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Dumpy Frog Escape Walkthrough

Dumpy Frog Escape

HiddenOGames - Dumpy Frog Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Hidden O Games. In this game you have to escape the dumpy frog. Use your talented puzzle skill and escape the frog. Good luck and have fun!

Play Dumpy Frog Escape

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Played this one earlier. Complex but doable. I'll hover to answer questions.

Oh, and the sword clue is wrong. The top right corner of the bugs is something different. Just get the rest right and keep rotating it until you hit the answer.

hmm, what to do about mushrooms, jars, and watering can?

Bugs and flowers too

Eventually, you'll find a black bug. Use it to suck the nectar out of the flowers and put in the jars. There's a different (I want to say bug) to put in the watering can.

I'll keep hunting but having found any 'sucking' bugs yet.

For now, work on finding 5 eyes. That gets you past the waterfall and into the main body of the scenes.

Only found 4 eyes. :(

I forget where my last was. There is at least one sneaky that's in a random hotspot.

Clicked everywhere - have a butterfly, orange bug, 4 spiders, and a pick. Suggestions welcome.

@just, the "sucking bug" is some sort of pinchy beetle thing and it is blackish/grey...forget where it is, but keep an eye out for the black bug.

will go back in just. give me a minute.

Is there only one scene?

So far have eyes from ants and 5#.

Finally found the other eye, had to reuse the pick.

Animal puzzle….

silly me - the page opened so large that my window was too small to see the arrow right

where is the last spider

just, you will also receive one from the 6 beetle placement.

and, also from the 4 colored flower puzzle on log.

….color flowers and 6 bugs. There, that's 5.

Go the grey bug. In scene with color wheel. Last spiders off to the right in the new scenes.

There is a serious bug with the mushrooms after you color dye them. Mine added a second red one and I can't get the purple one in the mix. I have two red ones in the bottom of the wall!

Oh right, the last spiders are after you grow the colored mushrooms. That's not the end, it's another door.

Oh no, Rington! I placed mine ok, but that kind of bug does happen in some games.

Pick ax is used in scene with #4 arrow. used on bottom right rock

Lots and lots of new areas

Done flowers but not sure what to do with jars
got 8 of 9 spiders
put my bugs on the colour wheel and some more holes have appeared for things I haven't got
don't know what to do with watering can
used spade and pick
done 9 ant puzzle
dont know where to use number arrows and missing numbers 5 and 7
no idea what to do with mushrooms but found where they need to go
done animal circle puzzle
can't get insects into holes or off wheel
found the snail
can anyone help me please?

where to use pickaxe?

The color clue for the mushrooms is in the early waterfall scene, where you placed the eyes.

I now have 10 spiders. Yes, 10
Have all jars filled with color, but the mushrooms do zip.
I quit.

Place root you dug up in watering can, then you can pour it on the mushrooms. Color them with the jars full of colored nectar.

I haven't got a root so maybe I haven't used it - can you tell me which scene to dig in?

The one with a pile of dirt. Early scene.

Sorry, I'm cooking dinner at the same time.

Missing one round shape to free the ? and how to do puzzle with odd looking 'cupcakes'.

Oh, and I crescent trophy.

There's one crescent hiding behind a rock. Go right.

Out! Thanks for the top right ant Lurker. The rest is doable.

Roberto! Have you been lurking, or just didn't have anything to contribute?

Lovely game - thanks so much Lurker for all the help

Got to be one of the worst games they put out. 9 times use bug to get colors and 9 times pour colors out on mushrooms then place 9 mushrooms? Give me a break!

You're welcome, Monica. Back to the stove.

Done -- I agree, while it's great to have lots to do, sometimes it's too much.

This was too long.........

Thank you for the sword clue, Lurker Smurf!!!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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