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Danger Room Escape Walkthrough

Danger Room Escape

GamesNovel - Danger Room Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Novel. As an adventurer you are very interested about the danger rooms. The people living in the nearest village have stories about the old danger room. They said that the castle is cursed, and there are few adventurers, treasure hunters and archaeologist who tried to visit the danger rooms wall didn’t come back anymore. You don’t in the stories and you wanted to prove that there is no curse in that danger room. On the next day you went to the danger room and got trapped inside. You are alone there and nobody can help you escape. Can you find a way to escape or you will be trapped there forever? Good luck and have fun!

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Im in

I think game is half covered

Repeated and the same, will check back later

Ok here we go

I got out without opening the chest...guess you dont need to

uum two ladder rungs, two masks and a clothe so far

and out and i didntopen trunk either

Thank you EG24 for the new blurb about not forcing people to read the comments! Much appreciated, and very true!!

Zoe, it's GamesNovels comment and YES I like it !!

two brown stick things two faces and a cloth? three rooms.. wandering aimlessly

No Zoe. Its not my comment.

ES24 comment it is.

AHA! figured it out. and out!

Cloth on lantern for 3 digit code.

green eyes on second cat.

red diamonds go in 2 circles in scene 2.

Thanks for fixing the game games novel! Thanks foryour clues everyone, and thanks EG24!

Have nine diamonds but only 8 holes in the circle on the wall ?

Nothing happens when I place all the 8 diamonds and I have 1 too many ??

Santalucia, that happened to me too, you have to start again, collect all 8 diamonds and only then place them.

Thx Easy Going :)

buggy game

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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