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Monkey Go Happy 6 Walkthrough

Monkey Go Happy 6

Monkey Go Happy 6 the six h part of Monkey Go Happy, intriguing and challenging Puzzle game. Use you mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen. Solve puzzles, shoot stuff and more! Good luck and have fun!

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This is always funny.

Don't know if it's my computer, network, browser, or the link but I can't get site to load at all.

Im stuck trying to light a fire on a beach LOL

Im collecting coins in the final lvl.

Hmmmm level 15....

where is code for stage 5 ?

I cnat break the keypad code LOL I do know the numbers from top of screen

ok on window of house pic ..

these monkeys looked so sick ..in my opinion they do need glucose drip ...

on stage 10 i got 2 digits code ..but keypad need 3 digits ..

oops ..blond moment ..i just had to press acc. to hint ..i.e for month & date

Hmmmk game all by itself LOL now woondering how to get last 8 coins of 30..

Now 25 coins of 30 LOL where to use the plunger? Rear of the cow????

Found em and out...

what to do with oil in factory scene. and where is code for keypad?

code is H on side of machine and then use oil I think

oil used on gears ...& code is letter shape on machine

wht to do on stage 15 ?

Right on Leroy, Thanks

ok got it ..had to press button first

LOL raasti took me long enough

g'day leroy

GDay Mr Ozzie LOL

After 3 attempts, I gt it down to 372 clicks, and can see a way to get 353 ( if I could remember the shutter puzzle quick enough)

but the high scores are 265 and 333 - Noo idea how they got that.....

I can't load it either Prufock.

Link not working

This comment has been removed by the author.

Sorry, comment was for Splendid HOuse game. Won't delete.

Must have been too many people on the site earlier. It loads now. I'm on 15. I can see the numbers, but do I have to press that sequence really fast after pressing the red button? I'm not that fast.

I'll give first of sequence:


Oh I figured it out. When you see the button inside the window you have to press it before opening the next window. I didn't realize that it was a button. oops.

A new Monkey Go Happy?! My kids will be so excited!

I love these!! Finished on my own. Sooooo cute!!!

That very last one took some thinking, the #s on the wall represent the militar time eg. 1345 (1:45)and so on. Out with WAY too many clicks LOL! But out.

I'm on the last one, got the plunger, statue, see the puzzle, and dark room...kinda stuck

pop....put statue on top of hut in second scene

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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