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The Dangerous Gen-Kan 2 Walkthrough

The Dangerous Gen-Kan 2

[REPLAY] Kotorinosu - The Dangerous GEN-KAN Escape 2 is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Mani Morishita from Kotorinosu. After leaving the dark, there was a new room. Exits and suspicious figurines blocked by sensors. Let's escape from this room while passing the danger, relying on things and brains in the room. Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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The Dangerous Gen-Kan Escape 2 Walkthrough

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Dont try to plug in the yellow plug at the bottom of the wall ; It Bites back!! LOL

Ok found clue for Safety sign under couch cushion, But dont know how to work IT ? Hummm

Ok dont mess with trap door on floor!!!!! Die agian!

to open the box on the table combine the picture on the wall with the note you got from placing the S in place ..

Ah put plate over trap doors and get gloves!!

TY E Addict !!! I was tired of retry!!! LOL

Oh man, Rock paper scissors. Haven't seen that in awhile

Ok use gloves to lift the yellow plug on the bottom of wall and get a thingy. LOL And cant find place for S button ?

Fan has a code # but now how to open the grill?

place the S button on the left hand bandy ..

Click on trap door and just above it is a opening click again on the opening and chain comes down. Dont know why yet!! LOL

too many ways to die in this room .. the game has an auto save function though ..

TY E Addict forgot that one!! LOL

press the S after placeing it and get note

Ah Not bad, just a retry! lol

Stuck with Baseball and bottle.

LOL Dont try the combo on box on Table if wrong!! Retry!!! LOL

I don't get the clue about the box on the table.

randy I am stuck there also

and don't try to eat the lollipop lol ( Larue ) .. use the lighter on it .. and stuck now ..

randy did you get the note by using the S button ? combine it with the picture on the wall for the directions ..

I have turned those knobs all kind of ways. Just get big boom.

Yes I got it, does not mean I get it. lol

I have the note and dont get the relation from the sq. diamond?

So would it be SQ. Dimond circle sq. ?

Lolipop stick is used for the top drawer (on the side)

now stuck with Wrench and Baseball after opening up picture and unlocking the second hand. I can't understand the combination on the Memo Pad

Square and Diamond means the direction in between

got the P button now .. after using the lighter on the lollipop , use the metal stick on the top drawer to the right of the picture ..

AHH love the power of POP LOL TY

Lighter? Baseball? Wrench? Where? Hints, not spoilers please.

Stuck with box on table.

OK, I see the lighter, how do you get it without dying?

Steve: Plug in the fan with the gloves.

Proper sequence: Click on plug, then the socket on the left

@ Zoran look between the lines on pic on wall.

Thanks TacticalFail. I thought I did that but must have been out of sequence.

Zoran it's 5 , 7 and 3 o'clock .. xelkelvos where did you use the ring ?

how do you get into the fan?

What plate? I got the key looking thing from the box on the table and that is all.

AH forgot plug in LOL

never mind .. use the ring to lock the chain after pulling it ..

E: Take the Gem off of the ring first. Then try it.

OK need hint were lighter is? PLS

stuck now with a bottle with a cube in it .. pulled the two chains and have no idea what happened ..

bandy: Open up the Poison Canister after turning on the Fan. Handle is in the Cabinet on the opposite wall

Still stuck on my end fwiw. Tried the combination on each hand an based on the different hands

lol a baseball .. now i see what happened ! :)

@ Xel TY

didn't take the page out.


Getting old! TY forgot the canister on floor!

Xelkelvos what did you do with the bottle or the baseball ?

@Xelkelvos, Open picture? Not sure about what to do with Baseball.

never mind again lol

Steve there's an opening over the plant ..

make sure to get back as soon as you can though !

Thanks, Love you! LOL

all I have is a metal stick from the box on the table that I don't know what to do with?

still stuck with the bottle though .. how to open it ?

I cant get it open ether E Addict?

pinkgirl .. use the metal stick on the top drawer to the right of the picture .. on its side ..

Man, this one is taking some work. I like it!

@ Pink metal stick comgines with square piece to make a key

hmmmm....I get the game, it loads, I click start....hear an explosion, then a black screen...what the heck????

* combines.

okay first step fill it with water ..

I still cant get the fan door open?

I can't get it to work, are you talking about the shelf or the drawer with the book on top

Hi Nokra you get in?

then just do the opposite lol .. for a key ..

Stuck with wrench, baseball and bottle with block inside. Can't find the S button.

and the creature behind the picture just ate me lol ..

@ Pink did you get square piece from the plug lower wall? if so combine stick and square piece tto gather

@ Steve this is a 5 star game for sure!

No, I'm not is! I disabled adblock...and actually, I didn't click start, but New Game...hear an explosion....black screen...really dumb!

Pink use that for cupboard on wall

how to get square piece without dying?

Okay, E-Addict, it's got water in and now is red soda pop. LOL. WHat now? Tried to water the plant.

How to open bottle???

you can take the picture .. there's a nail on its back ..

