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Sagrario's Room Escape


[REPLAY] Sagrario's Room Escape is another point and click type room escape game. You are trapped in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Sagrario's Room Walkthrough



Yay new game. Thanks so much for all the wonderfull games you guys post :)

we have tp register:( oh well i am going to register

stuck , don't know what can do with "cube" and "light? the black box under the ground"

I can't do anything.
All I see is a briefcase and I can't click a thing

Yay, live game. Morning guys!

a key behind the case

Two little batteries, test tube with paper, piece of paper w/ a clue, and a key...

I didn't have to register. Weird.

theres akey behind the briefcase

Going to try another browser

a silver knob and a bullet

I think your knob is my battery and bullet is the test tube?

Ooh a gold bar!

you need to press the right button down for 10 secs

Live Game...!!!! Great!!!
Now if only it would load fast enough.

Ok, here we go. Little key goes in the side of the picture where one of the batteries was.

You are right, Diana
found the key for the briefcase, it fits, but i can't open

Key for briefcase is the black one. Not the silver one.

I keep clicking the wrong things the way the inventory is set up.

Click the latches on the briefcase after you unlock it.

Now the briefcase is open

Match cube colors to the numbers on a dice.

Used the gold bar on the loose board

Need full battery power on flashlight to see under board.

Corkscrew on test tube to open.

Sorry, guys. Breakfast time. Good luck!

im confused on how to match up the numbers with the colors on the cube! and where did you get a gold bar?

can't find gold bar or the piece of paper with the clue and can't figure out the code from the cube. I am not good at these games although I really enjoy them :(

Gold Bar was behind the picture after u use the white key on the side

Cut the string at the loose tile with a knife, remove the gold bar. Sorry for my english

No idea how to match the colours on the cube with the safe either

And it's not a flashlight, it's a laser with a safe code.
Can't figure out the cube thing either.

what string? sorry i am squinting and I can't see anything. what loose tile, I know about the loose plank in the floor

Removed the switch and found another battery.

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 12:34 AM  

third battery is on ledge of wall when looking at chair from the right side

Jellybaby001 - loose plank, yes. Put the golden brick at the end. Than take knife and cut that silver thing in the front end. Remove gold, remove plank.

You will find the gold bar inside the picture which will also reveal a safe.
Put the gold bar on the loose plank and you will see the string.
Cut it and take out the plank to find flashlight.

Cant seem to use the code on the safe...

I have all sorts of codes and hints and still SOOOOO stuck

Deepti, follow the directions R L. Move the safe lock at the numbers you've seen with a laser thing.

I don't get a gold bar behind the picture. I only got a key and a safe. Did I miss a step? was I supposed get the bar before moving the picture? I got my laser in the case

Just opened the test tube

got the safe open and got a tyre wrench and a "radio" but still no gold bar

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 12:46 AM  

got radio open and got note and clue and metal ring thing

make that a socket wrench and a "tape device"

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 12:48 AM  

hold button down 10 seconds to get gold bar!! stuck with codes

good afternoon!!gonna catch up:)

twinklestinkle15 how did you manage to open the radio?

I'm sooo sorry... the gold bar is not behind the picture.. its behind the opening on the right side of the wall... where you ahve to press the button for 10 secs..

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 12:51 AM  

move the far right lever on the radio one space at a time and after each space push the play button, it will make a series of weird noises. When you have the lever at the right space the first noise will sound different, then just do the same for the rest of the levers and push the eject button

Thank you fandango I finally got it. Duh I feel so blond!!! LOL

Jellybaby, same here, i am looking for a gold bar:((

twinklestinkle15 thank you, figured it out a minute ago.
But still can't get the round thing. I wonder, if I can take something from the radio besides the code paper.

How did you get the safe open. Just came seem to be able to turn it the right way.

where is key to get briefcase open???

gabi on the wall where you see the 2 panels... click on the one on the right then when it is in zoom view click and hold the button in. the panel will open after about 10 seconds

Never mind. got it

briefcase key is behind the picture of the man

I can't find any buttom to press near the safe, i believe i give up

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 12:59 AM  

wheres all the batteries i only have 2?

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 12:59 AM  

can't figure out radio? help

Gabi it is not near the safe. If you look at the one wall you can see 2 panels. click on the one on the right and you will see the button

thnx jellybaby!!i swear i had clicked all over the picture before

One battery - Near Chair,
One - side of Picture
One - inside socket

Cant figure out safe...
Need help people.

