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Escape Cold Mountain Walkthrough

Escape Cold Mountain

Escape Cold Mountain is another point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz and Yizzim. Sneaky was on a top secret mission and got kidnapped! He's locked in this room on cold mountain. Look around and see what you can find to help him escape! Good luck and have fun!

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Heading in.

This music sounds like SD asylum type stuff, but instead of playing in minor scales to sound dark, it is played in major scales to sound happier.

Once you escape the bedroom, click down and you will find a map on the right counter.

Marble in E.

Hi, sneaky coin in N

Marble bottom right in P.

Hi, Hotz.

Last marble bottom left in N.

Use the ladder from F, in O to get a key.

don't miss SD in K

Clock clue is for the box in M.

Use SD twice on the floor in J.

SD is used twice in J

IcyHot is the word clue.

Going in! I hope I can catch up.

"LENDERS" for directions in K

purple gem in arrows box in K (hint letters same room)

Final safe in M.

where is the clue for gem order?

green gem in I (hint in E)

I haven't found the gem order clue yet.

POP, clue for gem order is on map....

Ooooh, very sneaky. Thanks, Hotz. Good one, Selfdefiant.

thanks Hotz. and I am out

Good Game Selfdefiant :)

Loved the game! Couple of Sneaky hidey-holes. Gem order VERY Sneaky!

Hmm Can't seem to find the pink gem.

Help with box in K? I know it has something to do with the word lenders but I still can't figure it out!

Heather--- L-left E-east N-north D-down E-east R-right S-south

@Gika Thank you so much!

No problem Heather :)

missed it live but anyway
thx SD for yet another fun game ☺

5 buttons in


safe in M

3 marbles in


box in H

out with 39 coins & sneaky one

assuming there were 40 coins, so missed the usual last one ☻

so who would want to leave this place? amazing

I only found 39 coins as well. I went over every inch of every scene looking for a 40th coin and a Color Clue... found neither :) Thanks to Hotzenplotz for finding the color clue (even though the thought had occurred to me that the clue might be on the map, I didn't see it at first).

By the way I had trouble finding the pink gem as well and it's not mentioned above so if anyone else has trouble it's in the drawer in A :)

I cannot find the blue gem

Blue gem in J (use sd on floor)

Thanks seb. I didn't see the second panel on the floor.

I try to pick up the tweezers and it tells me I have no room.

what is the word in B?

I can't understand how to infer the gem order clue from the map. Please help!

^^ POP - it's the last 7 colours in the second row of the colour palette on the map.

Thanks everyone!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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