Nokra just click the dark spoy in middel of screen and your in ?

* Spot

Only have bottle with cube left. No baseball. Get drown when open tap. Already pull the chain under the tap but nothing happen. Don't know how to proceed.

Got it to properly load in Chrome.... I'll try to catch up :)

I am stuck with gloves, ring and Bottle?

Oh. Now I get it. And I keep getting eaten but it's kind of fun. Tried to hit it with the baseball or back away quickly but doesn't work.

lol vackademy .. get the red soda out of it now ..

where are the gloves?

@ Nokra lots of good hints above.

the hands clue isn't working ..

There was nothing to click before....and it loaded in seconds, this time in Chrome, it took a while to load...but worked...weird stuff! LOL

@ pink I think it was the box on table.

did you get the plate pinkgirl ?

that's where the metal stick was, I need the gloves please

where's the plate?

Ok get baseball above trap door. But what next?

WOW So stuck, were to use ring? PLS

all I have is the metal stick

I see the clue in red book but????

I fill up bottle. Now what?

@ pink did you find the metal plate with hole in it?

finally .. make sure you are doing it in the right order .. ;)

Doing the RPS thing according to the picture (right side paper, left scissors, rock, right scissors, rock, left paper. Nothing happens.

no, where is it?

Have red liquid now, but where to use?

Oh good lord, it changes when you rip it out of the book. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

bandy use the ring to lock the two chains beside the trap door after pulling it ..

@ pink look beside right hand on wall I think,

AHHH TY E Addict hade to take ring apart first!!

I don't see any plate by the hand

what a FANTASTIC game !

Thanks Kotorinosu and Anasteisha R. for the late night fun !

Ha, that last bit was not cute. Haha, but I memorized where all the buttons were, so I didn't die. For once. I died 12 times!!!! Anyone top that?

The plate is between the bars of the tall barred door opposite the hands.

pinkgirl the plate is behind the bars where the Y button is ..

vackademy just keep hiding after clicking SAFETY lol ..

vkacademy, I died exactly 21 times :)

oh i see you are okay !

Have red liquid, wrench, baseball left. Still one safe in wall and one drawer not opened. "S" of safety is not found. Don't know what to do. Please help.

Sorry...the hints are not helping me at all,,the spoiler for the box on table doesn't even work! I am tired of blowing up...I spent about 5 times blowing up before I even got the game to load! LMAO!

Where is "S" ?

S from Safety?

nokra look at pic on wall sq with diamond is the mark half way in between and sq with circle is half way between sq is by it's self, does that help?

nokra, I think it was top left, points Northwest, top right points southwest, bottom points east. I think. (from memory, sorry!)

spioler E Addict @ 7;29

Zoran, the S is behind that last cabinet door thing that you open. The one that was behind the bolted door you dropped onto the floor.

* spoiler

tautau~ empty out the liquid in the sink for a key

Finally got those lasers down! Use gem from ring to open.

wrench on bolts on door R of fan
roll the baseball down the hole in the ceiling by plant

Ok I may be the winner on the dyeing contest!! LOL

I clearly see the X as 9 o'clock...the the square/diamond as 5 o'clock and the square as 6 o'clock..unless for some reason the whole thing is rotated...nothing is working...I tried all the spoilers....I love these games and usually do well....thanks anyway!

how to fill up water bottle without drowing

WOW Get past lasers and it all comes togather!! Use fork to get handel for water

lol E-Addict~ reading back the lollipop was explosively delicious!

pinkgirl9688~ did you open the bottom of the sink?

I am stuck with hands (left right). I push letters following the memo, but nothing happen.

Nokra the dial on the left side of box ( start from the top) all dials up, The one one the left, 1 click to the right. the one on right was 1 click to the right, the bottom one is strait down, do you have the paper clue for it maybe thats why it does not work.

Where to escape after clicking safety? Die too many time. About to give up.

Zoran did you get the paper from the left hand?

Got it! But the games must be different because my square was absolutely 6 and nobody said 6 ...thanks again :)

lol Larue where you been hiding ? i bet you did try to eat the lollipop !

for the box directions code it's a different combination for each game .. combine the note you got from placing the S and pressing it with the locations of the shapes in the pictures .. if there are two shapes then the direction is in between ..

I got it

Zoran click on the face after entering hand code

*click on the button under the face

i knew you'd try to eat it Larue despite the warning ! ;)

Happy Easter everyone !

How to escape after open safety door?

E-Addict help me and tautau out! What do we do after pushing each button for the word SAFTEY please!

just keep hiding Zoran .. till you hear the big bang ! ;)

I would rather have chocolate though! :P

hiding?? I can do that!! :P

i think i just did Larue and tautau .. and make sure to get pinkgirl out as well !

LOL exactly .. i thought you'd do that all by yourself !

Ty E-Addict and to you too! :)


finally out

E-Addict, no place to hide. I hear big bang, but I die.

Finally OUUUUUUUT. TY E-Addict.