Also no idea on how to use the colours on the cube with the panel..

julie one next to chair, on on side of picture of man and one .... mmm can't seem to remember the other one, maybe in the briefcase

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 1:02 AM  

varvara have you gotten any farther?

The safe is driving me insane. I can't seem to dial the combo.

Notty is is a pleasure glad I could help for a change :)

Deepti when you look at the safe click slowly on the right hand side of the dial until 51 is ontop under the arrow, then carefully and slowly click on the left of the dial to go to the next number. It takes a bit of patience but it works that way the best

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 1:04 AM  

deepti how do u get it out the socket?? i keep clicking but nothing

i am to stupid, which wall please?

Ok guys has anyone else figured out how to use the cube to "decode" the one safe?

Oooh and don't forget to remove the bolts from the chair

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 1:06 AM  

please help with radio i'm so dumb?

I am a idiot, i have it, thanks

Julie, you have to use the penknife on it... first as a knife.. then as another instrument to remove the screws..

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 1:09 AM  

fandango: the radio is just methodical guesswork. move the levers at the bottom one at a time, each time you move one push the button on the left and when you hear a different noise on one of the beeps you know you have the right position and can start moving another lever.

Need to find a magnet. has anyone found one?

Jellybaby', I'm really thick headed.. just Cant seem to get the safe.
the code on the lazer says
4R - clicked 4 times so the dial moved 4 times to the right

isnt that how it works???

Still can absolutely not get the combination lock.

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 1:16 AM  

thnx twinkle got code from radio anything else there?

Deepti if it says 4 then check on the dial for where the 4 is. should be between the 0 and the 10 :)

Got UV light and a lot's of code parts, which I can't seem to use anywhere.
Use magnet from the radio on the wrench, use it in the holes from the chair, pick up batteries, use them with the UV lamp. Use it everywhere in the room and on your code papers.

I'm stuck.

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 1:19 AM  

fandango: in the radio there's a note, a clue. and a metal ring on the dark circle

still nothing :-(

Would appreciate if you sould give step by step instruction on getting the safe open.

i used the knife on the circle thing in radio have a ring like thing now

for safe if its 4R then click on right side and bring the marker to 4
then 7L click on left side and bring it to 7 and so on

John, were you able to figure out the combination lock forthe safe???

Got it. I was doing it totally wrong. Been a long time since I had a locker!

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 1:26 AM  

OMG the ring thing is the magnet! put it on the wrench and you get batteries from the chair holes

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 1:27 AM  

have uv light working seen code on good luck note!! and looks like piano keys on one of the entry things now really stuck

Thanks a bunch Jellybaby and Notty Potty.
Been breaking my head over that.

Hi everyone, Been an escaper for a while but only posted a few times.

I must be tone deaf :|, I can only hear a change for the first lever, any help would be great

none of the codes make much sense to me right now.anyone made some sense out of them

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 1:37 AM  

found clue on gold bar go=dl? but still stuck any help please

i tried putting the colors in left code wall as in piano keys given - CDEFGAB th colors i put are green pink light blue dark blue unknown yellow and red
order i got from cube and hint in briefcase but G i dont know.but still i didnt get code right.maybe the color sequence was wrong

my gold bar says GO=c2
found another one in switch socket LU=dl or d1

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 1:45 AM  

the "code" what u see is the combination for the safe

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 1:48 AM  

here are the codes ive gotten so far.

Using the UV light I found a lot of __=__ things, then using the code found on the good luck note, I've determined:

LK=d2 OU=c1 GD=d2 CO=c1

This goes with the a4 d1 b1 b3

So we have a4, d1, b1, b3, (d2, c1, d2, c1).

I have no idea what this means.

Notty, my ultra violet clues make up "GOOD LUCK" - a2, a1, b3 and a2.

Don't know how to use it though.

Got it, best way is to put headset on, turn up volume and click slowly.
Seems the combinations for various things are different for each person.

My good luck clues are differnt from what has been listed already

my gold bar says GO = a1
Switch says LU = d4

guess its something to do with piano keys..

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 1:50 AM  

are u talking about "ultra violett" or do u mean the laserpointer???? if u mean uv than i am not as far as u are :((

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 1:51 AM  

Damn, every game has different codes, huh.

