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Halloween Paranormal Palace Escape Walkthrough

Halloween Paranormal Palace Escape

Games2Rule - Halloween Paranormal Palace Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 2 Rule. In this game, you came to a palace for Halloween party. But you noticed some paranormal activity in this palace. No one is there to help you. You have to escape from this palace by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Halloween Paranormal Palace Escape
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I'm in

Use zombie hand on hole

hi (again) ev1 ☺

use hand on hole for crown

thx for this game G2R ☺

Hi Ya Dazz!

Use yellow thing on the other hole

Hiyo bandy!

Did Ya'll mean the right room for hand? crown was just there and the hand won't go in hole ?

6# beside door, you can click on door top for color clue

The hole where you place your skulls

oops, have to go afk, bbl CU ☺

Second skull from tile far right room

Bye AO will try to leave good hints for you!

Placed round object on pumpkin in front of skeleton statue and got third skull

Here's what I have:

3 skulls

2 deer

2 hats

3 crowns

Skull stick


Were was skull stick and bone ?

Hi morning, early birds ;)

Good Morning Yvonne :)

Jackpot! Place skull stick on wall tile room

Color clue above door

Morning Yvonne!

Bandy, I got my stick from placing something on wall beside the 5# code

Hummmm? Still looking LOL

In new scenes nice, color clue for cats:

Cyan, green,pink, Blu, red,yellow

Have a handsaw, 2 hats, 2 drop shape gems, square gem and kinda horn.

bandy bone was on pillar, room with diamond shapes on wall, skull hot spot tile on floor

I think it was skull hand, silhouette was clear, I'll replay and see

Got a firefly now.

Got the bone ( Very tiny )

Dear head top Left

Ah yes, place crystal also in left wall in tile room

Bone for scream guy

Use firefly on circles in first scene. Gives clue for pumpkin hights.

Flower beside scream

Well no skull stick yet? I find nothing to fit beside 5 # puzzle ?

Bandy, go to the far right room full of tiles

Then click on left wall of hole

Skull horns behind pumpkins

Put coin in machine in table scene.

Well I give nothing there. GL EV1 moving on to something new LOL

Fifth deer under scream mask

Bandy didn't my comments help?

I find nothing there Dazz ? none of the right rooms ?

Use bone on scream mask.

What are you looking for bandy?

Skull stick

In the room where there was loose tile, the one after the skull statue, there is a spot left of hole

Skull stick? You mean hand?

Maybe a bug will restart after while Thanks for the help. :)

I'm with you anyway, I'm also in the beginning

Roberto some some glowing stick with a skull head sticking on top, the one you place in the same room under the four diamonds

Ah! I remember. You need to get a globe from scene eith color diamonds and place it on next scene.

like bandy, I have to leave this one, don't know if bug or not, but unable to do or find anything else, even with the clues left.

Blue piece go on door where statue of skull are but need one more

I assure you I didn't take anything from you guys, no difference if you restart

I´m missing only 1 triangle for that door.

Have a glowing bone, saw and 2 hats.

OK get your firefly from putting horn under lamp

Got last triangle


What are your progress everyone?

Can´t find a place to use my stuff.

Good morning all…
Like Bandy and yvonne, I seem to be stuck.
Dazz Ley, any chance you remember where 4th skull came from?

I got mine from placing eyes in pumpkin room Roberto

or anyone else? LOL

I have that one, guess I missed a different one.

Alinpc, morning!
Did you place skull stick? Or check some loose tile? Or placed yellow thing you get in beginning scene on hole in tile room?

Any luck bandy or Yvonne? I'm waiting for your answer

1 skull from statues, 1 from using disk in pumpkin in statues scene.

Have you used saw, bone or hats? Still cannot find my last triangle.

I have done all of those things you mention Dazz and have 3 skulls, 2 from the places you mention Roberto.
Thanks for all the ideas.

Calling Robert!!!

Did you find some horn from room of six pumpkins? And place them on skull in room you place deer?

I missing a room perhaps?

Did you place round object on pumpkin alinpc?

Use strange yellow stick thing on hole above color diamonds.

Going to check.

Any luck Roberto?

