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Avm Forest Santa Escape Walkthrough

Avm Forest Santa Escape

AvmGames - Avm Forest Santa Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. This time Santa is in trouble. This Christmas Santa is going to deliver gifts for kids. He started his journey and delivering gift for kids. But unfortunately Santa and his reindeers were trapped by a unknown person. Santa needs your help to rescue from there. So help the Santa to escape from there. Use your mind to escape Santa from there and deliver the gift successfully to the kids. Merry Christmas! Good luck and have fun!

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Game loading!

in S8 click on left door to get in S5

Use light up match (found in S8) on square on house in S6= number clue

number from square in S6 is used in S10 brown circles= key

Arrows in S1 is used in S3 flowers

bird on santa's hand in S2 and iron ball is also in S2

can't grab other ball

Hi people : ) Game loading ...

POP Grid in S4 is clue for 2 number in S8

Game not loading. This hasn't happened in a while. Annoying.

Iron BALL is used on box in S5= key

use the string of numbers in equation on front of house to plug into the 12 pink dots in scene 6.
pay no attention to the symbols.

Birds goes in s7 top right

i have a bird, 2 squirrels, 1 ball, a wire, and an arrow.
Totally stuck now.

thanks Cate

Daniel used the Iron ball on box in S5

Getting in via Games2Jolly site...

@Zuleika Smith,
Playing in Games2Jolly site?

For the grid count the rows and columns for green square= 2 number clue for S8

hello gika, you're welcome.:)

@daniel, use the arrow on "wheel" of colored dots in scene 10.

thanks. cate and gika.

missing 2 birds (already placed 2) I have 2 squirrels don't know where to place them

No problem Daniel

missing one candy cane

Wires go in S1 after orange ball placed

Hi AVM - yes got in via Games 2 Jolly site : )

I request you all to in AVM site

hello, bandy!

wondering if the 3 letters in scene 2 somehow apply to the animals in grid in scene 7?

Seem to have caught up, more or less. Need one more candy cane, orange ball, 2 more birds, arrow.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi Cate I see no relation to the animals But ??

anyone do anything with the second number clue paper?

Zuleika the arrow comes from using the phrase "a POSITIVE thing is A sweet poison". Use it on 2 brown buttons in s3= arrow

Hint for 2 button in S3 from signpost in S4

anyone do anything with the second number clue paper?

I think the other Iron ball in S8 (can't take it) would be used on the other box in s5. Wondering if it is a glitch

Colours from wheel in S10 used in S5. Us arrow colour as 'zero'.

Ty Gika - must have worked it out just as you were posting, lol : )

JACKPOT- paper clue on wheel with colors use it S5

Got 4 squirrels now. Where on earth do they go?

Lol Zuleika you were faster then me!

the "angry birds" goes in S5

Maybe squirrels go behind locked door in S1?

That GHR clue has me stumped ?

I think that Second Iron ball in S8 is a glitch.

No clue yet for card suits in S8

GHR could just be an obscure clue to something being in alphabetical order after the locked door. or showing that ItoS is missing ?...

Gika AVM are looking at this forum so I'm sure they would have responded if that iron ball was a glitch.

pink puzzle in s7....3 types of animal in each column...size/weight order? can't see pattern


I hope so!

Tried size on animals and alphabetical order, but since I don't know what some of them are can't really try that.

Will check back here later folks. Got to dash for a while : )

thought maybe the ghr applied to that animal grid, but mother knows.

I even tried what would be a predator but noo ?

I did not understand color on the wheel. There are 2 proteins. No paper.

Nafani the first color is 11, (Eleven) not one one that help?

Nafanja I did not understand your comment.
You place the arrow on the colour wheel.
When you get a paper with 5 numbers use them to select 5 colours for the colour puzzle.

Nafanja- Arrow is 0, counting clockwise 11 is Yellow

This comment has been removed by the author.

Colours go in scene 5 Nafanja, which is reached from scene 8.

Where paper with a 5-digit number?

Well, I must cook. BBL. Good luck.

Yes Nafanja the colors on wheel in scene with 74926 (Scene 10)
Place the arrow, and use the number from from the paper 11+5........ Arrow is 0, so count clockwise each number will be a color note the colors and use it in Scene 5. Need a spoiler?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ya I got nothing I will be back later.

11,6,3,8,2,9? Give a screenshot please)

Paper with the numbers for colors comes from pink buttons in Scene 6. Look at Cate comment @9:31



Colors for S5 spoiler


So the number 11,6,3,8,2,9 is used on pink buttons in S6.

