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Rocky Ledge Goat Rescue Escape Walkthrough

Rocky Ledge Goat Rescue Escape

Games2Rule - Rocky Ledge Goat Rescue Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 2 Rule. In this game, you came to do some research in a mountains. You noticed that someone trapped a goat and locked in cage. No one is there to help that goat. You have to rescue the goat from this mountains by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Rocky Ledge Goat Rescue Escape

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hi (again) all ☺

thx G2R for the game ☺

more scenes between 2 rocks in start scene

hidden candleholder thingy in symbol signpost scene

hidden shell at pond

last fruit for tree is very hard to find!

also more scenes when you go up there

in bone board scene, dig with wood for pumpkin looking fruit

Hi Roberto! maybe you need to check flamingo scene?

When items are used they no longer stay in inventory, thank you g2r :)

use rock on mark in 12 dots scene, starting one

You've already played this? the speed with which you are going

Hi yvonne, going slow:)

use torch on dinosaur


Hi Dazz Ley :)

grid for bones

butterflies for lily pads

plant for bees

Hi Lizzie, good morning to you, afternoon here :)

Yep! I got out already Dazz! Played this game earlier!

put goat on spot beside shells

JACKPOT! grasses for starfish

don't miss to pick up stone in waterfall scene

bees for sliders: 21403

my last shell was in scene where you place fruits in pond

use stone in start scene for 5 digit code

JACKPOT!! use sythe on stone in pond scene after the grass for color code

yvonne, you're right about the vanishing stuff after use - thx for listening G2R ☺

Use spear head tool on dark right rock, scene right of scene with the five grasses

colored lines for buttons

what's a sythe Dazz?

Hi AO, makes such a difference, so easy to forget that items you think you have missed are actually further along in the inventory

nothing left in inventory, and still missing one candle holder and one green button

sorry! meant the small spear thingy

JACKPOT!!! my last holder was in scene of symbol board behind a rock

where to use the plant?

oh, new EM out - bbl for this - CU there ☺

AO Dazz Ley's comment 7.45

thx yvonne
(I'm always just skimming thru comments while playing live, so it can happen that I miss a post...)

G2R, thank you for a lovely game, much appreciated :)

Missing one green button & some fruits.

hole starting scene
left scene under sliders
goat scene
grass scene
flamingo scene
dig fruit on mud in bones scene
symbols scene by hole

behind grass
pond scene after the color clue
fruits scene

Thanks, Dazz! The flamingo one was tricksy.

Very nice game! Clue with coloured lines is hint for 5x4...I kind of missed that for a while.

BIG thanks to G2R for deleting used items from the inventory! That makes a huge difference! Nice game!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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