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Green Octopus Escape

Games4King - G4K Green Octopus Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you were having an octopus aquarium in your farm house. One day you noticed that three green baby octopuses were missing in the farm house. Those baby octopuses might be trapped somewhere in the farm house. So use your skills to collect the necessary items in the farm house to rescue your three green baby octopuses. Good luck and have fun!

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Jam. She put one octopus. One stayed in the inventory. There are 2 coin, 2 crystal, rope, valve (pitcher set, the valve is not suitable) Exclamation! signs applied, right-left there is still on paper. I do not know where. By color door plants in stage 1 can not be opened.

Exclamation marks for green levers. Black-left, green for the right arm.

In the scene where the yellow lever down to click on the gems. Will 2434. So you can click on the columns in the wall in the previous stsene.Molotkom on the hatch to hit the scene with Roman numbers.

The valve is in the window of a house in a scene with a red plant. There are more green plant pink flowers go to him. Put 2 tsvetka.Nichego happened. Valve turned 1 time. Nothing too. Maybe in other scenes have changed. I'm going to look)

Pitcher took back. He poured water into the manhole. Hook with rope connected.

The hook on the rope goes into the hole between the octopus. (2 times lower)

Paper with exclamation marks and left-right, I got a magnifying glass by applying to the paper, which is in the scene with pillars in the wall.

Hi Nafanja! In the scene where you found the valve (View 4), did you do anything first to get the valve? My window is a black square with nothing inside. Thanks for your help!

Oh, never mind, you place the valve in the window, sorry, I misunderstood the hint.

Maxim, hello) I will open another window with the game. I'm stuck with 2 crystal and the paper left-pravo.Eschё one octopus is. Maybe it was a mistake? And prompt with ventel. In the scene with a blue tree in my house, too black box.

I tried on a colored trees colored arrows in one stage do. Not running red 5, green-3, yellow 4, blue-8. I tried to 1 greater than or less. Not rabotaet.Eschё on the wall of the house (where the valve is) there are numbers. And I do not know where they were.

I placed my 2 octopus in the scene where you use the hook on the string , view 9, and used the RL clue on them. I have placed my crystals in the plants. I have 3 gold star coins in inventory.

Where is the string?

Brandi - I think it was in view 2, upper right.

Hi ladies - hope I can join you. Waiting to see if game will load...

Maximum, octopuses are not active. How or you apply them right-left?

Somehow got hammer in view 8 - not sure how, lol

Nafanja, I did a lot of things in that scene so maybe you need to do something first to activate the octopus. I used a key in the tree in the middle, I used the hook on the string twice, I placed the red gem in the orange plant and I did the 4 numbers on the left side.

Use hammer on stone plinth in view3

I was a mistake because the third octopus. I got beat and press the left-right) Thank Maximom

what is the color order in left scene

does anyone know where to put the octopus or where the 7662 numbers go?

oliveya22, both go in view 9.

Co, the color order in view 2 comes from a paper clue with colored numbers.

yes i know but no go

The colors are a bit off.

I did not get that. On the left the scene with octopus I put color on ladybirds. There are speech, I do not know what to light. I put only the yellow and red stones trees. We still probably stones ?.

The light purple is the pink flower & the light green will be the yellow.

What gave when put three coins and three flowers? I just match and the paper in inventory.

I have an octopus, 2 star symbols, 2 gems (orange and yellow), a magnifying glass, string, a clue paper for a R/L puzzle and exclamation marks.

Have solved quite a few puzzles, have access to views 1 to 8. Now stuck ...

1 hour clicking those clors and purple=pink and pink=purple? Oh no!

thanks for your help but no go replay already 3 times

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Zuleika Smith, a magnifying glass (the glass) to put into the paper in stage 7. I just now saw a number of scenes) They disappear)

Ty Maximon : ) I hadn't understood that when I first saw it.

Maximum, unfortunately time does not match. I have a 5:18 pm time your last comment.