The other paper clue 11+5+9+13 is used in S10 to get the colors

Understood) Thank you very much)

No body got any farther WOW!

has anyone figured out the numbers graph?

are you talking about the grid with a green square in S4?

If so, Count the rows and the columns to get the number for green square. (example: Number 12 -is on 1st row 2nd column)
Use the answer in S8 brown buttons

I haven't figured anything out yet. I even tried placing the squirrels on the trees LOL

thanks. and I'm getting the color wheel thing. someone has mentioned what the color was S5 but it did work.. so now I'm wondering what that order is.

Gika It must be a unplayable game with a W/T ( AVM Logic )

* without a W/T

I have clicked the squirrels everywhere with no luck yet. Stuck with 4 squirrels.

I still think that the Iron ball in S8 is suppose to be taken and be placed on the other box in S5. But I have reloaded the game and no luck. AVM should've said something already.

You would think but ??

does anyone know where the other two apples are?


scene 7 wild animals, domestic anim, predators

knife on ball scene 8, second ball on door scene 2

Thank you Snezana! I was thinking along those lines but was trying to link it to letters according to what they ate.

Finally finished the game) Thank you very much for the animals) .But it would be possible to give a hint to the author.

where are the rest of the wires for the purple and red circles and wheres the last candy cane? i could really use some help! please!!!!!

Thanks Snezana

Screen shot for solution for animal grid in S7

Got it thanks to Snezana tip, but have no clue where that came from

2nd Iron ball goes on door in S2

Yay a place for the squirrels.

The HSCD is for cards suits
Placing angry bids in S5 and birds in S7 gives 2 more wires.
After placing wires click on Red button when the panel is not flashing for the ball to move= final key

and out

I've tried doing this ridiculous thing with the orange button a hundred times. There's no hint for the animal order. Poor game.

I've tried doing this ridiculous thing with the orange button a hundred times. There's no hint for the animal order. Poor game.

if you are talking about the button on wire panel. My didn't worked at first either. I had to zoom out and zoom in on the panel again for it to work. If you click when its light up the ball will go back to the starting position.

I do not get the green square puzzle

where are these angry birds and where are the clues to color order and the grey buttons../


Count the rows and the columns to get the number for green square. (example: Number 12 -is on 1st row 2nd column)
Use the answer in S8 brown buttons

Oliveya use the numbers 11,6,3,8,2,9 is used on pink buttons in S6.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

**Walkthrough with Spoilers**

Click on grid in S4
Count the rows and the columns to get the number for green square. ( green square -is on 5th row 4th column)
Use the answer in S8 brown buttons= green wire and squirrel

Take light up match in S8
Click on left door S8
Click on left pathway in S5
Click on window in S6- use the light up match- number
Use the number in S10 tree= key and candy cane
Use key in S4
Click on sign in S4
Use the sign as clue for 2 buttons in S3 (+A)= Arrow and apple

click on left side background in S3
S2 -Iron ball top left and Bird on Santa
Use arrows from S1 top right tree on flowers in S3= squirrel and candy cane
Place Iron ball on box in S5= key
Use key in S10
For pink buttons in S7 use (Wild, Domestic, Predator)= candy cane and angry bird (from game)
use the numbers 11,6,3,8,2,9 is used on pink buttons in S6= bird and paper clue
Use Arrow on colored wheel in S10=red button
USe paper clue 11+5+9+4+13 on colored wheel in S10 (Arrow is 0, so count clockwise each number will be a color note the colors)= YGCBP
Use colors in S5=apple and Santa
Place Santa in S3= apple and squirrel
Place apple in S6= angry bird and squirrel
Place Candy Canes in S4= knife
USe knife on iron ball in S8
Use Iron Ball on door in S2
Place squirrels in S9= key
Use key in S1= paper and angry bird
Paper clue HCSD is used for cards suits in s8= angry bird and bird
Place angry birds in S5= bird and blue wire
Place birds in S7 above grid=red wire
Place red button on panel
Click on purple button
Place wire on panel in S1 (zoom out and zoom back in, click on red button when the lights comes off for the ball to move)=key
Key is used in S9

Thanks... this really helps a lot...

Came back to see if anyone had managed to finish this. Thanks Snezana for the breakthrough! The GHR clue was never used for anything else, so it must have been for those animals: Grass-eaters .....? Very poor clue if so.

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