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SMALL TOOL Riddle in Blue

Riddle in Blue - is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. Riddle in Blue is another successor of the all record breaking riddle games Tool Torture Threesome and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!

Please try to leave subtle hints and not give outright answers...but of course when in need, help each other out the best you can!

If you find any broken link about this game, please report and let us know by contacting us. We will add working link if there is any alternative. You may also report any game bugs or problems about games directly to developers from their websites.
Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


KISS, KISS, KISS, Patty. No googling.

Too stupid to know how. Don't even know if I need a sentence about the text, just a word, Really, clueless. I know sometimes we've had to restate the text in simple terms and then use FTF, but . . . ?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Yes, you may want to delete that! Thank you, so much!
Probably won't be back until Friday. Will give H a look to finish time today.

See you later Patty.

I'm slowly working my way through the levels and made it to 23. When I went back to work on it today the level comes up as Error 404. I went back to try other levels and anything over level 15 shows the same error. Is there an issue with the website?

Everything works ok here, so maybe a (temp) problem in your area or with your browser.
But, did you bookmark the levels or did you only write down the answers. If only saved your answers and now trying them again, then it won't work on the url the game starts with.
In other words the basic folder of the first 15 levels is another folder as the next levels.
It changes about every 15 levels.
So, if that's the case then at least bookmark the intermissions pages, so you can click there to get the new url folder.

Thank you, s-t. I didn't realize the intermissions changed the url. I'll go back and see where I missed the address change.

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This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Sorry for all the deleted posts. As soon as I'd ask a question, I would figure it out! Finished KYD4 today!! I figure I'll still be working on KYD5 while we are still quarantined. Thanks, so much S-T for allowing us to play here! It has been fun.

Well done Patty! I figured that was was happening and I regarded those deletions as signs of your victories :)

Lol, it seems you had a lot of POP moments. Those little aha moments are the best :)

Congrats, very well done :)

Congrats patty!

KYD3 14 I know that each celebrity's first name is a p**ce n**e, but I don't know what they have in common.
Could you give me a hint?

Jan, do you have any eggs? You should find two from the level page. The one you get from the p***e n***s will give you a hint.

jan FTF those common things should give you an egg

Thank you minkie, keeper.
I only have rotten eggs from my last name.
First of all, I think the way to get EGG is "common".
This p*ace n*me, the n*me of the country, the n*me of the capital, etc., but are different😫
Give me a little more tips for EGG.

Jan For now you just need to do ftf on the p***e n***s you have found, then go to granny.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Jan, when you see the above comment, please reply, then I will delete it. I forgot to use asterisks.

minkie thanks.
Sorry. Picking up the second person from the left from 'm***le n**e' doesn't make grandma smile.
Because the actress of the black and white photograph and the real name are "M***le n**e", it is replaced, too.

Jan, you don't need m***le n**es. Just f***t or l**t.

Thank you minkie😆
I switched ideas and got fresh eggs.
Let's think about what the egg is saying.

This comment has been removed by the author.

KYD5 5: Have been trying to do the math, but not getting it. Converting answer after X and / = nothing I can make sense of.
Need some tutoring.

Not sure quite what you mean Patty, but the only X I can see is an X, not multiplication.

I don't know why I read the X as times!
"But" now I'm stuck at the pun.

One of my favourite English words this Patty. Math used to be connected with harvesting fields. And when the harvest was done, you were a**** the math.

Thanks, Minkie! I don't think I'd have come up with that.

Yay, yay, yay, another finisher \0/ \0/
Iff finished the 50 levels and the 10 bonus and is now in the
Hall of Fame and the Ballroom of Bigshots
CONGRATS, very, very well done :)

Iff Congrats.well done😄

KYD3 16
From minkie's previous comments, I'm looking all over the toolshed of ST,
I can only find "p*g p*n".
Am I also mistaken?

KYD3 16. Jan, a little further up in the toolshed you'll find a p** product.

minkie,KYD3 16
Is it "P*g Latin translator" of "red luth"?
I'm confused.

jan, it's something made of pig (e.g. ham, sausage, etc.)

