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Wow Peaceful Meadow Escape Walkthrough

Wow Peaceful Meadow Escape

WowEscape - Wow Peaceful Meadow Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game, you came to visit the peaceful meadow . But unfortunately you trapped inside this peaceful meadow. You don't know how to escape from there. You have to escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Wow Peaceful Meadow Escape

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Collecting lots of, um, stuff, I think.

Lamp goes in left of two adjacent holes.

Hi Clodagh :)

And three tusk-like things go in three tree holes.

Hi there Yvonne. Welcome to the strange world of...well, you know!

More inserting - standpipe into hole in ground this time.

Clodagh yes, LOL

Hi Clodagh & Yvonne having fun, got loads of stuff got one clue for circles & arrows

Collecting things now as well as stuff.

Hi joycy :)

Hi Joycy! Having fun getting loads of stuff are you? Just wait till you start collecting things!

used the saw far north

Keep slicing at what looks like a large fence with the saw. I did it four times,but still have the saw.

clue for people in birdie above the mushroom placement

clue for hooks in tree under birds

hello everyone. :) totally missed it on the first few scans, but in the scene to right where arrows split off, in the back in middle is puzzle for the 5 number clue found.

A mushroom in the herbaceous border - more drainage needed in this garden.

Hi Cate!

Hi cate :)

Ha put new boards on the dirty signpost pretty colours

Hi Cate been there but never saw the number clue

No's from using axe on crate are for the dice on the tree, right of start scene

hello joycy...the number clue is in the crate that you bash with the axe.

sneaky half circle right of the number stack

and, in the scene where you bash the crate, you'll find a bullet in the brook.

thanks Cate haven't found the axe yet lol

aha found the axe in the flowers path sneaky one

cate I'm calling it lipstick :) use on the green blocks for no's

sneaky tooth-chain in top right of scene where you put pipe

Bullet is not a bullet but a crayon.

bowl with flowers for left peacock

thanks for bullet/lipstick/crayon hint!!

yvonne, yes! writes a lot better than a bullet!

Hi Hotz :)

Anyone found what to do with the green Swiss roll in the first scene?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Or the bat wing?

clodagh, use machete.

what to do with single wing?

Or the pot of pink sweets/matches/seeds?

Ooh, machete! Now where is that?

bat wing goes into the water wind turbine scene

clodagh, the seeds are poured on the left peacock...the machete, i can't remember.

Thanks for the bat wing Yvonne, and the seeds Cate.

fuun exit!

thanks for wing hint!!
sorry,I can't remember, where I have found machete.
it is used twice..

you're welcome, clodagh...and, thank you for the crayon!

Clue for stick figures is above the 5 large mushrooms.

machete is in 3 peacocks scene...

well spotted lipstick Cate

The knife/machete is by tree 3 peacocks scene

thanks joycy...if i'd only known sooner what it was. ;P

Use knife/machete on roll 1st scene, and turf, scene right of mushrooms

Found the machete, and then read your hints, Hotz and Yvonne - thank you for remembering me! Out now.

Buy all - fun playing with you!

I used the machete on the lawn where else is it used tuck now

Bye Clodagh oh I remember using machete twice stuck though need a blue butterfly & a tooth necklace

found last necklace to right of lipstick numbers got left behing cos my batery went lol loved the escape so comfortable & breezy

i kept trying to sacrifice something on the flat stone; who knew it was a parachute cache?

This was very nice! Although the paraglider flew away alone, without me...

last butterfly please

diane, are you still there? have you done all the puzzles?

my last butterfly was from placing necklages on buddhas - one sneaky necklage about top right on tree in scene where you put pipe & draw numbers with the bullet/lipstick/crayon.

thx guys for the hints, needed several of them with all that stuff to collect & place LOL

& thx Wow for another longer & mazy game
nice tune btw ♥

or better *necklaCe :-/

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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