Thanks Dazz…I did. Must be something simple I am just missing. Morning eyes I guess

That was it Roberto…Thnaks!!!!

Thanks Dazz. Found my last triangle!

You didn't say you have yellow thing alinpc....))

Good job guys

what to do with the blower

LOL sorry Dazz Ley, had no idea what it was. Thanks for all the help :)

Use brush on stainedcwa last right room

And the white/orange/yellow thing

Put blower on box with circles after stairs

Stuck again with bellows and a magic lamp.

White,orange, yellow thing is a candy, get some star from top stairs and place it on statue, don't eat it

Magic lamp goes in room beside fireplace

Thanks Dazz
Missing 2 flowers

Saw for barrel

Where do flowers go?

Phew! Out! Thanks for massive help!!!

flowers go in scene with pumpkins

Jackpot! Beside the freaky eyes

Have used all items. still missing 1 flower

This comment has been removed by the author.

Nvm, for Cross

This comment has been removed by the author.

Oh and missinge one pumpkin in room after scream

Well I made it out but only bc you all helped. TY

I'm out too, what a game

Hang on marja

Did you find a flower beside candy pumpkins?

yes…Fun Game. Thanks G2R

Or placed bird statue? Or used saw on barrel?

Or used candy and star? Or used blower?

Place bottle you find top room with bird statue on in room before the cats for pumpkin clue

Yes i have. Missing the pumpkin in the room with deers. I think tere is de last flower?

I really need a walkthrough. Can't find last deer head got key and in new rooms but not getting far. only one flower, no idea where the blue triangles go etc.

Where do the hats go?

and where is the barrel for the saw?

Read and re read these comments, no one says what to do with the glowing bone or the hats and where is there a barrel for the saw??

Hi Kate, I am stuck too.

Looks like you are stuck at the same place as me, Jenny!

Barrel and place to use bone is after you opening the door that needs gems.

And no word on where clue is for the 6 crosses in room we opened door with key.

I am missing one tear drop shape for that door Roberto.

I have gone over every scene I have open again and still can't find that last deer head or any hints for stuff I can't open.

Giving up on this one.

me too - please help us out, Roberto!

but I am missing two deer heads. Also don't know what to do with the glowing bone or that weird grey shape next to the 6 pumpkins.

Dazzley, if you check back, sorry,left on my broomstick lol well, it is halloween time;)

found second to last deer by placing applehead ghost on one of the columns in room where 5 numbers go; now where is the last one?

Blue triangles go over the door way with the colours above it.

Thanks, LNS, but I am missing one teardrop shape for that door...

deer head on chandelier start scene

deer head top left arch, 2 scenes right of start

last deer head for me was a tiny dear head, located underneath the 'scream' mask - through the door in the background

great, Lee Jones - that is the one I was missing!

and that gives the missing shape for the door

jenny last tear drop is in the kitty scene look at scream hallway

deer head on left wall, background, scream head scene, hard to spot

deer head under bell, 6 pumpkin scene

deer head from placing white flower, scene left of start scene

Finally out - thanks for your help, yvonne, Dawn and Lee!

Missing two flowers and one floor pumpkin... nothing in inventory and no puzzles left to solve.... arrgh!

Put fire fly on circles,start scene

deer head from placing green haired face, in scene where you put in 5 no's

Hi Chris, did you use brush to get the no's for crosses? that gave me my last floor pumpkin

flowers, 2 in view, one from placing symbol above arch doorway, 1 from sawn barrel, 1 from placing star, 1 from using bellows on box

This comment has been removed by the author.

There is a sneaky deer's head in the cats' room. Look at the left side corridor, behind the scream mask!

Help - where is the brush for the crosses?

Just found it!

And out :-)
Uffff - that was quite a struggle - thank you for all the useful comments!

where is brush ? please help me

Hi lotjemar, just checked back in, I think it was in the room where you placed star

Thanks Yvonne

second triangle:
A horn to put on the table under the lamp (in a room with boxes), will firefly, put it in the first room on the circles, would clue for pumpkins, press 1, 3, 6 pumpkins Get a coin. Put coin in drawer in the room with boxes and take the second triangle

No clue where bird statue goes...

Thanks G2R

Couldn't have finished without hints from other players, but fun anyway.

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