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Mission Escape - Pyramid Walkthrough

Mission Escape - Pyramid

MouseCity - Mission Escape: The Pyramid Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Mouse City. You are a super spy on a secret mission. Things got crazy and now you must escape the pyramid! Look around and see what you might find that can help you escape! Good luck and have fun!

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I think I screed up my game by solving the pipes puzzle before I found the canteen - now I cn't get water, and my torches won't light!

oops, *screwed*

It says I lit the lower left torch. But no fire and hotspot now gone. hmm

The torches are bugged. just1 was correct that if you solve the pipes puzzle you cannot light any torches. Also if you light the torches in the wrong order the others cannot be lit.

restarted, got gem behind torch now (leaving the other one light, but torches in other room still won't light! Might be a bug! LOL

Sheesh, I can't type right today. 1st 'light' is *lit)*

Oh, there's an order, thx Justin. Must have missed the clue for it.

I solved pipe puzzle after taking water, but torches can't be lit either here...

Think I'll bail out till this one's fixed. Knowing SD that should be soon

Good to see you AO - welcome back - been quite a while!!

Once you solve the torches a chest drops down with a slide puzzle based on the columns you uncover with the shovel. Haven't figured that out yet. Notice the height of the torches for clue.

Hi AO! Haven't seen you much lately. Been lurking?

Feeling stupid with the levers. 8 levers, but 7 pillars in clue?

Likewise Lurker. Tried many combinations, but no luck so far.

thx & hi Zoe, just1 & all others :-)

yep about 10 moths... I didn't play at all... also no lurking LOL
but now will hopefully be able to play a bit...

Got it. Overlap two rows of columns. Count the bottom bar as the bottom of levers.

Got it. Not super intuitive. Relative position matters.

Hurray, got out! Just do things in proper order and it doesn't get buggy. Unfortunately, we don't know what that order is until we get stuck.

Has this game been fixed? I still can't light any torches.

Lurker what is the "proper order" for the torches? Is there a hint somewhere?

@Alpha, if you want to play some great ones you probably missed, check out Neutral's Elements, Robamimi's Gargoyles, and whatever Kotorinosu's last game was, forget the name

Oh, and Submachine 10 came out as well

I'm trying to figure out the order of the levers. and Jenny it's lower right, lower left, upper left, upper right.

waits bug fix LOL

thx just1
will add them to my looooong list ;-)
(at least already played gargoyles - wonderfull game, loved the beaming LOL)

also played newest submachine lately
(for hours...)

where is sub?

BTW looked torches and counted blocks..
so right lower is 1..

Stuck at pipes puzzle.

set pipes then go look water..

Ahhh, thanks Leroy. Didnt know what was going on lol

LOL read also my comment about lighting torches..

that stopped lots in game..

It's not a bug, you have to light the torches in a certain order. Also you can get water any time. :)

SD I tried to light lower left first then I couldnt light anymore..
then I realised count the blocks but too late..

Torches don't work for me. Moving on to another

I dont even have hotspots on the torches.

ok, there was a bug, I'm sending an update. :)

I figured the columns out

Sorry folks! I made a last minute change and it messed up the torches. It should be updated soon. Light them in order from Bottom Right, Bottom Left, Top Left, Top Right and it won't mess up. Thanks everyone!

and I am out


At first I just thought you weren't lighting them in the correct order. Then I realized my mistake. :)

thx SD - out now

If anyone could guide me towards the canteen little, that would be awesome... *looks hopeful*

@Nooms, very late seeing yr post, but if you still want to know, sometimes in SD's games you have to click and drag items - this time its a white rock

Stepped on the same rake. Replay lost interest.

Stepped on the same rake. Replay lost interest.

SD, please stop doing these little games for Mouse City if you can. We love your real ones that take more than 5 min. If it's a money thing, I get it. But i miss your 7 gem hunts...

Good to see you back ΑΩ

Torches wouldn't light for me

His games USED to be great,Then they were really good,always used logic and most things you missed were because you just over looked them. Lately you have to take your mouse and scroll the entire window in every game,NO fun in that.Another sd getting low mark from me again.Going to skip them from here on out.Needs to go back to old school and not trickery and hidden spots!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Just1! I tried dragging lots of vines but didn't think to drag the stupid rock the million times I clicked on it >_<

This comment has been removed by the author.

every one can have a bad day... i know my work is not always perfect ... but the torches only having one chance to get right was a bit of a pain. there will be more good work from SD, just give him a break

No matter how many times I clicked the 4 torches, with my highlighted, lit, torch, they wouldn't light. Not replaying

Whoa, I was working the levers when my screen went blank and it told me my Adobe was out of date, it then wanted me to download a new player only the site WASN'T Adobe. I don't know if SD was involved in this or Mouse City, but DON'T install Adobe if this game tells you it's out of date!

This lever drive me nuts .... I don´t get it!!

torches bug is still not fixed - game can´t be finnished (17.01.2018!)

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