Nafanja, typo on my part, comment removed to avoid confusion!

On the left side, where the octopus I enter a code from the paper in the input stage 7. 7662. Where to get 2 more for a green stone and mahogany?

Ty Nafanja : )

Have placed octopuses now and also wheel - but wheel doing nothing. Still have string and 3 star symbols/coins. Used r/L clue on octopuses ...but nothing happened.

Oh that's weird - wheel looks like it's turning on its own now. Still nothing happening though...

I think we might all be stuck in the same place now. The clue paper for the RL and green/black directions is still in inventory although both clues have been used. I tried using the black directions for the airplanes in view 6 but no luck.

Understood) I pressed the wrong octopus. On the contrary it is necessary. She opened the door to the stage 5)

Zuleika, the wheel turns on the water in view 6.

Yes i tried that with aeroplanes too Maximon. Did the R/L work for you on the octopuses?

Hey I just realised I don't actually have views 5 and 6. It goes 1 to 4 and then 7 to 9. How do you access 5 and 6?

Good clue, Nafanja, I think maybe the octopus need to be done R/L in both directions? Got 4th flower and I am right behind you now...clue paper disappeared from inventory.

Hammer fell from the sky in scene 8 by clicking the rocks below the levers.

Zuleika, view 6 is the scene right of where you place the ladybugs. View 5 is through the door of the cabin in view 4.

Mark) I passed the game)

Thanks for that Maximon. Have 3rd flower from octopus now. Need 4th.

What is that numbers clue on cabin wall in V4?

Facepalm - thanks yet again Maximon. Counted 6 as number 1, lol. No water as yet from that pipe though. Still waiting for access through cabin door in view 4.

CLue for airplane puzzle is found in view 5. Get blue gem from puzzle.

What to do with levers in V8?

No string in view2 in my game! Where is it?

Stuck with three star coins, yellow & green gems, & a string.

Still can't get color order to work

You need 4 pinkish flowers on the bush outside the cabin in view 4 to open the door, as I remember.

click purple for pink and vice versa.

The word "Octopi" makes me really hungry for some reason.

Nafanja, if you're still around, what is the smiley face clue for? Thanks!

I`m stuck with red gem and 3 star coins. No help in posts above!

Use the hook in scene 9 twice

Roberto i did that many times but no go

I guess the order is green purple red pink yellow and blue.

Roberto, see my post at 5:00 pm for the gem. I don't know what to do with the coins yet.

I close the game. The scene with mahogany door is open? They make a diamond pattern and color are emoticons and arrows to the aircraft.

You need to click yellow button in center after clicking the colors.

Oh wait, yes I do know what to do with the coins! They go in the octopus scene 9 in the little cave under the key!

Thanks Roberto i have to give up

Don´t go CO. I opened a new game and it does work. Do it again the sequence I said and click yellow button.

Placing the coins in view 9 activates the 4 circles on the right, ladybugs are the clue.

I put my red gem on orange plant but that´s all. Can´t find the string anywhere.

4 color circles in view 9 gives you matches you can use in view 6 to get smiley/emoticon puzzle (clue is in view 5).

That was it thanks

Do we need 3 octopuses?

Where does the hook come from?

Roberto, no. You need only two octopus. That I had a mistake in the game and I played again. Hook is taken from the well, when to pour the water.

Thanks Nafanja. Could someone tell me where the string is please?

Lizzie, I think it was in S3 after using hammer, put water on hole

im beyond stuck, I have 2 coins, I red gem, 1 rope, 1 octopus, 2 yellow things that look levers. cant figure out the numbers on barn in scene 4 and the levers on scene 7
please help me!

In stage 9 is put red stone. Goes to 2 times the key hook and a flower. Pressed octopus left, left, right, left, pravo.Posle public key in a niche to put 3 coins.

