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Wow Apocalyptic City Escape Walkthrough

Wow Apocalyptic City Escape

WowEscape - Wow Apocalyptic City Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game, you came to visit apocalyptic city after destruction of mankind. But unfortunately you are trapped inside this apocalyptic city. No one is there to help you. You have to escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Wow Apocalyptic City Escape

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hi (again) all ☺

it's the end of the world - let's have a drink ;-)

thx for the game, Wow ☺

don't miss paintbrush to the right of the place for 6 green diamond shapes

use stone on funnel

Use the paintbrush on the forehead of the statue of liberty

hidden panel in most right scene on left side gate pillar

Hi all.

I'm stuck with a book with color hint and some kind of vase, I'm guessing that by finding the last crown I'll get a key but where could it be?

use metal item to break stalagmite in far right scene

thanks AO

Hi ppl just going in

Hello all
Hoping that it will load and that I can join you.

Bells go on rock in scene with arm, I thought it was hard to see

No keys so far and missing one crown.

you can move 1 of the skulls to get a yellow button. use button to open box in starting scene for red gem

lamp for statue in water near bottles

Hotz, where are the skulls??

pink gem is behind hidden panel to the left of cups

Yvonne, what lamp. I am stuck with a book with colours and a vase like thing.

Hi Jenny, the lamps you put on the statue, that's what I call them lol

key in train light

ok, thanks.

I am missing one wine bottle, 1 crown, 3 green diamonds and no idea for book in far left scene.

Now do I move on?

jenny, you have to find 4 cones to get fourth crown

Should say HOW do I move on?

Hotz, can you help me?

I have the one from the cones and from the puzzle over the doors left side. and on I just found. where is the fourth??

There was a bottle in the doorway of last scene right, did you get that one?

or the one in coffin? the cross is in an unlocked box...

Got the coffin one.

No bottle, I am going to start over and see if I have a glitch.

my last (purple) gems was behind hidden panel beneath skulls

There was a bottle under where you place crowns

I'll move to new G4K, will come back later to this... CU ppl ☺

There was a glitch, in the new game I opened there is a bottle in the doorway, Also new game has yellow shape top of liberty for book left scene. Neither were in my original game.
Moving on now.
thanks for all the help so far, sure I will need more. lol

my last 'lamp' for statue crown was under a stone 1 scene right of train

made it out! Can I help- assuming I remember!

My last cup in 4# scene hidden panel under symbol puzzle.

Don't miss match stick puzzle - scene with car top of building on the right. also sneaky statue gem bottom right in train scene

Methanwy, do you remember where you got the other 3, I have that one but still missing one cup and one coin.

also need 2 more lamps/gems for statue

did you find the matchstick puzzle Jenny, I think that gave a coin -? Not sure worth a try

Yes, I got the matchstick one already.

Giving up, this is just not fun, go back over every scene again and again.

no yellow button got a brown stopper thing won't do box

got 3 crowns one from cones the other from around need 4th done the bottles done the symbols got colour paper & broen utton

sneaky box right of the statue head

Can't play...add won't load. :-(

found a spot in sc6 for H from xs

other clue on papers for blobs in sc8

my last plant for statue head was from under rock in match puzzle scene

My last coin was from filling in the statue head. Last coin gives exit key.

I am stuck with 2 genie bottles and 2 brown cup things...

In the finish even with walk-through video I could not find 1 of the lamps for the statue of liberty head to get the final coin... 1 star

Excellent game WowEscape - I really enjoyed that. Thank you too AO for the last thing for statue head - that's just what I needed!

I wish it had been longer. Great game!

Sorry Dragon, was just quoting Planet of the Apes...got it though.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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