KYD5 8: Have the 2 easy rotten eggs, but don't know how to go further. If I include letters from the non-"level up" U---, it's too many. (I've tried.) And can't even fathom the eggs as well. Thinking it might be a trick of the trade, but I'm not in that trade. And stuck.

Patty: none of the letters you are looking for could come after P in the alphabet.

I don't understand how to arrive at that hint? And not getting anything from my letters.

Patty I was hinting that you need to use the 16 letter u***. Pick and count.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Just saw that after I posted, ergo, the delete. Thanks!

This comment has been removed by the author.

KYD5 10; 1st egg--been staring at it long enough. Where to next?

NM, just got there.

KYD5 13: At what am I looking?

Patty you are looking at symbols which you can enter as you type if you use an alternative key.

KYD5 14: All I have is a rotten egg. Appears to be related to typewriter keys, but have tried keystrokes of neighboring keys and not getting anything. Also cannot find a word from any 6 keys as pictured. Or taking keystrokes similar to the dialogue shown.

patty a little bit of imagination may be needed, but you will feel it when you are on the right track

Oh I just managed to solve this level in a more reasonable way (thanks patty for bringing me back to this level!), if you look up instead of look down you don't need any imagination

Keeper, no imagination here and other than url see nothing looking up. Going to need a little yabba dabba doo inspiration.

Patty, imagine your fingers being what it says in the url.

Aah! Thank you! I'll see where that goes.

patty, I should have said look middle, the pic + their conversation is all you need. Do you feel that the pic looks like something you have used many times in s-t's riddles?

Keeper, sorry I didn't reply but I got it right away from your mentioning of fingers. Now working on KYD5 16. Have found 3 eggs, 2 sets of math (that don't add up). Think I must be missing an egg.

Patty, you can use those two sets to do some math and get an egg. You need to do some translation on one of the sets first. And there are other eggs to find from the level.

Didn't read your comment carefully enough, Patty. You are only looking for one more egg from the level.

KYD5 16: Still trying to translate the first set of math (1+1). Tried a number of things, but nothing works with the 2nd math set.
Also my 3rd egg "G", what to do with it? I found a slide of it in a presentation, but the name of presenter doesn't work.

You are trying to translate the correct egg Patty. Do you remember what LTONTOL meant in an earlier riddle? Your g egg will make sense when you have the other egg. This time I'm not telling you to use 16 letter URLs.

KYD5 16: I know what LtoNtoL's means, and I've tried it on the egg Url, the levels urls (not the 16 letter ones). 1st letters, sequence letters, but failing. And doesn't the 6th math equation eliminate it??

Patty. a) Your first suggestion is close. You've got two eggs, remember.
b) Look more carefully at those long URLs. Not all 16 this time.

I'll keep working. Probably won't get back to it until tomorrow. Thanks.

I don't know what to do.
Please give me a hint.

jan, the url is a hint and you need to do some maths

KYD5 16: Yes, still here. Have 4 eggs now C, C, C, & G. Do not know what to combine with G (I assume) to get another egg or step. Granny's not helping. Using math nos. on URLs isn't working. Tried lengths of URLs to letters = 0. If I need to use the pic for the last C egg from the math, I've tried several words for what I see. But sorry to say I need another hint or I'll be stuck all day.

You probably made a mistake counting the url lengths, because that's the way to go to find the egg to combine with your G egg.

Thanks, I'll count yet again. Maybe use toes this time!

KYD5 16: Wow! S-T, didn't know where that was headed, but made it thru. Wasn't counting error, but my "C" scratch-writing that was the problem!

I've realised that I never did KYD3 20 properly. I used hints on Nordinho to get the egg c**** and worked backwards to the egg w*****. But that last egg doesn't seem to relate to the emojis however many possible names for them I try. The official names of the emojis don't help and anyway the bandana one isn't an emoji at all as far as I can make out. What am I missing?

