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The Treasure Tomb Escape Walkthrough

The Treasure Tomb Escape

LudumDare - The Treasure Tomb Escape is another point and click adventure escape game developed by LightWolfStudios for Ludum Dare. You are exploring a recently discovered Egyptian tomb when you suddenly fall down a trap! Find the exit, and possibly more! Click on doors to change room, click on objects to interact. Good luck and have fun!

Play The Treasure Tomb Escape

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wow this very submachine like..

OK odd very quick out
hope they try again and make bigger..

This game had promise. It just seemed to end in the middle

hi Leroy, yes, funny.
For those new at it, the two sticks must be used as levers downstairs.
And to get downstairs, you push a brick in the wall.
And to push the brick you go right :).

I still want more LOL

Seriously, that was it?

It would be submachine-like if there were actually any puzzles, but there weren't....

yeap.. I had hi hopes early in..
was looking the heiroglyths thinking a puzzle coming LOL

well, after that confusing AVM it was an easy peasy relaxing fun game for me - thx LD ☺

It's a start. Good atmosphere. I'm looking forward to longer games from these people.

a start and game started quickly

notice how it says made in 72 hrs for the ludum dare? the ludum dare is a challenge for indie devs to create a game from scratch in 72 hrs or less. so, with that said, you should be very impressed with what they accomplished.

thanks, I didn't notice! Yes, good job.

Nice game, looking forward to see more of this maker.

Well, this was really short, but good.

What I found most peculiar was that I could mostly move left or right - making it feel like I was moving sideways like a crab :)

crying is that pepe

Nice atmosphere - please make more!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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