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Escape Bliss

MeltingMindz - Escape Bliss is another point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. Sneaky was vacationing in the city of bliss. The sharkmen caught wind of his location and now he must escape before they get here and find him! Good luck and have fun!

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map one room right of start

knife in M


need one more silver egg.....I like it!!!

Clue for dials, found on one of the phones, doesn't work/make sense.

sneaky in R

shovel against left tree in O

ahhh, got it...in the right window in sportsroom

Actually the problem is that the click sensitivity makes it easy to overshoot the dial hand position.

orange gem in P

black - I have eggs from B, O, L, I...whee is the fifth one? Thanks.

aha...found it in X

sorry, I was to late, but you found it ...

shovel in O ...but no place to use it

goggles in U

black - have you used the knife?

Thanks Sysin3, didn't see the shovel.


Eggs - O,B,L,X,I

Gems -
Orange - P
Blue - V
Green - D
Yellow - A
Purple - Z
Pink - S
Red - K

candle in S. there must be a lighter around here somewhere

blue gem in V. Dials are from phone. Hint for blue number:

Blue number is two digits: 12

no, have knife and SD but never used it

SD in E

SD used on vent in R for blue key

shovel used in A for yellow gem

found sneaky coin but no vent in R

...found it...sneaky little vent....now have blue key

me too, black. Have knife, shovel and SD...none of them used yet.

wow, a dream of livetime to have a flight with a helikopter :)

use shovel on rock

lighter in Y

Safe in G

SD on vent in R ....and now...wathing DVD in the home cinema

the name of the Oger gave me gold key

That was more of a workout than I expected.

out! Great game and helpful hints!!

Thanks Selfdefiant!!

hi (again) ev1 ☺

still live?

Hi AO :) just finished, think most that have posted are out.

HI Yvonne Hi AO & all just got all the eggs wasmissing the up rooms

ah got the goggles lver room hope the water is warmed

si lol

no film on

beautiful scenery with the sunset colour on the mountains ♥

is this location in Switzerland?

got the important SD

have already all 50 coins & sneaky coin

everywhere 2 coins except Z 3 coins & H 1 coin

excellent game

gemstones matching the doors

now where was chopper again LOL

good game! thanks for all the hints everyone.

my only complaint is that it all seems so small now. i miss hotspots because they're so tiny, but it doesn't really take away from the game so it isn't really a complaint at all!

ah, in A

solid fun SD game as alsways - thx SD ☺

& thx ppl for your hints, peeked once or twice for one ☻

Came back and another SD game :-). Excellent game - thanks. Getting spoiled here an Axend game last week, a SSSG today and not to mention all the shorter games. Appreciate you.

OMG c\an't remember film name

it's come to mind just been flying a couple of days ago lol




joycy - spoiler:


thanx Zoe just lost my game & it didn't resume :(

thanx AO your a sweetie

Good game.

So the city of Bliss is in Idaho and now you are off to do power-line maintenance.

Brilliant! It's been a long while since we've had a proper SD game. Please don't spread yourself too thin SD - games like this are why you're our hero! ;)

played again much quicker needed to practice flying my helicopter great hints guys thanks selfdefiant nice doing a longer game love your games

Best SD game in a while. Thanks

Joe Comix, you need to check out the recent game with the orbs.

Phone with hint is in L

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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