Yay, very well done, Patty.
Didn't know the writing expression, but funny though, in my language it's the rooster writing like that :)

Minkie, The bandana one is a kind of Emoji, it's the just the country.
From left to right (like how you read) it's no anagram.
The first 3 are quite normal ones, the 6th one normal as well, but sometimes, like here that one is without the Stick Out part.

Thanks ST. I'll try again.

My last loose end tied up now I think, so thanks ST.

KYD5 18: I'm going to need a little something. Have rotten egg from FTF. Tried a variety of things, but not getting anywhere--sinking fast.

Thank you for KYD3 18 hint😄

Patty, KYD5 18. It's a bit like "theurls"

KYD5 18: OK, throw me a life preserver, I'm starting to drown. Am I looking for only US or does the test title indicate no. of letters and position? If the latter, where do I pick from--tried the text, but didn't work. Position of USs in text doesn't help. URLs too many choices; which ones?

You've said exactly what you need to do Patty with the *text title on the text. It should work. Start again with each line of text.

KYD5 21: What have I missed??

Hi Patty, I was feeling half guilty that I might have left you to sink!
You've missed something very literal. The devious ST has used this sort of trick before ;)

I've been looking for that, but haven't found it yet. Tried rephrasing answer as a guess to no avail. And thank you for being there!!

KYD5 22: Have eggs 0-5, but trying to sequence them (w/o 0) or FTF hasn't given me anything good.

KYD5 22 Patty, 1-5 may not look good, but have you actually tried it?

Of course not, once again new vocab! Thanks, about it for today.

You are as regular as clockwork Patty :) Off to your barn, I guess.

KYD5 23: I have 4 eggs with the 4 sets of numbers +/-.
I've tried them by themselves, also with letters from egg 1, as that seems to be a starting point. But nothing so far. Tried other things that haven't led anywhere. Am I missing another set of numbers?

Minkie, just read your note from yesterday. Yes, regularity is key to keeping animals healthy! They run the show and have ME well trained!

You can use your 4 eggs to get two further eggs Patty. You should have got one from your numbers. For the other: there's a reason the eggs are numbered.

Same here, Patty, in a minor way.

Ugh, simple math error that I kept making the couple times I double checked! Now have part 2.

Made it to lvl 25! Looks like I'll be here a while longer! LOL!

Don't worry, you'll sail through most of these Patty.

KYD5 25.13: Well, I think I'm supposed to be in Notting Hill, London, but doesn't seem to be anything I've entered thus far. Am I way off base??

Patty, you need to be more specific, like a building.

I had just used the name with theater instead of its correct last name! So close.

KYD5 25.22: I've been looking down for quite a while, but not getting anywhere. Position on keyboard didn't reveal possible semaphores, drawing them out didn't give anything readable. Am I headed down the wrong hole?

NM, Think I'm onto something.

Patty, it looks like you are making some good progress
Can't wait to see you down here when I wake up tomorrow morning :)

Thanks, Keeper, looks like we're all headed there in a hand-basket!

Just an update. . . I finished and yes, I am the answer to 25.25!
Thanks to S-T for creating a very challenging series in KYD. Special thanks to Minkie and Keeper for helping me through this "Journey". See you on the next go round, hopefully!

Very well done Patty! And yes, I hope so.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

PS Jan: I know you are making quiet progress,so I will check back here from time to time to see if you need help.

Well done patty!

Yay congrats \0/ \0/
Very well done, Patty :)

Btw, about '...See you on the next go round, hopefully!...' just this week I finished beta-testing a great riddle. I hope the maker will post it soon :)

Me myself I'm working a new one, but it's not going fast (hard to come up with original ideas, made so many already). Anyway, 17 levels ready so far and here's a picture (only the picture, so no use in trying to solve it without the essential info) of one of the levels:

The Return of the Nightmare Pyramid :P

You've got to be kidding!! I still have nightmares of the TTT pyramids.

Please tell me this is just a joke!!

The stuff of my nightmares, that pyramid, ST! Looking forward to see what fresh ideas your ingenious brain can come up with :)

Looking forward to playing the riddle that you beta-tested ST. Yayy.

p.s Also trying to find a spare sarcophagus in an empty pyramid, so I know I am safely tucked in and need ever find my way out.