Zoran click the S A F E T Y buttons in order and get into the safety zone till your hear the explosion and then you can get out !

We left a mess! lol

Does anyone here now?
I'm stuck with a bottle(not filled) and a pair of gloves
no baseball...and i've pull down the chain(with ring on it)
and how should i do with the buttons under the sink? OTZ

Lottie~look at the fan when it is off.

thanks larue~
btw I got the baseball now and i've read your comment above,
you've mentioned i can roll the ball from the plant...what is the exact action???

Lottie, gotta turn off the fan to work buttons under sink. Your inventory gives some clues - if you still have the gloves, you still need them for something!

You can roll the ball in the hole on the ceiling, but you need to back away after rolling it.

I can't believe I only died 13 times.

What am I doing wrong on filling the bottle? I keep drowning.

mugglehead, you need to get two bolts from dropping the big door and use them on that leaking thing to the left of the sofa.

I've opened under the sink.

tighten the bolts, duh. Thank you Andrea!!

Thanks larue and Pamela!!!

Hi please help me on the hands. I have paper ripped and don't know what to do. I'm fed up getting eaten!

My game freezes after I throw the ball and back out. The ball and wrench drop on the floor, but I can't pick them up, zoom on anything or zoom out of the view either.

If I click home, I can load the game and pick the baseball in the compartment again, but once again the screen freezes when the ball and wrench drop on the floor. Pity. I was enjoying this one.

       Anonymous  4/18/14, 11:12 PM  

I enter the hand symbols and click button under face and get predaton end/retry

I give the game 1 star, it's been somewhat buggy for me.

look at the thumb, right or left....

I finally cought a live game. :)

I've got a baseball, a wrench, and the hands clue in inventory. I've found all the safety buttons except "S", and I keep getting eaten. Can someone drop a hint about how to use the memo?

Thank you Lottie.

       Anonymous  4/18/14, 11:26 PM  

No matter what I do with the hands when I click the button below the face I get eaten.

Cannot find the S for Safety either.

iconland2003 Look at the torn out memo and change the hands in the order they are on the memo. You'll need to go back and forth to do it and then press the face button.

Now I have a knife I can't figure out how to use and still can't find the "S" button.

       Anonymous  4/18/14, 11:36 PM  

Finally figured out hand order.... and out.

S is in the Safe

       Anonymous  4/18/14, 11:37 PM  

Use the knife on the baseball

Thanks Lottie!

       Anonymous  4/18/14, 11:39 PM  

S = Safe
A = Under sink
F = Couch, right cushion
E = Cupboard on wall, lower shelf behind books
T = Bars
Y = Door on Floor

Thanks for the help everyone; I'm finally out.

Kotorinosu: "I don't always release new games, but when I do, I make them good."

great game but hard (for me !)

@Lottie thanks a lot for WT and alls for hints given

Only 14 deaths... LOL!

I've used the baseball but its still in my inventory. and when I click the tap on the sink it disappears: so I can't fill the bottle. Is it buggy or am I doing something wrong?

I am back after a very frustrating, dying over and over first run through last night!I think I'll turn off the speakers because I can't say why but blowing up is very stressful and annoying!

If anyone is around, please please say how the door under sink opens...I clearly have the 1 at bottom, then 2 at top, then 3 left...etc. but I keep blowing up! What could I have missed? help! LOL

POP POP And more POP...
The fan is manipulable ...yes, I can see the numbers clearly even though they are half, but dragging the fan around, you see the whole number and the correct position!

Dying every time you try something gets old quickly. Not for me.

Trying NOT to grumble , but it is impossible!!!! I finally avoided the falling wrench, but now the game is stuck...can't move or pick it up..restart...again...for the godonlyknowshowmanytimes time?

I didn't load to where it stuck...I am afraid that is it for me! I usually love these author's games but...very disappointed now!

       Anonymous  4/19/14, 7:09 AM  

What a great game! Thanks a lot!

S A F E T Y letters are different in every game!

I did it...It was hard!

this one was hard.
never finished it.
clues above were good but got tired of dying.
hoping there will be a video walkthrough soon

Okay, everyone posting the hints for the shapes box the fan numbers and the latter locations, they are different in every game so stop.

am I the only one who doesn't manage to tear a page...? How would I go about doing that?!

ugh ok, never mind...just managed it!

To be continued...

No thanks.

How I didn't die,
let me count the ways,
on one hand:
incorrectly setting dials on coffee table,
zapped by lasers,
crushed by falling door,
poison gas,
running out of time hitting SAFETY switches.

Tired of getting blown up. Where is safety area, please?

Veewee--please share how to tear the paper!

I got to the rock/scissors/paper place to "open" up the face and got so extremely EXASPERATED that I QUIT. I've never been so annoyed by a game before this. I don't know how anyone can play this (or try to play it) and say that it is the greatest game and worth 5 stars. Click, die, click, die, click, die, click, die, die, die, die, die, die.....doesn't matter than you don't lose your place.

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