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Abandoned Forest Building Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Forest Building Escape

FirstEscapeGames - Abandoned Forest Building Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by First Escape Games. In this escape game, assume that you had been abducted and locked up in an abandoned building in the middle of a forest. Now you are all alone in the building. It is the right time for you to escape. Make a quick escape by combing objects and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Going in ...

Easy to BF 2-digit chest

Use crowbar on metal chest in scene with 4-letter puzzle and red sofa.

hi again Zuleika

let me equip with the computer magnifier first ;-)

Colour hint in room with tyre on floor

Hi Zu, the no. was on the box scene with bed

Drop weight down one of holes in room with bed and 2-digit hint. Seems we need more than one weight though ...

Check windows and ledges

Hi Alpha and yvonne : )

Yep yvonne - saw that hint later but had already BFed, lol

ok speedy lol

Still in inventory: 2 teddy bears, 3 ladybirds, scroll with directions clue, 3 horns.

Not sure yet how to get maze (with coloured dots) to work. Looking for 4
-letter hint.

Oh and I have bird in nest with 2 eggs so far ...

Zu just press same col buttons and it draws line for you, then press and hold black dot and take it to join the colour

beautiful music ♥

one ladybug under big single window

Put ladybirds on branch - outside middle window in room with 2-digit box

Ah ty yvonne - I missed that completely!

what a MM (meditative maze ;-) ) - but what to do with it - zoomed out & had to meditate once again...

All lines drawn - 4 colours. Wondering where to use it ...

Oops - just discovered new mystery of maze, lol

Okay chums - guide each black dot towards its coloured partner in maze.

fiddly maze - not meditative at all...

btw I set my mouse that I don't have to hold mouse button all the time

crowbar? where?

Hmm - bird wants more than 3 eggs and tree wants more than 4 ladybirds...?

@ Monica - think it was just lying around in one of the rooms. floors are messy - check around with cursor.

Anyone found a place to use horns? Or a knife for teddy bears ...?

This comment has been removed by the author.

eggs are really hard to find... 2 in nest scene

eew, found an eye in one of the loads of CBs

Ty both - yeah I got the 2 in the nest scene (one by pt, one in wallpaper), can't recall where third was from

Must be a bug...no crowbar anywhere....but when I started the game there was a left arrow in the first room and now there isn't... will log out and try again.

This comment has been removed by the author.

even with the magnifier, no crowbar for me either...
& same issue with the nav arrow Monica

Crowbar is a hotspot in cupboards

Yes I also had left arrow in start scene, for a while, but it didn't work. Later it disappeared.

Need one more symbol for last scene right - and number hint.

Ah - found 4th egg on window ledge (ladybird window)

2digit code on box in loads of CBs scene

Hint for 4-digit puzzle in last scene right?

my last golden button from 2# chest

eye(s) for the teddy/ies (only found 1 so far)

Seems 4 eggs still not enough for bird.

Need place to use directions hint...

Thanks @yvonne - once the colour code cupboard is open it is in that cupboard.

Zu you need 2 birds

hint for sliders?

Hi Monica glad you found it :)

Aha - ty yvonne : )

Those teddies are spooky ...

Hi AO you need a scroll for sliders

what a pixel hunt for (almost invisible) crowbar...

@yvonne - any hint on where to find second bird?

Knife from 3 colour slider (clue for that from 6 golden buttons)

have you placed symbols?

one bird from window left of placed ladybirds

how to do the colour slider Monica?

@Alpha - got that one a while back - need it's mate ;)
@yvonne - still searching for last one. Is it from those? Darn it : /

oh, no, missed live Sniff :-(

AO as it is on the scroll g right r left, pink is the long centre bottom

Zu check wall by pot nest room for symbol

Colour slider: think you have to see hint for it to work

you get 2nd bird, when you use knife on teddy

Stuck with scroll with arrows, ladybirds doing nothing (maybe I need a 5th one) and wall needing unlocking. Any ideas anyone? @AlphaOmega - I see you got there while I was sleeping!!!

@yvonne - got that one alread , but ty. Got all the obvious ones - just one remaining elusive.

Oh and need second button for nest room.

you get colour clue after placing symbols

is that for colour sliders? just don't get it, only can have one colour on one bar

So there IS a knife somewhere. Why do these games like us to cut up little teddy bears....?

@Zuleika - the eggs were 2 on windowsills I think (1 in 6button room and one in another room), 1 on pink wallpaper in nest room, can't remember other but either cupboards or windowsills.

AO - the colour slider, click the top one so green is left, click the second slider so it is red and to the right, and click the bottom slider with pink in the middle. The colours change throuth Green R-C-L to Red R-C-L and then Pink R-C-L.

doh C is not cyan - left, right center :-/
thx ladies ☺

Knife stuck to cursor - arrgh

4# code from CB sliders

pumpkin thingie for horns from 4# code, gives 2nd eye for teddy

my first key yay - for safe in far right room, gives another weight

hammer from weight holes

Zu, from memory symbol side of box you use crowbar, 2 in symbol room one on hydrant, and on messy floor, on wall by pot nest scene, 1 from opening 2 no box

@ Monica - yeah I got all the eggs a little while back but ty anyway : )

Can't get knife off cursor and can't use it. Don't want to restart... may have to quit. what a pain.

a symbol behind pot scene with tyres

smash pot in nest room for letter hint

letter puzzle gives my first button for nest scene

Sorry Zu - thought it was eggs you were having trouble finding.

Anyone know how to use the arrow clue or what to do with the ladybirds?

you have my sympathy Zu ☺

@yvonne - got the last one almost straight after posting tha I couldn't find it, lol. Ty anyway.

But I'm going to have to quit as I can't get darn knife off cursor or do anything while it's stuck. Game doesn't save unfortunately... (sighs)

Gonna go do Sniffmouse. See u all later : )

still have number stone in inv...
no idea or place yet for arrow hint, neither ladybirds...

For some reason the number clue button is still in my inventory!

Zu, you were doing so well too! play again, you will soon catch up :)

AO - you and I are in the same situation!

Drop number stone in log in first room to get final ladybird

This comment has been removed by the author.

Monica me too :)

AO are you out?

POP! put stone in stump in first scene

my last ladybird

yep - escaped

nice teamwork ladies - thx ☺
& thx FEG for another enjoyable game

Y'know FEG, if the size of the game
constitutes a challenge, you could
make them a whole lot tougher by
making them 1/4 the size!

Geeze! When are you gonna start
making them ZOOM-able in our

I used the screen magnifier of my computer to see more - it worked pretty well ☺

After I finally found the crow bar it went pretty good. Thanks for the ball in the stump clue!!!! and all the other clues :)

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