ST Do you know where your friend's riddle will be hosted? I hope here, or somewhere easily accessible, cos I still don't seem to have rights to post on Nordinho.

KYD2-21 BA egg 
I've read past comment tips,
I haven't found a "hidden little hint" in BA egg.
Could you give me a hint?

KYD 2--21: Hi, Jan, not sure what you mean by BA egg, but if it is the bucket egg--the emblem on it stands for a large group. Google the emblem and you'll find it. (I thought it stood for a compass--not.)

Jan, ok found BA egg. See the word on the pic. Use the large group and that word to get where you want to go.

Hi! Patty,
Thank you very much. KYD2-21 BAegg correct.😄

KYD2 25
I've checked nine eggs and a tenth egg, but i don't get anything to put the letters together using the numbers of each egg.
I think it's probably because I don't know the meaning of the text sentence of the tenth egg.
Can someone give you some advice?

KYD2 25: Jan, the numbers on the tic tac toe board tells you what letter to pick from each of the text words that go with the picture on the tic tac toe board. That should lead you to the answer. That's what I recall, but I'll go back and check for sure. Good luck!

Hi Jan, I've just been checking too. I think the reason you are finding this difficult is that the answer is two words, so you won't find it in some anagram solvers. It does show up in angram-solver.net.

Patty, minkie, thank you so much! I was able to clear it😂
I always tried that solver but not this time.
At the same time solving KYD3 24. Also, I may ask for help.
At that time, I would appreciate your favor😊

YAY Jan, well done, and that's a huge jump to kyd3 24. Ask if you need help.

I tried text with "R*t c*ph**", but I get nothing.
Please give me a hint.

KYD3 E. It's a cryptogram Jan, which will be difficult for you given the language barrier. There's a solver on this site:
Cryptogram Helper - Hanging Hyena. To get started, I would suggest putting in the second word and looking for a likely word from the possible solutions.

For KYD3 E, actually I got the answer directly without solving the text, and went back to solve the text for completeness (and fun) only

Thank you Minkie!😄
Red Luth had the tool, so i was able to get it right.
BonusG is over and i'm thinking about what to do with c's rotten eggs at the place of "congrats".
Also, please comment when you have time.

Well, KYD3 D, I was able to answer correctly by chance.
I'd be happy if you could tell me why you can lead that answer.

Hi Jan (if I understand you correctly) there's one rotten egg at C which adds one letter. You can make 3 words from your letters. 2-3-3.

On KYD3 D, I think it's because he has a very short nickname most of which is missing.

Yes KYD3 D is about the missing letters.
I'm (here's 1 letter missing)
'cause (here are 2 letters missing).

About the riddle I beta-tested,
It's gonna be posted asap (was even planned for today), but it's still very hard to contact EG24 :(
But, we will find a way for sure :)

I think this lockdown is reducing my powers of attention by the day - I'd forgotten about the "I'm".
Good news about that riddle ST :)

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

I am so stuck on level 45! I read all of the previous comments and know I'm missing something obvious. I have all 10 eggs but can't figure out how to find the rotten eggs. For the first trip I get 19 hours. Is that correct and what do I do with that? I tried converting and using granny with everything I could see on the boarding pass but no luck. Help!

JB Blue riddle 45. You can get a rotten egg without using granny, but it is three words.

For the real answer, 19 is not right. You need to adjust for where the two places are to get the real flight time.

Thank you Minkie. Do I need the rotten egg to move on? I get 20 for the real answer on the first trip but have no idea what to do with that number.

JB. No you don't need the rotten egg to move on. I can't find my notes on this, and can't work through it again just now, but 20 is certainly correct for one of the trips (I think the first). You need ten of them. If you are still stuck tomorrow, I'll redo the level.

Hi guys :)
Tomorrow around 2 pm GMT Dutchie her riddle will be posted. So do check the EG24 homepage around that time, it will be fun :)

Minkie - I think I finally understand the answer. It will take a bit of time to work through all 10 then visit granny.Please let me know if this is incorrect and thank you for your help.

