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Abandoned Mystery Rooms Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Mystery Rooms Escape

Escape007Games - Abandoned Mystery Rooms Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Escape 007 Games. Dream up situation you are visit to abandoned mystery room with your friends. Your friends went to home after closing the mystery room without noticing that you are still in the mystery room. You are trapped alone in it. So use your skills to collect the necessary object and solve puzzles to escape from there. Good luck and have fun!

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I assume ax is for chair? It's not working.

not one but two slider puzzles :(

red x for me

Deja vu. I am positive I have seen the bedroom scene with the jacket hanging on the closet and the statue on the side table. I thought it was a Gamesbold game, not Escape007.

get a crowbar from left scene room in piano

@ipi, axe is used on piano.

deja vu indeed - some scenes are the same as in SD games

I suppose the devs are using the same site(s) of abandoned places...

don't miss crowbar in piano scene

ΑΩ, I suppose there aren't that many abandoned buildings. But some of these photos are fascinating. I have to wonder where in the world there are places that are new enough to have things like televisions but are run down enough that nature is overtaking them. Makes me think of Aperture Lab in Portal 2.

crowbar is used on left wall in big empty hall

There's a dark spot on the back wall in the piano scene. I assumed the flashlight/torch would work there, but it does not. Maybe we need a cloth or something.

Thanks, ΑΩ. I was running around with the crowbar aimlessly. Actually, I'm rather surprised I did not find that hot spot, since it is pretty big.


Ah, flashlight used in scene with the three arched windows. Look just above the right navigation arrow.

good game, hard to find hotspots

Found my last gem in the scene just left from the first scene. It was hiding in the lower-right corner.

nice find, Seraku, thx

2 balls for big hall puzzle to go...

Still need a yellow ball for the puzzle in the far right scene.

Also, need to see the clue for the 6-letter puzzle, although the anagram options are pretty limited, so I think there's only one likely solution: SPOeILEsRSPcOILaERSpPOIeLER

letter puzzle is what we do in the games, but have to see hint to let it work...

Lighter in jacket pocket in the one bedroom scene.

And the lighter lets you see the 6-letter word hidden in the dark spot in the piano room.

NOTE: The letter puzzle includes the letter 'E' twice in the rotation. I had to toggle the E's to find the right ones, since the game does treat them as different letters.

that lighter was a very tiny hotspot...
now what can we torch LOL

still one step behind ☻

ΑΩ, "I just want to set the world on fire." (:

wait... replace "just" with "don't".. my bad ):

easy sliders for once - thx 007 for the game ☺

yeah, found the Ink Spots on YouTube ☻

♪♫ «I just want to start a flame in your heart» ♫♪

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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