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Various Abandoned Place Escape Walkthrough

Various Abandoned Place Escape

GamesBold - Various Abandoned Place Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Bold. There are many ancient places that have been abandoned in this world, including heavy vehicles, old trains, piano on trees, ancient buildings and even in the ocean. All buildings keep the mystery that could be solved. Good luck and have fun!

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For the third times, i'm stuck in the room 3 with 2 keys and no tool...

Also stuck in room 3 with 2 left keys and a flashlight. I also started and restarted 3 times thinking I had overlooked a tool.

Maybe it's the fishs who eat the tools :o)

Yes, maybe we need a fishing pole! :)

also stuck in room 3. any clues?

very very broken

Tried to restart and now page wont load. Crap.

also stuck in room 3 with 2 keys and flashlight. There are two sneaky hotspots near the large gold disc.

Make sure that after the first room, you pick up two keys in each scene.

Spoke too soon. I'm stuck, too.

Does that mean you've found 2 keys in scene 3 Lizzie?

Nope. I'm zooming in like crazy but I'm also stuck. :(

With previous portal games, there's always a left & right portal key in each scene. Seems the right one isn't there or a tool was left out of a previous scene.

It's clear we need the torch for scene 2, but we won't get back to it any time soon.

We need Max! Where are youuuuuu?

Hi Lizzie! I am stuck with the rest of you waiting for someone to post what to do next......although I suspect this could be another Games Bold mishap. Sigh.....Seraku often cracks these.. Seraku, are you here??

Hotspot in front of the last big red wheel,but don't get anything.

ginya - the hot spots are for the symbol thingy

Yep- Got stuck in Room 3 with 2 keys, like everyone else.

It have to be a glitch! Tried replaying multiple times :( :(

Like Lizzie said, usually we get 2 keys 1 to go forward and another to go back. However, in Room 2 I had 2 keys and wasn't able to go back to Room 1 to place the other statue.

restarted & baby advert stops pointer working

looks like a tool is needed for grass under the disc in sc 3 several hotspots & no shape to put anythig

Darn! I was hoping someone had found a sneaky SD in S1 or something. No luck.

How did this get 3 stars?

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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