JB I've just been going through this level again. I got in a bit of a mess at first because I didn't take account of the month the flights were in (not all the countries change clocks for daylight saving). No need to visit granny for the right answer.

Yes! I finally solved 45. Thank you again for your help, Minkie. I think I'll come back to this riddle after I try my hand at Dutchies's new one.

Well done JB :) Come and get stuck with the rest of us in Dutchie's puzzle.

KYD4 25
Part two egg confirmed. How do I check Part one egg?

KYD5 25 sub19
I think "R****E" is the key word, but I don't know how to use it.
If it is wrong idea, please give me a good hint.

KYD4 25 - look carefully at the bell.

KYD5 25.19 - pay attention to who sent you this email.

Thank you keeper!
KYD5 25 sub19 correct answer. This level was scales from the eyes.
KYD4 25 has not been solved yet.
Flashing confirmed. However, I searched for it and left it in granmama, but I got nothing.
Please give me a little more advice.

Sorry. Let me ask you another level.
KYD5 25 sub22
I read "Keeper's comment 5/8/20, 8:34 AM", but it's too abstract for me to understand.
Could you give us some hints?
Is this "s***p***e" of "k**b***d"?

KYD4 25 Now you should have all you need - year, month, (date). You can find the answers from wiki and there is confirmation egg for each of them.

KYD5 25.22 Not sure what you mean by s********, anyway it's about the k*******

keeper Thank you for the hint.
KYD4 25 I got the correct answer. Bonus level will be challenged a little later.

Is there a confirmed egg for KYD5 25-sub24?
I can't find any eggs.
There seems to be a list of "wikipage about Ph....'s." in the dutchie comment,
Can you tell me what Ph....'s is?


ST Thank you. I was able to correct it immediately.
Well, KYD5 25sub25,
From the bold sentence, I thought that it was a word related to "graduation" from the place where I said this saying, but it seems to be different.
I read a lot about the wiki of the drama he appeared in, but nothing comes to mind.
Can someone give me a good tip?

No Google.
The journey is the level 25 sub-riddle.
Maybe check all your sub-riddle answers :)

Thank you, ST.
Also, I forgot the basics.
Take a break and move on to the kyd4-bonus level.

Had a good run... made it to level 42 but need a push...I found the band. found their album from the number on the level, even took their song from that album based on that number. none of this gave me any progress. Help?

Fosterhewitt, if you have the right album, the number given should lead to the right answer.

Hey Dutchie... good to hear from you again... am I looking for a word or a track?... nothing on the wiki page is helping. I know this is something simple. the track is giving me amphibians???

You are looking for a track. Level text info is: band, album, song.

as you know, I get bogged down on the simplist of issues. sooo frustrating... I have the used the number for their album (ʇno ʞɔıʇs). have tried all the tracks to no joy. even went through ALL their albums and used the numbered track. still no joy. Tried the english name, even the japanese language name. still nothing. What am i missing?

I think I know where you went wrong. Forget the pic (blue hearts) just focus on the text.

OMG...that did it... way over thinking this level...Thanks Dutchie

Yay! Your welcome, btw, great you are playing this masterpiece :)

Need a push to get started on 47. I know it has to be something in the shading but I don't see anything. nobody else seemed to have had a problem at this level so I am missing something very obvious.

It is indeed something in the shading. In fact it is the shadings themselves. They make/are shapes of letters. 6 of them, no anagram.

In the words of the great poet Homer.... D'OH! Thanks Small tool. Great riddle!

This comment has been removed by the author.

hitting brain cramps on 50.. great level. could be its own riddle.
1 found one rotten egg and 5 paths from the level start. followed all the paths to their puzzle conclusion.
1. With the food path cannot find the drink needed to complete the meal. (there is a reference to an alcohol but that is getting me nowhere.
2. using the time from the food path gave me a colourful fish but I can't tell if that is what it truly is or something I am missing (previous hints spoke of that stream?)
c. is there a 6th path? I seem to be missing puzzle pieces.

