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Escape Baby Hippo Walkthrough

Escape Baby Hippo

Games2Rule - Escape Baby Hippo is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 2 Rule. In this game, one baby hippo is struggle with one forest crocodile. Please use your talent skills and escape the innocent baby hippo from the forest. Good luck and have fun!

Play Escape Baby Hippo

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sneaky knife in palm tree in first scene

took me some tries, but reed/stick from croco scene goes in tree hole 1 scene right of koala

Sneaky rose bottom left in spider scene under leaf

and now I stuck with knife and a red flower (not rose). I am missing 1 lemon..

What does the orange thing that's not a carrot do?

Did you find a place where we can use the knife ot the axe, Hotz?

Stuck with a knife, orange thing, and an axe

Yep, Lurker. That's was I was asking myself too.
This is getting a bit boring ...

Ax used same place you got knife on palm tree

POP, red flower goes on dark green leaves in scene with jumping yellow fish for second hedgehog

axe for palm tree in firt scene

Hi Hotz :) cut right reed, croc scene use in tree hole for fly, still have knife

knife cuts a cattails in alligator scene right side

Where did you get the red flower?

Knife used in croc scene gets a reed on right side

Good find, guys! Thanks

what do I do with the orange thing?

I am looking for red flower also?

thanks, I have already used this reed/cattail. I am missing a clue for 3#code and 1 green berry (?) for croco scene..

Still can't find the flower for the fish scene. Anyone other than Hotz find it yet?

5 frogs are the clue for 5 spiders

Ornage carrot looking thing goes into the second hole on tree in bull skull scene for second fly

Puh! Out now! Thanks for the help!

cherry is well hidden behind dark leaf in scene where we have used reed/cattail

Thanks Rüdiger Lupp now have red flower

3 no's from putting cherry on house

cherry gives 3#clue for third green berry/gem..

"Second Hole" = dark smudge on left. Thanks!

sorry, I forgot this orange tusk

Thanks for the help EV1

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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