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Allure Escape - Tropics Walkthrough

Allure Escape - Tropics

MouseCity - Allure Escape: Tropics Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Mouse City. You were on holiday in the tropics, enjoying the fresh air and cool ocean breeze. After waking up from a nap, you found yourself locked in your room. Now you must figure out what is going on and try to escape! Good luck and have fun!

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yes! Thanks SD!

Great game. The clue on the fridge in the kitchen has two uses.

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Clue on fridge in I doesn't work for box in R?

In order to R click,without paying attention to color.

Thanks for a great game SD the color clue on the fridge was a bit tricky. ThxACxo


unknown need help?

ok I see Nafanja got you..

Got it! Tried so many combinations, including R U D D L. I was pointing with the wrong side of the button though, so I guess I was actually trying L D U U R. Sigh.

Where is clue for letter box in O?

Out. Thanks SD! Great game!

pierpor.... beach

Clodagh, what was the second use for the clue on the fridge?

won't load for me

Unknown, it's the color order for the hearts

can't find place to use sd/ yellow heart/ key for E-F door. guess there's a connection there ... anybody got a hint?

uzi there is a key in the kitchen

Excellent game - Thanks SD.

Can anyone give me a clue to the location of the key for Room L door please?

what to do with starfish? i found three

@sue have you tried the kitchen?

Already got that key (if its the one in the bowl), that was for Room E I think. Also don't have SD, lighter for candle and 5 numbers for the digit box. Failing miserably here :(

sorry, that's the one i meant. but i'm pretty sure the other key was in one of the first room. sd in garden to the right and number clue in a note with other clue (symbol)

lighter in number box. save the date.

Thank you Mariagrazia, I had seen the number clue but misread it. Out now.

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bummer, missed it live...

thx all for the hints above & SD for the enjoyable game ☺

How do I lure away the shark so I can use the life raft?

How do I lure away the shark so I can use the life raft?

BF, there is a steak somewhere, bar fridge.

@Blackfiresong: There is a refrigerator in Room Q where you can get a piece of meat.

Another good SD game. Definitely still my favorite developer.

for box in R look at them as arrows not boxes.

There's a link from K to L in map. None in the game.

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already closed game, but IIRR green heart was inside star fish box - find them on the beach

Mariagrazia green heart is in the starfish box in D collect 3 starfish from beach area :) one in pool need net one near ship & the other is around there somewhere

Hi AO I just replayed to find it LOL doubled up on comment love SD games

hi joycy
SD games are always worth replaying ☺

Thanks everyone!

Does anyone know why I cannot get games from Mouse City to load? I am using Chrome and I have also tried to do this on Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge and it does not work on any of the browsers. Thank you.

I am stuck at K.
Where can I use this clue?

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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