Check your answers on the food path and you will get your drink :)
Fishy is just a fishy.
No 6th path. You will get your missing pieces when finishing the food.

thanks s-t.. I did go back and find 3 rotten eggs from the level page.
but Still dying of thirst though. Have FTF the answers along the food path. tried several types of "ɯnɹ" drinks. no joy.

FTF indeed, no anagram if you go from last to first.

I feel stupid. I did look at it in reverse but counted ice cream twice. (insert sound of me banging my head on my desk) :) thanks

Cheers :)

But better stop banging, you need your head longer than today, a lot longer.

I still think I need puzzle pieces??? I have done the one at the end of the food path, combined 3 others with the new puzzle pieces to complete a 2nd. {telling me Imm not done). the 5th path puzzle (the shortest) is missing many pieces.

I have 3 rotten eggs, and one confirmation egg B^^^^. Have gone through the hints and know what I need but do not know what my next step should be.

in looking at the hints there are several references to "red herring" I did find one but is there another one I missed?

Not sure, but it looks like you found the end of every path.
All 5 paths end with jigsaw pieces. The food path at first with fake pieces (telling you to find a drink), but then the real pieces on that path.
The real jigsaw is telling you Well done, but not done yet (or something like that).

So it looks like it's time to put your thinking cap on and try to find out how to get more confirmation eggs with all the level 50 info you have.

Yay, Fosterhewitt finished too \0/ \0/

CONGRATS :) Very, very well done!!!
You're now in the
Hall of Fame

Wishing you good luck and lots of fun with finding and playing the bonus levels :)

need a nudge on bonus 6. Solved the N-------, and I know that I need 14 letters but clearly only see 12 groups in the solution. Is there a division I missed?

Congrats Fosterhewitt,
For bonus 6, you need a 12 letter answer, counting will do the trick.

thanks Dutchie... I had that from the start but first miscounted one group and then misspelled the letter. went to the hints and got a confusing one about 14? Thanks again.

This comment has been removed by the author.

KYD4 levelA :I have Egg e******d.
I've searched along with the text in this pic, but I get nothing.
Please give me a hint.

Hi Jan :)
"Born as" means (in this context); what was his original name?
When it started they firstgave him another name.

Yay, a new arrival at the ball :)
Fosterhewitt solved all bonus levels \0/ \0/
and is now in the
Ballroom of Bigshots

very well done :)

Is anyone still hanging around this threads? I need a hand on bonus 7. Noticed the b**d s***n in the title. I read all the hints above but still don't know what to count and pick from the grid.

Use that hint in the title. It tells you which letters to pick. Start counting from the top left and keep counting on as you go (like how you read, from left to right and goingdown a row every time when done).
It will tell you what to do to pick the real letters, no anagram and even an egg to tell you, you're right.

Thanks s-t, I had tried that before. Can't believe how I missed the words.

Can you give us some hints about KYD4 Bonus J?
It may not be a difficult problem because I have no questions in the past.

Hi Jan :)

The trick is to put a word in between a word pair that can go with the left word and with the right word.
Like in the first pair the word is 'ever' because however and evergeen are both real words.

Mr. s-t, it's been a while.
Thank you.
I have advanced to the next level.

11-11 my new riddle will be launched :)
111 levels + 11 bonus levels.
Hope you all come and play :)

Totally stuck on KYD1 24. Have 2 rotten eggs and 3 (identical) eggs. Comments didn't help with the sentence "There you .....".

The identical eggs are literally telling you what the (5 words long!) answer is.

Thank you s-t. But i don't get it. Maybe a language barrier?

On that egg (those eggs) it says:
...sometimes it is not etc.
So it tells you literally the answer.
So the answer is actually given. It's the 5 last words on that egg.

Thank you so much for your help! I've been thinking about this sentence for days. And i tried lots of number combinations and combinations of five words. Now I understand "literally". You rescued me.
And thank you for your riddles. I enjoy them very much. I am new at riddles but have solved with help from the comments riddle-in-blue and the bonus levels. Really challenging.

Congrats :)

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