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Abandoned Ancient Hotel Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Ancient Hotel Escape

GamesBold - Abandoned Ruins Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Bold. You want to stay at a luxury hotel in an elite area, you come to that place, and booked an executive room, when you check in and get in the room, you take a break at the mattress, then comfortably asleep. Without realizing it you're stuck in a dream, in which you woke up in an abandoned ancient hotel room, you have to escape from this hotel, or you will get stuck in it, forever. Good luck and have fun!

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Yes, i like these sneaky tricky stuff to do, so have my advice and get a cup of coffee folks!

Key on black cb

Flashlight goes on dark spot beside old box in your right room

Key on grey stone

Used hammer on gray stone but can'tsee what ive got?

Jackpot!!! Sharpen the third key you get

sharpen a key?? LOL

Hey leroy! Now im stuck, nothing in last room

same been mousing all over it..

In room 7 place 2 statues and you get a portal into the rest of the rooms. If you already used the stautues in room 4, just remove them and use in 7.

But how to get them out?

odd we cant take middle lens..

Nvm, i used the ones i placed in room 4, thanks maximom!

You should be able to remove them just by clicking on them.

Key beside bag in room 1

Key in wall in room 2

Sd for gold plate in room 3

There are hotspots in room 3 but jothing to use, and still have 4 more symbols and sd

no idea where to use 5 round symbols?
and need 1 more item..

Place symbols you have on those spots

Leroy, watch the white places, some sneaky white symbols were from them

The symbols go on the hotspots. There's a tricky one on the window over the stones. I stabbed everything with the s/d before I finally figured out to place the symbols.

aha put round in room ya placed first round..
gotta hunt the spots

another round placed..
1 left..
and still need 1 more item.

yay found round spot..
now to go around again..

Which items are you missing? I might be able to help. There were a few that were tricky for me.

found it sneaky statue in round symbol room all placed so now to find exit..

go right and out TY

Finally I placed 45/45 but how can I get out of here? Grrr

Ugh I just found the exit.

There's a spot on the right hand skirt of the theatre. It's two statues and they are stuck with a blue circle over them. Help.

Missing a monkey & still have a sd.

Maroonclown, that's a clue. You will see what that means later.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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