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Find the Escape-Men 68: Public Bath Walkthrough

Find the Escape-Men 68: Public Bath

Find the Escape-Men 68: Public Bath is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game from No1Game, the 50th of the popular series Find The Escape-Men and the direct sequel of Find the Escape-Men 35: In the Ninja House Vol.1. Find the 10 Escape-Men, solve some puzzles, and escape from the Ninja House! This game has one ending. Good luck and have fun!

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Hint: the shampoo bottle is a bit stubborn...

Missing one man, think it is in the wobbly mirror (the 2 0 mirror)

Got it!


Grey Screen, no game

iconland: I had to close all adblockers and stuff...

think I am missing something to go with the sponge

Yay! Live escapemen!

and.. found it.

And out. Will stick around if anyone needs help.

i'm dumb today... what means 57 and what to do with the sponge?

What do I do with the sponge please?

have 9 men cant get the 10th
put oil on sponge clean mirror

samtdunkel: the 5 and the 7 refer to the colors. Use something with that color that number of times.

The sponge needs something on it. SPOILERlookleftofthedoor,leftofthepileofbathtubsSPOILER

thx tingting! found oil now......missing the 10th like you....

I love these games!
This one was easy

nvm got it
the 57 means you click the red tap 5 times blue tap 7 times

tingting: hard to say which one you need, as far as I remember there have been 2 in the start screen, then one beside door, that makes 7 hidden at surrounding of the faucets.

thx escapism ! i wondered why there is no water.....

thank you escapism
im out now ............x

I think most people are out now and many hints are given... Is it too early to write a hintthrough?

samtdunkel and ting ting: you are welcome! :-)

every game deserves a walthrough
go for it .....................................x

oopppsssss walkthrough even

Ok, here we go:


Start screen:
1 in big bathtub
1 on picture

faucet view to the left:
1 in shampoo (click 10 times)
1 at 57 hint (click blue 5 and red 7 times)
1 at 20 on mirror hint (click mirror 20 times)
1 under greasy spot on mirror (you need oil remover and sponge for that)

Door view:
1 left of pile of bathtubs behind oil remover

faucets view right of start screen:
sponge under 1st from left bathtub
1 under 2nd from left bathtub
1 in mirror 3rd from left (wait a while, maybe need to turn hot water on? I did it, so it might be useful)
1 in razor 4th from left

Thanks Escapism for WT :)

thanks a lot for the where-is-what-man-through...

the '57' one was hard ... I missed the fact that I had to apply the clue on the faucet that had NO water...hah...

(Since I'm Gotmail- and Sanpoman-"spoiled", I rather expected to find some tool to fix the faucet, haha...)

I love these! Great game - great hints!

have 7,i cant get the 57 to work ive tried the faucet and where numbers are and yes im pessing 5 for blue 7 for red as stated

figured it out and out

I think the 5/7 application "fixed" the faucet @arbeitslooser ...water flowing after the man falls out!

great for a 5... 4 minute break.
Nice to see some valuable comments instead of the usual "easy" or "out" (or the ones praising the game ;) ).

@nokra thanks for the heads-up, however if you do that step as the very last, you would no longer care if there's water flowing or not! ;)

arrrgh, where is oil remover??? Feel so stupid...

of course, POP. in door view. should have read more carefully :)

Where do I use the razor please?

What a dim-wit I am, I had to click on the razor to find the last green man! Doh!!


       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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