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The Adventures of Nick and Willikins Walkthrough

The Adventures of Nick and Willikins

[MOBILE] [DOWNLOAD] The Adventures of Nick and Willikins is another premium quality point & click adventure type escape game developed by Ron «AAlgar» Watt and Matt Rowbotham from AAlgarProductions for PinheadGames and hosted on Itch.io. This game is a humorous look at the very British relationship of Master and Manservant as told through the lens of clueless non-British writers. Also, there's a dead body involved. Did the Butler do it? It's up to you to find out! Oh, and you're the butler, that should be probably mentioned. Talk to the attendees, make phone calls, find, combine and use items in order to proceed. There are no classical puzzles to solve. Good luck and have fun! ☺
[Submitted by noel]

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       Anonymous  9/15/18, 10:23 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

as the safety of our players’ devices is important to us, we only provide safe downloads, tested on a computer with very high security settings!

thx for creating this game, Ron & Matt ☺
& thx noel for submitting

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 10:28 AM  

(cit. noel)

«It seems to be a long, sprawling game, with lots of scenes.
Tell the players to not get discouraged or bored at the start, the murder only happens during the butler's second attempt at making breakfast.
Also, if they want to move scenes quickly, they don't need to open every dialog, but only the ones that show the hand. The hand indicates action or something they can pick up.
If you picked up something without observing, you can still observe it in your inventory.»

       Anonymous  9/16/18, 12:53 AM  

found a written WT
thx Ayuri ☺


Since there is no hint system in the Adventures of Nick & Willikins, I decided to create this guide to help people who don't know what do to next and are stuck. To keep it simple, I will only mention what's essential for the game progression; however, I would recommend to explore and interact with everything to take full advantage of the game.

Under the Bed

Click under the bed and examine it
Click on the Phone Charger and pick it up

Feed Nick

Click bottom left on your inventory to open it
There's a Pizza Hamburger ! Use it on Nick to give it to him. Of course, he doesn't want it
Go right to the Bathroom
Open your inventory, select the Pizza Hamburger and click on the Loo. Bye bye food
Go left, back to the Bedroom
On the left, leave for the Ballroom, then right to the Dining Room
Keep going until you see the entrance to the Kitchen at the bottom left
Once you're in the Kitchen, check the Toast on the sink and pick it up
Look at the Fridge and take the Magnet on it
Open the Fridge and take the Sausages
In the inventory, combine the Toast with the Sausages
Back to the Dining Room, head toward the Bedroom
Use the Sausages on Toast in the inventory and give it to Nick
Back to the Bathroom to wate some more food
Use the Sausages on Toast on the Loo
Back to the Bedroom, then to the Kitchen to prepare another meal... or not. What's that noise ?!


Go upstairs to the Dining Room, then to the Ballroom
Go to the Entrance Hall. Good Lord !
Back to the Bedroom, enter the door next to the clock
Once in the Dressing Room, take the Phone Charger in your inventory and use it on the Mobile Phone
Click on the Mobile Phone and use it to call 999
Clever Ruse will give you a Colouring Book to exonerate your Master. You'll just have to find : the motive, the weapon, the witness and the proof of sanity

The Motive

Head downstairs to the Kitchen
Open the Rubbish Bin to retrieve the Rubber Gloves
Go to the Entrance Hall and put the Rubber Gloves on to examine the Dead Body
Click on the Wallet and pick it up. You now have the emergency phone number
Go back to the Dressing Room upstairs and use the Mobile Phone to dial the number you just found

Motive Found

       Anonymous  9/16/18, 12:54 AM  

(cit. Ayuri)

The Witness

Go to the Entrance Hall and exit the house
Click on the White Note and the Black Note on the door
Go to the Garden
Have a look at the Post Box and the Post Code Label
Enter the house until you're in the Entrance Hall and then go left
Talk to Great Aunt Petunia
Go to the Dining Room and examine the Portrait of Lady Beatrice
Back to the Dressing Room, use the Mobile Phone and call the Activist ; he isn't the witness you're looking for
Now call Stuff Bringers
When she asks about the QR code, select the owl
Willikins will automatically give the address
Select the first two portraits to answer the direct ancestors question

The Adventures of Nick and Willikins - Walkthrough

Witness Found

The Weapon

Go back to the Bedroom and look under the Bed. Talk to Nick, exhaust the dialogue and ask him to let you have a look under the bed
Go to the Drawing Room and pick the 8 Ball up
Go to the Kitchen and use the Curtain under the sink. Take the Rat Poison
Go left to the Pantry and take the Fish next to the entrance
Back to the Kitchen, go downstairs to the Wine Cellar
Take the Rope on the ground and the Sticky Note ("No") on the bottle
In the inventory, combine the Sticky Note and the 8 Ball
Go outside and have a look at the Green Gnome
Continue the Path to Garden and take the Sickle on the ground next to the Shed
Back to the Mansion, go to the Bedroom and give the "Magic" 8 Ball to Nick
Look under the Bed and notice the Garden Gnome
Open the inventory to use the Rubber Gloves on the Garden Gnome. Not suspicious at all...
Head back to the Kitchen, then to the Wine Cellar
Have a look at the Flooded Basement : the Garden Gnome is out of reach
In the inventory, combine the Sickle and the Rope
Use the Rope and Hook on the Garden Gnome, or at least try
In the inventory, combine the Rat Poison and the Haddock together
Throw the Poisoned Fish in the Flooded Basement. RIP
Now you can retrieve the Garden Gnome easily

Weapon Found

The Proof of Sanity

Go back to the Bedroom and enter the Bathroom
There's some Medication you can pick up
Go to the Dressing Room and use the Mobile Phone to call Dr. Gesund
Go downstairs to the Drawing Room and talk to Petunia about the proof of sanity [Friendly]. You'll need a Decoder Ring
Turn on the TV and have a look at it
Go to the Garden, take the Plans on the door and examine them
Talk to the Hedges to call for the Groundskeeper and ask her about the Maze
To the Dressing Room we go
Open the Sewing Bench and pick up the Fabric Pencil
In the inventory use the Fabric Pencil on the Blueprints and give it to Nick to make him sign it
Go back to the Garden, call for the Groundskeeper and ask about the Maze again
Go through the New Maze Path
Use the Plug and then the Controls twice to turn the American Flag Led on
Exit the Maze and go to the Drawing Room
Watch the TV to get a new phone number
Go upstairs to the Dressing Room and call Sarcastic Voyage
Exit the house and check the Letter in the Letter Box in the Garden
In the inventory combine the Decoder Ring with the Note
Go to the Drawing Room and open the book "The Lion, the Witch and the Very Big Fish"

The Adventures of Nick and Willikins - Walkthrough

Pick up the Paper that fell on the ground

Proof of Sanity Found

Solving the Crime

Go upstairs and call Clever Ruse now that you've gathered the evidence
Follow Clever Ruse in the Gallery
Continue to the right and use the door to spy on him
Go to the Bedroom and talk to Nick again ; he tells you that he's in the Kitchen, so go meet him there
You'll have to justify your actions three times in a row, but the only answer he accepts every time is that you are a rubbish butler
Time to discover the truth...

The game is from the makers of the Nick Bounty games, like The Goat in The Grey Fedora. Word is that Nick Bounty 3 is almost near release.

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