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 1:51 AM  

if u all mean the code that the laserpointer shows= thats the code 4 the safe....40L(left)6R(right)....and so on...(maybe code is diff 4 every1

i have my GOODLUCK clue too but do not know where to use it

Laser pointer gives combo for the 'dial' safe. And yes, they all seem to be different. Mine was 36R44LXXR10L.

eyerybodys code for everything is different:(

The code for the left is blue grey green yellow grey grey light blue. You get a key.

yup, all codes are different :s

My safe code was 58R58L44R34L

Anyone have any luck working out how to use the colored cube for the right hand panel code.
When you push a button then the long one, a light will turn on above.
My colors were cyan,red,dkblue,yellow,green,purple.
All I can work out is that we need to push the buttons in the correct order, tried a few things but still nothing.

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 1:56 AM  

ok..thx...but: u all are talking about UV...mmmhhh how to turn on...(or-again-did u all mean the laser pointer???)...cause i have no UV light...and btw: oone of the best roomescape games i´ve ever played...good grafix

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 1:57 AM  

prob is that a cube has 6 sides..BUT...there are 7 buttons ...mmmhhh

linda could you tell us how you got it because it seems like everyones code is not the same.yours is not working for me

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 1:58 AM  

Linda, everyone's codes are different, but how did you figure it out?

Cube is for right side panel.

Not sure yet what clue/s are for the left panel.

Colors Linda gave don't work for me, plus I have no grey.

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 1:59 AM  

did u see the colored letters in the briefcase?? could be a hint for the colors and the buttons (i know i started posting late - sorry if anyone had the same ideas right now....:))

i have to go:(
will check back in a while if i can

Use the UV over the briefcase, outline of something on wall.

That combo did't work for me either. Linda, please tell us what method you used to derive that answer.

Use UV over briefcase, zoom in, button on bottom right, ANOTHER puzzle.

I got the left code from the briefcase. Mine showed B= light blue, F= yellow, C= blue and E = green. I put them in the piano order ie cdefgab and left the others blank.

Good work John. Now we have another safe with a key. No idea how to get it though.

I put the key in the box in the briefcase but we need 2 more!

Thanks Linda, that worked for me, I had EBFA.

Oh, thank you, Linda! (wipes brow)

Right, now for the other two. Dice and GOOD LUCK I think.

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 2:11 AM  

ok...feel dumb...dont have an UV light ...only laserpointer...but thats not what i need - it seemz...
so please where is the UV light?

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 2:12 AM  

oh i finally understand how to get the right panel's key. the 9 buttons correspond the dots on the sides of the dice. i feel like its been really obvious this entire time and ive just kept missing it haha

stoer, UV light is under the loose plank. Put the gold bar on it then cut the string, then take back the gold bar and pop the plank off.

use the UV on the cube and you get numbers for colors

Wow. I never would have made the connection, Benjiminy.

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 2:15 AM  

oh and the code for the third panel is tricky because a-d is across and 1-4 is from bottom to top, not top to bottom. i got the last key though!

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 2:16 AM  

OUT! wooo!

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 2:16 AM  

wwwoooooo..got UV...:))

Thx Linda :d

I got left safe open.

My left panel is a 3 x 3 buttons with a long one at the bottom.

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 2:20 AM  

My UV light isn't working (??). Am I doing something wrong or is something missing?

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 2:22 AM  

and...btw...thanx rambler...did see it now that u gave me a hint...i found it then on my own...but thx...(maybe it was telepathy:))

Sharron, have you got the batteries from the holes in the floor?

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 2:23 AM  

@sharon: did u get 4 batteries for the UV ß??

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 2:27 AM  

Ah... that was it. Thank you very much Rambler10 and stoertebeker :)

I get the idea of the last key, but I only have three UV clues, from hole in floor, safe and socket. What am I missing?

Got it, gold bar. Duh.

This comment has been removed by the author.

My combo for the GOOD LUCK code is a2,a1,b3 and a2 again but it doesn't work. HELP!!

Just HOW do the 6 sides of the die have anything to do with the 9 buttons?

I put in the color/number codes singly, together, random... It just isn't making sense...

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 2:35 AM  

OK, I'll write out how to get the 3 keys:

1st key (string of 7 buttons):
-Light up the string of buttons with the UV light, they correspond with notes C,D,E,F,G,A,B respectively.
-In the briefcase there's a 4x4 box with four different colors and a letter on each one.
-Light up the letter that corresponds with its note on the string of buttons with the color that the letter was on in the briefcase.
-For example, if there was a D on a blue box, light up the "D" button blue.

