different game so radhu's clue did not work.

Valérie: there are two remotes. The one for the tv has 4 long buttons below eachother. The one which gives the clue for the drawer is grey and has 4 square buttons on the bottom.

use the tv remote (after placing 2 batteries) on tv. Each button gives a clue for the slider on the table. If you see two small line left of a thick line, it means that slider is 2 times left.
Hope that helpes.

After solving the slider you get a lemon. This gives the hint for the clock-like-thingy.

and don't forget to take the batteries out of the remote and place in white box with the pink buttons

that was a lot of fun!! Hope for more of these! Five stars!!!!

Here's a walkthrough - I actually found plenty of help in the above comments, though I had to think and look around a bit. It takes time to write a real walkthrough. Those who complain about not finding one should instead be the ones writing them!

Find battery in left desk drawer.
2nd battery under glasses near TV.
Get red book from drawer to the left.
Turn left, get pencil under couch cushion.
Go back to desk, click between chair and drawers.
Use pencil to open drawer and get knife.
Look right of desk, plug in lamp.
Put book on desk, note apple clue, and 0 8 5 + .
Look at glasses near TV, note they kinda spell 'apple'. You need to go to each letter on the drawer below, A-P-P-L, then press E to open. Strange but it works!
Get key from apple with knife.
Go to left of couch, use key on grey-green thing (magazine rack?).
Get paper with N-A-B-star.
Look at other side, use 0 8 5 + on the grid: 8 across, 5 down, click that junction, get '+' object.
Click on it to extend the screw end, then use to open cabinet under TV.
Get remote device, put in batteries.
Use on TV: the pictures tell you to go x steps from the middle, to left or right. It's for the slider box. (different code in every game.)
Get lemon, cut with knife for clue to round button box.
First, go to banana picture, note position of letters on pic, press corners (again the arrangement will change for a new game).
Get smartphone-type thing, insert batteries (click at bottom).
Trace numbers as you push the buttons from left to right for the 4-# drawer left of the TV. (Again, can't spoil.) Get wrench with + on the end.
Go to round box, enter clue from lemon (don't press the bottom button). Get green sphere, use wrench on it, pull out door key!

Go to next escape game!

       Anonymous  5/21/13, 7:52 AM  

"Look at glasses near TV, note they kinda spell 'apple'. You need to go to each letter on the drawer below, A-P-P-L, then press E to open. Strange but it works!"

I don't think this is correct. The book shows that the glasses represent APPLE, the glass that represents the 'L' is circled and points to the enter field. I just entered 'L' and it worked.

thank you Just1 for the walkthrough. Greatly appreciated!

You're right octavious, thanks!

Thanks again for the help and the walkthrough.

For your information, just1, I wrote several walkthroughs on this site, and besides I was absolutely not complaining about not having one for this game. I was just saying that the purpose of commenting here is to help each other. Some people just like to share their joy of being "out" and say that they found the game very easy, but this is not helpful nor very nice for those who think this is not so easy.

About the remote for the TV, I swear I tried several times to use it (with batteries inside, of course) and it didn't work until people told me to do so. Murphy law, I guess.

Thanks for the clues Lottie - would've been lost without them.

idk wht to do cant get the num# on phone ..& im afraid there is no help b/c code is different for every game...

i CANT COMPLETE game b/c of 4 digit code ...

raasti - for the 4 digit code, press the left button and then sweep your cursor all around the face of the box. The pattern of the squares that light up will form a number that is the first digit of the code. Then press the second button and do the same thing to get the next digit and so on.

       Anonymous  5/21/13, 6:24 PM  

I don't get the clue for the picture. Got the paper but there are only the letters + the star. What to do now????

Would never have made it out without the clues, thanks folks.

safra, look where the letters are positioned on the paper B A N then click corner of picture to spell the word banana.

Excellent, thoroughly enjoyed this one

This comment has been removed by the author.

I agree with Valérie. I always play these escape games (although I rarely log in), and I can't understand these "I'm out, that was pretty easy" type of comments I read when I click the walkthrough button.

       Anonymous  3/3/18, 10:17 AM  

caught this one from the random section

thx 45rpm for creating this game ☺

I couldnt put the book on the desk no matter how many times I tried and now the book is inside a drawer.

must of missed this first time round, excellent game - even managed it without hints!

Nice game!

Thanks for finding this, AO.
I liked the way items moved from your inventory into the drawers once you'd solved their clue (rather than disappearing into thin air)!

Correction to the earlier walkthrough and notes:
the book clue for the 1-letter drawer shows clearly (in retrospect) that you only need to enter 1 letter!
The glasses correspond to the letters of "APPLE" and the tall skinny glass is the letter to enter!

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