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Yolk Freebooter Treasure Ship Escape Walkthrough

Yolk Freebooter Treasure Ship Escape

YolkGames - Yolk Free Booter Treasure Ship Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Yolk Games. In your village the talk of the town is about the precious treasure. Olden free booter ship. You can own those treasures when you get inside that ship. By solving the puzzles you are encountered! Good luck and have fun!

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Going in :)

Picked up shovel, cork opener, torch. used shovel for symbol

Knife on wheel in right scene

Used knife on wood right scene

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symbols are placed by barrel where you got shovel from. But I am still missing 1

place bowl by barrel that says gun powder and use cork opener

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got last symbol from chest in right scene. Did the symbol slider and got a key. Opened up another scene

After placing the turtle shell and solving the puzzle I am out.

Nice game :)

Hi Gika! Missing number 1 for puzzle in ship basement. Number from pic doesn´t work on suitcase.

I was missing a scene. Out too.

Hey Roberto! Glad you are out too :)

Thanks Gika! Nice game!

Loved this one!

graphics remind me of stoneagegames (they stopped producing games long time ago I suppose)...

corkscrew & bowl at poles

blow up chest in right scene

lion/hexagon puzzle

all tiles must light up green (outline)


get house key

number from painting for desk

colours on crate

eyes for skull

number wheel will last longer...

number wheel

start with the highest total, only 1 solution possible (doesn't matter if numbers are l/r or r/l, as this is an addition)


code from number circles for red box in house changes each new game btw - nice!

thx Yolk for a very nice, enjoyable game & Gika for your hints ☺

nice easy game

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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