Key 2 (9 buttons with a long button at the bottom)
-Light up the die with the UV light, note the number of each color.
-Hit the long button 6 times to see what color each light is above the keypad and write it down.
-The 9 buttons are like one side of the die, each button representing a possible dot.
-Enter in the dot-formation for the color of the first light (which corresponds to the color of one of the sides of the die) then hit the long button.
-Continue until you've done it for each light.

Key 3 (4x4 square of buttons)
-Light up area above briefcase (while zoomed out) to reveal the outline of a box, then zoom into it.
-Click the button on the lower right with the UV light and the panel will open.
-The 4x4 box runs from A-D from the left to the right and 1-4 from the BOTTOM to the TOP
-Use the codes you got from the UV light and from the last code sheet you got (should be 8 different numbers, for example a2, b1, d4, etc)
-Enter each one onto the keypad.


Put each key in the lockbox in the briefcase, get the doorhandle, and attach it to the door. You're out!

Brandy, regardless of which buttons I press I always get turqoise first. My order should be Blue, Turqoise, Green, Red, Pink and Yellow. Again, help please.

I got it! If turquoise is #1 on the die, then press the middle button, then the long button.

If turquoise is #3 on the die, then press bottom left, middle, top right lights, then the long button.

Do that for each color/number combo, where the first color light on the lock is the NUMBER from the die, and voila! A key!

Now, what were my GOOD LUCK codes....

For the cube code, if the first colour is yellow and the yellow on the dice is 6 (from looking at the dice with the UV light), then light up the 3 squares down the left column and the three squares down the right column. This looks like a six on the dice. Then press the long bar. Continue like this for the other colours.

Did anyone open or use the manila envelope?

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 2:47 AM  

I just don't get how to use the clue sheet with the 8 numbered grid locations -- I have no idea how to figure out my blacked out numbers for 5,6,7,8. Can anybody help, pls?

Brandy. Click on the envelope and get a smiley face saying 'GOOD LUCK'. Use the UV light on that to get a hint for the third puzzle.

Okay I got the dice key, Finally!! Thanks for the help. But my GOOD LUCK code won't let me in. a2,a1,b3 and a2 again.

I cannot get last key even after pressing the eight codes i got from the paper and the uv help please

Same as me Ravi. The UV hint on the smiley note offers no help to me.

please help for the last key

benjiminny can u provide solution for it

So my GOOD LUCK numbers, in 'order', are C2 C4 A3 C1
My codes from the last paper are C1 B1 A2 D1

How do I do C1 twice? I tried doing the lights in "order", thus ending up with C1 being off... No love there!

I pressed C1,B1,A2,D1, then C2,C4,A3,C1 - nothing.

I tried C2,C4,A3,C1, then C1,B1,A2,D1 - nothing.

is there any one to get me out

A similar scenario for me too Brandy.

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 2:58 AM  

You have to rearrange the UV codes you got from lighting up places around the room, for example, if you got:

GO=d1, OD=b2, LU=c3, CK=a4

You have to rearrange them according to what you see when you light up the GOOD LUCK page.
If you do this, you will see that G goes with D, O goes with U, C goes with O, and L goes with K.

After I use that to rearrange my example, I'll have:

GD=d2, OU=b3, CO=a1, LK=c4

Then use those 4 codes to light up the keypad along with the other 4 from the paper.

my code from papers are 1.b3 2.b4 3.c2 4.d2 and uv lamp are b2=go a1=od a3=lu and c4=ck Please can any one put the order in which i have to light up the 16 button door

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 2:59 AM  

now i got it...the hints of Benji are very good BUT...
maybe u made the same mistake like me: THE 1-4 go from THE BOTTOM UP!!!! thats the clue :)
u have horizontally ABCD and vertically
hope this helps (dont want to spoil too mucgh:)

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 3:01 AM  

and ...tamtadadaaaaaaa....out...!!!have to say, it was the best game since loooong times...bye...and thank u all for posting and helping :)

Got it, thanks Ben.

Felicitaciones :)

Ravi, try this - b3,b4,c2,d2,b1,a3,c2 and a4.


