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Butterfly Escape 74 Walkthrough

Butterfly Escape 74

SniffMouse - Butterfly Escape 74 is another point and click room escape game created by Angelika for Sniff Mouse. You are in the room with 10 butterflies trapped inside. You decided to rescue them all, but first you will need to solve some puzzles and tasks. Look around for hints and objects that may help you. Good luck and have fun!

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Thank you Angelika!! Yay

Woohoo! Going in.

Made some ramen. :)

Booooring ads. Tooo much time for it.

Use the wooded spoon under the couch to reach the key.

hi (again) all ☺

a live Bfly Escape - thx Angelika ☺

I accidentally brute forced the switch puzzle. udduu

don't miss the paper behind locked picture. (mix colors)

bear, the clue is on black board to the right of kitchen...

Superb game again Angelika.
Thank you.


Not sure if I understand the butterfly colors. :/

Thanks, Hotz. I missed that.

I'm having trouble with clue association. I see the RL puzzle is working now and the butterfly puzzle is working as well, but I don't know what their clues are.

Lizzie, the clue is on paper behind locked picture.
the first butterfly is light blue and the left wing of first butterfly on drawer is dark blue. so what color do you need for right wing to get light blue? (mix in your mind)

Gah. That's what I was thinking. Thanks!

for left/right: you need to pour hot water on noodles. for second part: have you already seen colored directions clues?

nice game thank you Angelika

Oh yay! Just what I needed since I am home sick with a cold. Thank Angelika, loading!

The colored directions are the table with the wooden balls.

The butterflies clue doesn't work. Do I need to combine it with something?

Oh, I mix the colors. I see.

Thanks for the game! Stuck with the butterflies though.

YAY! Going in! Happy Anniversary, Angelika! I have played every game and loved them all!

Beautiful! Thanks for the game.

Jazzy, if you look at the clue behind the picture with the left right puzzle. It shows what color you need to make. So, if the color you need to make is light blue, and the color that is already there is blue, then you must add white to it to make it light blue. If you need to make green, and the color that is already present is yellow, you must add blue to it to make green.

Loved the apple!! thanks Angelika another great game. ThxACxo

Thank you, Angelika! Great game!

AlphaOmega,Austen, Hotzenplotz,K Stevens, jazzypix321, Lizzie,Bear,FireFly,Sharon many thanks for the nice comments!
Thanks for playing!

Ohhh No I missed this one live :(
Going in

re bflies
comment Hotz & Bear
that's what I'm doing but with no avail

what's wrong with my colours for right bfly sides:


What to do with the scissors?

where in the world is the l/r puzzle?

l/r puzzle is behind locked pic

I'm stuck with a bookmark?
Scissors are used to cut rope on the "screen"
Don't remember colors :(

So I have some numbers after placing the apple on the plate .. still don't know what to do with them
and a bookmark

ty AO! then how do i get wooden spoon?

duh. you just click on it....

Place bookmark on both sides of book.

I used the knife for the rope on the screen
I'm confuzzled now

plate numbers are for top of projector: order to push buttons.

Yellow and blue make green...red/white make pink...white/blue make cyan...red/blue make purple.

This comment has been removed by the author.

You can restart the projector to see the movie again by pushing the red button. The four corner clue is on the screen.

Anyone make sense of the eggs?

thx FF
I didn't see 2nd bfly as purple but as pink & last bfly as rose...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Did you find the extra egg? There is a puzzle on the wall. Match the height of the lines to the cracks in the eggs.

Sorry screen was a knife. Scissors to cut bookmark. Eggs are clue for the puzzle that opened with the levers.

hmmm made some noodles :)

I had a really hard time with them too! Thanks, @Bear for the "mix the colours" tip.

Aha - Firefly on the "Icecream". Thanks!

Thank you Bear for explaining how to work with the colours :)
Lovely game. thanks.

So I have some numbers after placing the apple on the plate .. still don't know what to do with them
and a bookmark

...and Hotz (scrolled up).

Hi Mel.
The numbers are used on top of the beamer that's near the couch, in front of the dark brown cabinet.

I have scissors but not bookmark. Where to use scissors?

lol, on the bookmark, Gika.

NVM got bookmark

Arrie I didn't have the bookmark. That's why I couldn't use the scissors. lol

Where's the bookmark?

bookmark is from Right Left arrow button inside pic frame.

sorry! I wanted to help more but couldn't get back in the game...silly old PC. Loved the game!

and Out. Great game Angelika :)

I wanted to play jump over game before I realised that the egg goes in that grid ☻

and that bookmark (I had to replay to see if I remembered well) is behind the left/right buttons.
That's after using the key.

To get that clue heat the water and pour the hot water in the bowl.

hahaha, @Alpha! I tried that too!

lol, I know you didn't have the bookmark Gika :-) but I couldn't help you cause I wasn't sure anymore where I found it.
I'm a bit tired.

me three, FireFly and Alpha!

for the bookmark look at the stars on bowl. Dark blue will be left and light blue right.


Such a pleasure playing with you all. Until next time!

I thought the bowl was cereal. It is uncooked noodles.

Ahhh, TY for the help. I had seen the clue on the bowl but didn't think far enough ahead as to how to use it.

Great game, as always!

Tiquer yep, until you have to pour hot water in it haha

arrie NL,Gika, myrdlebp,FireFly,many thanks!

All your hints are not working!

I am so frustrated by this game!

It is RRLRL for bookmark!!

What are all the coloured dots and #'s in the book for??

Where ARE the scissors??????

in bottom puzzle drawer, hint from movie

you cut the bookmark with scissors & place it at 2 places in book for puzzle hint
you can also change colour at shape puzzle

You've probably gone but thanks @Bear. Life got in the way so had to put the game on hold ha ha

Excellent game, thanks Angelika!

Excellent game, thanks Angelika!

Stuck with a bookmark that just pops out

Codeman many thanks!

Excellent game - thank you so much

AmyElvis many thanks!

Colours, especially the more unusual ones, can show up differently on different computers.

Loved it Thanx Angelika

Thanks Angelika for another great game. Of course you got me with the butterfly colours, so thanks to Hotz for that hint too.

Excellent game ! thanks Angelika :)

Wonderful game!
Thank you, Angelika!

Joe M, meritneith, seb, Rüdiger Lupp thank you so much!

A five star game again, thanks, Angelika! No help was needed, just a right dosage of brainwork together with my late breakfast.

I wonder if it was a double hint under the eggs for the arrows and for the left and right buttons as well, or was I supposed to find another hint for the L-R buttons?

Where is clue for switches?

Clue is on letters ICE CREAM (in kitchen on the right) look at little bars up or down

Another excellent game, Angelica! Thanks to all for the hints.

punnivinn, lobster thank you so much!
punnivinn - yes it is a double hint.

A bit late for the party...great game again!!! keep them coming:)

This should be at 100 comments....done!

Angelika - one of your best games. Thank you. Very tricky, some of the combination clues.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Really good game. I had a hard time trying to translate how to use the stars on the bowl to the L-R puzzle, but I finally got it after about a dozen tries.


Superb escape game. Well done!!! Beautiful renderings with clever clues and puzzles. Thanks for taking the time to create it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

brett johnson, Janet, cyndee43, Forgotten One. BDescapee Thank you very much!
I am very grateful to you for nice comments!

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