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Samsara Room Escape Walkthrough

Samsara Room Escape

[REPLAY] Abroy - Samsara Room Escape is a new free online point and click room escape game from Abroy. In this escaping adventure your goal is to open each and every door the castle in order to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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strange room...got in the second room and opend the clock, in first room...now i have a cup, knife, pencil and matchen don't know what to do next..

and out ^^ funny game

I'm stuck after opening clock and man falling out.

Excellent game, spooky ambiance and nice music!

loved it :)

Ah I figured it out.

That was fun, and weird.

Interesting game. Pretty cool though.

@quickdraw with cup you got the reptile ;)

something to do with the candle lights

a really nice game! but i'm stuck now. what can you do in the mouth of the guy? at the kubus?

you have to find all candles. 8. light them and use the code from the telephon. in colours: b r r r b r b r. if go a circle and next time you are on the candlelight, there is a caterpillar.

use the caterpillar like the fish i think.... or like the cup ...don't remember exactly. after that you are a little person an you can go into the guys mouth. now i'm stuck.

Samsara walkthrough
Note clock is locked. Take candle (1/5) at the left of the base. Go right.
Note window is locked. Take candle (2/5) above window. Note gecko. Go right
Wave to yourself! Take candle at base of phone table (3/5) and one on mirror frame (4/5). Pick up the telephone to discover that it's not very enlightening. Go right.
Take candle (5/5) from under the cupboard. Zoom in on the cupboard. Pillage the drawers and cupboard for a fish, matches, a pencil and a knife. Use the pencil on the paper, scrunch it up and open it again for a key. Go left.
Rip up the carpet with the knife. Use the five candles on the outer circles and light them. Place the fish in the middle (obviously!). Go left.
Open the window with the key. Use the knife to get through the 'invisible wall' and enter …
The land of fish!
Wave to your pirate self! Listen to the phone for the clock clue. Take a shell (1/5) from behind the table and use the knife on the carpet to find another portal. Go right.
Move the cupboard for a shell (2/5) and a cup. Go right.
Take the shell (3/5) and move the clock for another shell. Go right.
Take shell (5/5). You can place the shells on the floor in the first view if you like, but I'm not sure it does anything.
Return to the first room through the window portal.
Go left. Take the gecko using the cup.
Return to the piece of floor with the candles and replace the fish with the gecko.
Go through the portal to …
The upside-down crocodile room!
Take the candle (1/3) from the mirror frame (don't forget to wave!). Listen to the telephone for a clue. Go right.
Take two candles (3/3) from window frame. Go right twice.
Light the candles according to the telephone clue (Ice fire fire fire ice fire ice fire). Go away and return, the moths have left and there's a little caterpillar you can take. Go right twice and back through the portal to …
The first room. Zoom in on the floor and sing a song - just kidding. Replace the gecko with the caterpillar. Go left and through the portal to … caterpillar world (you can still wave!). Go right twice.
Go up to the dead man and enter his mouth (ew!).
Take two flames (2/5) and go forward. Take three flames (5/5) and go forward.
Take the egg from the box, back all the way out and go left into the portal and back to … the first room! (phew, I'm tired just writing this!).
Go back to the candles on the floor and and throw a lollipop at the ceiling - just kidding again. Replace the caterpillar with the egg.
Go left and into the portal to … the bird room!
Wave to yourself again! Listen to the phone to get a clue. Note the number on top of the mirror. Go right.
Note the numbers on the window. Go right.
Note the number on the base of the clock. Go right.
Note the number on the cabinet. Go left.
Set the time as per the clues (SPO0825ILER) for a key. Go left.
Use the key on the window and … achieve enlightenment?

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thank you emily!

what dead mans mouth

Out now. It is pretty easy even it took almost 30 minutes to get out from there. Just need a little thinking and you are done. .... Anybody need for help ?

       Anonymous  8/16/13, 6:05 AM  

It was really a great game, very imaginative but with logics. I needed a little help but not too much. Thank you Emily for the WT !

@ donald montminy .. Just continue going forward into his mouth and click the red light spots (5 spots)surrounding .. yeah that is the clue ..

Loved it! Really quirky and original.
Thanks for the walkthrough Emily - needed some pointers along the way.

lovely game :)

Very weird. I enjoyed that.

lovely game :)

Weird, but awsome game!!!

That was a very, VERY good game!!! It reminded me just a little bit of those old submachine games, which I loved! I hope there's more of this sort of game in the very near future!!!

Thanks for posting, Megipoland!

interesting and nice

Loved this ... different and creative, not hard but that's exactly what it needs to be.

different - good game

Absolutely loved it!

Absolutely loved it!

anyone else having trouble with the game loading? The game is jumping all over my screen on FF and Safari

that was weird.. got it to load after tinkering with "play" and "loop" after right clicking.. hmm

I was stuck! TY for the WT, @emily!!!
Yes, the snails had to be placed in order for the portal to let you back in to first room! Very cool game!

is the order of candlelight clockwise?? I am not getting it.

darn it... game stopped and now all I have is the jumping opening screen again.

That was an awesome game.

That was an awesome game.

I took a few side trips! That was a very interesting game!
I DO feel enlightened! LOL

@rn30189...the candles need to be lit, all 8 of them( you need to find some more) and then click from left to right, the ones that are ice and they turn blue!

Sorry, enjoy! I use FF and had no problems!
Hope you can reload and play!

       Anonymous  8/16/13, 10:41 AM  

I was very frustrated early on and had to look at the walkthrough, ty Emily. But then got into the flow of the game, and found it just delightful and really silly that I had needed the WT. Wish it could be longer with lots more experimental things to do

Great game. I loved the different views of the room.

This ancient gamester (back to days of Zork and further) gives this adventure rave reviews!!!! What a treat!!!!

That WAS weird, but fun. Only needed a couple of hints. Thanks for all the comments and WT.

muito bom jogo, espero ver mito mais \o/

One of the best I have played. Would like to see more from this developer.

true Emily ewwww into his mouth ..

btw thanx for walk thru ..

Wow, that was some game

Brilliant game!

I don't have a dead man in the caterpillar room...I looked all over...what am I missing??

Ah ha! You have to open the clock with the time clue from the fish room and the dead man falls out

what a cool and unique game

       Anonymous  8/19/13, 12:14 PM  

OMG my heads exploding from this game LOL...but thank you Emily for the walkthrough..you're an angel :)

Great game!!

Am I the only one who thought it was horrible to have a naked man's dead body fall out of the clock? Why did it have to be that? It could have been anything that the caterpillar crawled into. It was a clever game, but the dead body was unnecessary and unpleasant.

thanks to Peke for suggesting this game

Great fun, really weird. Seem to remember playing it back then. Miss several of the players that wrote the comments and walkthrough. Guess I am one of a very few from 2013 still enjoying escapegames here at this site.

Early 'Rusty Lake'. Brilliant! I also remember playing this when it first appeared.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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