Ravi, your code should be:

I can see the safe, but not the gold bar ! If I click on the da Vinci picture, it zooms out !
And I have only 2 batteries : one from the da Vinci picture and one found near the floor, when looking at the side of the chair.
Where is the last one ?

Thanks benj OUT HURRAY

THANKS to Benjaminny!

Hmm, I have 4 bolts I didn't use, I would have thought I'd have to use them on the doorknob, LOL!

Pascale, open the outlet with the knife, then change the knife to a screwdriver and take off the screws. Put knife away and click on outlet.

I found the 3rd battery...

OUT! Praise be!

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 3:14 AM  

I swear I've used my UV light everywhere but only came up with 2 clues (GO=c3 + CK=c2). Where do I find the other two?

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 3:14 AM  

Oh, the 2 clues I found were in the combination safe and on my gold bar.

Please, can someone take a minute to explain where the gold bar is ?

Oh, I forgot to thank you, Rambler, sorry (-:
Still searching the gold bar...

Thanks to Benjaminny!
You help with the codes was great, I was able to work mine out :d

Ready through the posts as hints and the way to work out your codes is all there.

Pascale, left panel, hold button down for at leats 10 seconds, and it willopen, gold bar is there.

Thanks to all for the hints.

Silverbrumby, I don't understand what you say : the left panel is already opened (I need a colour code and I can see a key behind a screen).

Oh ! I found it ! The gold bar is behind the RIGHT panel !

I feel so stupid, but I still can't open the radio device

       Anonymous  2/22/09, 3:36 AM  

holy lord, i'm such a dork....won't let me use the knife on anything

Truus and wikkid, are you out yet? if not, I'm still here to help (tnx to all the clues everyone else gave.. lol)

Please help!!
What do I need to do with the radio?

Oh sheeesh, sorry pascale, was right panel.
But glad you found it.

Truss, best way to get the radio open, is to put some headphones on and turn up volume, every game is different to can't help with placement.

Anyone still playing please read through the above posts, all clues and help to work out the clues is there.

I'm off to bed now, Happy escaping.

I didn't know we were supposed to open it...
I don't find the code for the right panel : I thought the code should be : pink - yellow - cyan - red - blue - green and I supposed that according to the dice, it corresponds to 5 1 3 2 4 6, but it doesn't work.

Truus, you should push any button just one step at a time and notice that on one particular place it gives a different sound when you push the play button. There you leave it still and move on to the next button. Does that make sense to you?

OK. thanx SilverBrumpy and a good night to you.

Pascale, you should fill in the dots from the dice numbers, not just one button. Look at the dice with the ultraviolet light, in case you didn't already do that..

Thanks Karen. I have tried that, but without succes. I put all the levers up and listened to the sound it made when putting each one down, step by step and one by one. But at some point, I think it was the 3rd lever, I couldn't hear any difference. I'm gonna try it with a headphone now.

What ultra-violet light ???

Truus, if I remember correctly each lever has as many 'bleeps' as its rownumber.. so the first lever says 'bleep blop blop blop' when it's in place, the second should sound like 'bleep bleep blop blop' (excuse my poor explanation..) and I could hear it loud and clear without a headphone btw..

I don't know where is this UV light that everyone is talking about...
I've got a laser pen, instead (gave the combination for the safe).
I have opened the loose plank and cut the string, but I don't find anything in this hole.

Pascale there's a light without batteries in the hole under the loose tile wich you can lift with the goldbar, did you find that space? it's in the corner on the floor on the left of the safe view i believe

Yes, I did it!!!!!!!
The headphone did the trick and also the 3rd lever should NOT be moved from the "up-position".

Thank you for your help, without you I would be listening to that sound all day ;)

pascale are you sure you didn't find anyting there? did you put away the knife first? otherwise you won't be able to pick anything up. Or is it in your inventory already? it's a black box and it won't give any light before you find the four batteries from the screwholes after you remove the chair and youse the magnet with the wrench in the holes

Yay, well done Truus! Now let's see if we can help Pascale make it through that door as well!

I'm still in the room :(
I only opened the radio, not the door. ha,ha
I found the 4 batteries and put them in the lamp.

I only found the codes for GO and for LU. Where did you find the others?

I'm so stuck. I think I'm too blonde for this game. A walkthrough would be very welcome.

Me too Georgina, I can't find the other ones and can't open the panels in the wall. Did you open them yet?

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