Roberto, in S2, up right, under the T of walkthrough

just gone in, and have gone as far as I can; have 3 star coins left and paper clue with exclamation marks. need 1 more star coin, 2 gems for plants, a hook for the string, probably more pink flowers for that plant in view 4 (log cabin scene) as well as trying to figure out that valve thing. also don't know the plane clue in view 6 as well as something that looks like a tap?? plus in starting scene, can't' seem to do the dials.

God! Thanks Gazoline!

I do not understand what Roberto says of the line. Maybe the rope to the hook should be, it is in the stage 2 to the right in green. The arms should be put one by one, as in the paper. Black sign of a left arm, a green mark is the right lever.

where do the coins and gems go?

The colors of the gems you place in the leaves are the same color as the dials in view 1 (hint, hint).

Abrupt ending. After I did the dials I was able to back out of the puzzle and I went to another scene and suddenly I was out of the game.

Oh! I just realize the stones has 2 digits each! dumb me!

The lever clue was a bit confusing. Aim the levers in the direction of the exclamation point dots.

Nafanja, thank you for all the great hints!

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Red flower to be inserted into the scene 8.Maksimom, happy to help, but I is not very good))))

Maximon, I don't understand the blinking clue in S4 ...

Blue Stone will be after the planes. It is necessary to leave the scene and return.

And I miss green stone

Gazoline, you use that clue in view 5 on the the color squares that you used before to get the smiley/emoticon clue.

I used my snipping tool to copy the flashing numbers, it was a little difficult to capture but better that getting a headache.

I used the top square as 1.

oops, almost missed it live, although some are already out

just starting, hi (again) ev1 ☺

thx G4K for the game, seems to be a pretty long one...

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Alpha, it's about time you got here! :) Not so much long as tricky.

Julie, did you find the magnifyer in S6, near the planes ? Use it on paper clue in S7

Six months later, flashing it to the color yellow rhombus rombam.V 4 to move to the left one red tsvet.V red diamonds move to the right side of the green and from green rhombus left to add red. And so on.

Max--I know. I usually sit here and take pics of my screen w/my phone for notes.

Maximom, what did you do with cyan numbers ? There is none ??

Oh no ! We can zoom in LOL

where does r/l clue go? i can't seem to figure it out.

oliveya22, RL is for the 2 octopus in 9.

And out !!
Oliveya22, on the 2 octopus

Go night to all !

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This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

clicking colours in v2 as per number paper hint d/w for me - even exchanged pink/purple...

Alpha, did you click the yellow button in the center after you were done?

where do the coins go? and where are the smiley faces at?

oliveya22, see my posts at 5:55 pm and 5:59.

of course I did...

Alpha, Ok, I wasn't trying to be insulting....just someone else didn't click the button and got frustrated. THe puzzle worked for me 1st time so I can try opening the game again and give the hint using the numbers and locations instead of the colors.

Where did you find the 4th purple flower to open door in View 4?

ok. Need to use hook twuce.

Thanks! how about the blinking colored numbers next to the dark door?


oops, did I sound too cranky? it wasn't intentional...

finally it worked!

SPOILER for scene 2 color circle:

Starting at top right: Green (1), BLUE (6), Yellow (5), Pink (2), Red (3), Purple (4) top left

So click top right, bottom left, center left, top left, right bottom, right center

CLick gold button, get red lever.

Alpha, I didn't think you were cranky:)

AO--it's been a long day of really weird puzzles!

do know where the put the blinking numbers from scene 4 ?

oliveya22--apply them to the diamond colors in the house by the red plant.

where do the numbers go?

Use the numbers to place the colors in the different boxes.

Where to use orange flower from smileys?

Roberto--place it on the plant in the two lever scene.

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Got it!


Finally out! Thanks for your help and patience!


does anyone know is the gems are clues to anything?

Place the gems in the plants.

Count the leaves of plants oliveya!

