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Underground Subway Station Escape Walkthrough

Underground Subway Station Escape

Escape007Games - Underground Subway Station Escape is another point and click new escape game developed by Escape 007 Games. The story of this game is to escape from the underground subway station. Assume that one day you are visit to underground subway station. Unfortunately, the main gate was closed. You are stuck inside the underground subway station. Try to escape from the underground subway station by finding object and hints, solve the puzzles and get main gate key to escape from underground subway Station. Good luck and have fun!

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So glad this one loaded with no problem.....

Hi Zu!! I was missing you in the other game.

hope your'e with us Zuleikha! nice to see you Gika!

I wish there room was numbered or we had a map.

Two road sign hints are used together.

Hi Dazz and Gika : ) Yes I had to give up on the AVM - couldn't get in...

sneaky crow bar in room with a L R sign

Times on piece of paper are for the two railway clocks - once you have placed hands.

my game took ages to load

for the clocks The brown show hours and beige shows minutes

Looks like we have LOTS of coloured balls to place in that far left puzzle

Use SD in starter scene and place the clocks after you open the panel

hi (again) all ☺

do you have sound?

nope! just peeps and peeps

Wheels go in scene one down and one right from start scene. Use crowbar in same scene.

Hi Alpha. No sound ....

Place two fuses beside 4 dials

place 2 fuses with the clocks to get a number

anyone know where bolts go?

use number on far left scene

All I have left in inventory now (after placing lots of stuff) is half a subway ticket and 5 metal nuts.

oh, think I figured the bolts out.

Word must surely be 'subway' but I guess we have to see hint.

@bobmeisterb: care to share about bolts?

I think I m missing a scene.!

ditto Zu
plus a stick (hard to see brown on black)

I am still missing 2 balls

Alpha: stick goes between 2 wheels (scene one down and one right from start scene)

3 balls missing

hint for letter puzzle?

thx Zu
tried that but apparently not on the right pixel

2 balls short now...

I need 3 balls too : a brown, red and green.

where to put nuts (or bolts, lol)?

btw hint for ball puzzle in 2 clocks scene

Ok got place for nuts. Tried other b4 but was placing them from other end - didn't work.

There is a clue on the wall up left in the scene where you put the balls

Bolts go on 5x5 grid, but you have to try each relevant position for each bolt. i.e. each bolt fits only in its one place.

Hotspot below platform in scene where you place coloured balls. No clue what to use there.

I want something(a cloth?) for hotspot below coloured balls puzzle. Any ideas anyone?

and the place for bolts are far right from the start scene

Zu thats the spot we got 1 of the fuses

This comment has been removed by the author.

Seems we need other half of subway ticket b4 we can complete word puzzle...

We still have one panel to open!

thx meth re nuts/bolts

@Gika - no that was the red circular hotspot. this is a different one - quite fuzzy and hazy

The hint for bolts is down and to the left but they wouldn't go onto the 5x5 chart at first (3 to right of start screen) so I thought it was for something else. Finally it took, starting at bottom placement.

I also have an unopened panel in the POLKA graffitti scene.

opened panel!

click top right of panel (see in unzoomed scene)

(clicked around panel & got lucky)

Thanks Alpha

Great work Alpha : ) Now only needing one ball...

No - game thinks I'm a robot now!

Thanks AO, I could have been going round in circles for ages looking for something for that panel.

pleasure ppl ☺

ball puzzle was pretty easy for me, just tedious
otherwise a pretty nice 8G clone - thx 007 ☺

Out without ever opening the fuzzy panel under the balls puzzle.

Thanks everyone.

Zu I still think that hot spot were where we got one of the fuses from.!

Thanks everyone! :)

@Gika - musta been, but I can't remember using it, lol.

Good game. See u all soon xx

This one was easy except for the dark colors made it difficult to see some items in the inventory.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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