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and click the dials on door accordingly

thanks! finally finished! yay!!!

a bit of a walkthrough...

go left to scene 2 and collect green bug, blue bug, yellow knob, white string(upper right section).

go right twice to scene 6 and collect pink bug, purple bug, magnifying glass.

go left to scene 1 and place bugs in left column. collect paper clue of colored numbers.

go left to scene 2 and push colored flower buttons in accordance with the color of each number...ie 1 is green, 2 is pink, and so on. then click center yellow button and collect red knob.

place red knob in slot to left of "games4king" door, push down and proceed to scene 3. collect star coin, yellow knob, and octopus. note roman numerals on right, 4359.

back up to scene 2 and input 4359 in 4 digit counter on left. collect red gem.

go forward into scen 3 again and proceed to wooden doors ahead. play match game and proceed to scene 4. collect star coin.

return to scene 3 and hang a left to scene 7...note paper clue and number, 7662. also, view with magnifying glass and note symbol clues(they are tricky...pay close attention to the direction of symbols).

hang a left to scene 8. click on large center plant and plug in symbols. collect octopus and key. place yellow knobs in trees. click on the 2 dark spots on each mossy stone to reveal numbers by clicking until the numbers don't change...24, 34. collect hammer.

return to scene 3 and bang on well with hammer to collect yellow gem.

hang a left to scene 7 and note buttons on wall. enter 24 on left wall, front to back, and 34 on right, back to front. collect 2 pink flowers and paper clue. use key on door to enter scene 9.

in scene 9, place octopuses on either side of large hole and collect star coin. note clue paper with l/r clue. for some reason i had to switch left for right and right for left...llrlr. collect 3rd pink flower. plug in the 7662 clue from outside paper in to counter on left and collect valve wheel.

return to scene 8 and note clue paper again for second clue, the green and black "i"...simply put rods in position of clue, alternating left then right and so on...left is black and green is right. collect pitcher.

return to scene 6 and place pitcher under faucet.

return to scene 4 and place valve ring in lower left window and turn. scoot back and collect water-filled pitcher.

return to scene 3 and pour pitcher in to well and collect hook. combine the hook and string.

return to scene 9(where octopuses are) and use hook twice in large hole for a key and final pink flower.

return to scene 3 and use key to collect wind up key.

return to scene 9 and use wind up key on back wall...upon its opening, place 3 star coins which will activate the 4 darker buttons to the right...click them to coordinate with the ladybugs from earlier, bgpv. collect matches.

return to scene 4 and place 4 pink flowers on green stalk for opening to scene 5.

in scene 5, collect lantern, note directional clue, and click all of the buttons above bed for a clue.

return to scene 6 and input directional scenes...for some reason, you have to leave and come back to the scene for blue gem. place lantern in dark window and light to expose smiley faces. input the solution that you received from the dots puzzle and collect a flower bloom.

return to scene 8 and place bloom on stem at right and collect red knob.

return to scene 4 and place knob in top center window and pull down, noting colored flashing numbers. go inside and move the dots on wall to reflect the 4 numbers bunches from outside...ie, first diamond has 1 red and 3 yellow. collect green gem.

go around and place the gems within the colored leafy bushes throughout game and note the color of the gem/the number of leaves in its bush. the gem and bush will not be the same color.

return to door with the four dials. the dials represent the color of the gems, not the bushes. plug in the number of leaves found on each bush where the gems were placed. for example, the blue gem is in the 3 leafed bush, so click the blue dial 3 times.

baddabing, baddaboom, you're out!

thank you g4k...great game.

@Cate thanks a lot for WT (needed a lot)

and thanks all for great help here !

Can't play this game cos of adblock - well, stuff!

this was a very tricky one for me

hence thx ppl for the hints & thx cate for making a WT (needed it several times) ☺

great game G4K - thx for creating ☺

There are a lot of Whys in this game for me
Crappy clues and non intuitive actions
Only 1 star

wow, escaped with an octopus. A little confusing, but quite a nice game, thank you!

stupid game, thanks for your hints folks, not clear here at all

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