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Monkey and Secret Army 3 Walkthrough

Monkey and Secret Army 3


Minoto - Monkey and Secret Army3 is another very cute and funny point and click type adventure game created by Minoto. In this game, you search around for finding items and solving puzzles. Enjoy the lovely graphics. Good luck and have fun!

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Yessss, Minoto :o)

Thankyou Yalçın

       Anonymous  11/21/10, 1:53 AM  

Minoto on a Sunday morning, Yes!!!

Thanks Yalçin ;-)

       Anonymous  11/21/10, 1:53 AM  

Aaand out!

Time decreased, and the police selected hard measures.
Shoot the hand of the crab that is gripping the woman ape. The police said. The sniper sniped at the moment.
However, because it was a bullet of the cork, it was not effective. The crab that had lost calm by this attack knocked down the police. In this place where the standoff continuesThe combat of police vs. crab was begun.

To be continued I reckon lol

       Anonymous  11/21/10, 1:59 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  11/21/10, 2:01 AM  

Lol Rambler, i copied and pasted the final words as well and found out you did post them already, hilarious text, lol

I know, but I removed my laughing at you when I swa what you did :o)

Ah well, that was quick, and lots of fun. Gonna play again for the descriptions...

And the beginning...

When ape Herr is an absence. The crab had been encircled by the police.
The crab has demanded the naming right profit and the management right of the park.
When it is not executed for 30 minutes,
woman ape's life has been told that it is not possible to guarantee.

Time is a little.
The police might have to choose the last-resort measure.


       Anonymous  11/21/10, 2:05 AM  

;-) Just wonderfull....

Shoes where it can dash (roller skates) lol

zoz, you'll enjoy this one, I look forward to your singalongthrough :o)

That is sweet! Sunday and a Minoto..I love that :))

oh..very easy..but cute as always...only 1 ending. ( I miss the 2nd ending games )

Yea! Minoto!!!! Tooooo funny!
I miss the multiple endings as well....

Yea Minoto!!
What's up with comb-over man? #3 eyes?

Oh, I guess he was too blind to see the bottle on the ground. What's in that bottle, by the way? While all this drama is going on, he decides to get drunk??? I guess we'll find out in the next episode that we all are waiting for at the edge of our seats!

'Shoes where it can dash'...

No walkthrough yet...

-We're more or less where we left off last week. After Supermonkey dropped the ball, the police have stepped in and are in a standoff with the giant crab.

-Take note of the man with a bad case of Three-Eye. He doesn't have three eyes. His eyes have become 3's, making it impossible to see. Also, Sun Boy is wearing pads. Grab the key and go right.

-There's a mouse bouncing on two cat's heads next to a pump, a chick trapped on the wrong side of a river, a girl mouse in a helicopter with no blades, and...Saki Asamiya! (I was NOT expecting a reference to Sukeban Deka.) Go right.

-There's a scientist with Dr. Insano glasses with test tubes, a squirrel in a roller skate with missing wheels, and a mole trying to cut a dog's hair, but it keeps growing back. Grab the balloon on the floor and go right.

-The police dog is a trained sniper and has taken point on top of a giant pencil sharpener. Nearby, a rabbit is sitting on a present and a bear is throwing a propeller in the air. Why? That honeycomb might have something to do with it. Open the chest with the key and take the wheel inside. Go left.

-Put the wheel on the roller skate. Go left again.

-Inflate the balloon with the pump. It turns out to be the other wheel. Go right.

-Put the final wheel on the skate. The squirrel rolls off to join his friend and leaves the skate behind. Grab it and go all the way left.

-Give the skate, which turns out to be two skates, to Sun Boy. He runs into the nearby tree trunk hard enough to break it. Good thing he was wearing pads. Grab the log and go all the way right.

-Sharpen the log in the giant sharpener and go 2 screens left.

-Jam the log into the hole in the ground. Saki lassos it with her yo-yo, allowing the chick to cross. And it turns out her yo-yo was actually a jar of growth retardant. Go right.

-Use the growth retardant on the dog. Now the mole doesn't need the shears anymore. Grab them and go right.

-Use the shears to open the box. It turns out to be a jack-in-the-box that boosts the rabbit higher. For the next part, you'll have to be quick: Click the bear so he throws the propeller, then click the rabbit to he can jump across it and reach the honeycomb. One the bear has his honey, he'll throw the propeller away. Take it and go 2 screens left.

-Put the propeller on the helicopter so the girl mouse can rescue her boyfriend. Grab what he was bouncing on (turns out to be a petri dish) and go right.

-Give the petri dish to the scientist...GYAH! Let's get out of here! Grab the Dr. Insano glasses and go all the way left.

-Turns out Dr. Insano glasses are the only cure for Three-Eye. Give them to the man so he can find his...we'll call it "medicine." Grab the cork and go all the way right.

-Give the cork to the sniper dog. You'll enter a first-person mode where you're aiming at the crab. Aim for the bottom portion on the claw and you win...sort of.

Monkey and Sniper 3 SingALong
To the tune of "A Day in The Life" by the Beatles

I played a game today oh boy
About a crab encircled by police
And though Ape Herr was not around
Well I just had to laugh
Big Crabs can be so daft
The Crab demanded naming rights
And management right of the park as well
A crowd of police stood and stared
They'd seen his face before
Nobody was really sure
If woman Ape’s life could be saved

I saw a film today oh boy
The police might have to choose last resort
Uncle Combover ricocheted
Strange bottle at his feet
Eyes that look like threes
Minoto turns us on

Took key, opened a box,
That had formerly been locked
Got a small wheel and a withering tire,
And used the pump while mouse kept jumping higher.
Put the wheels on chipmunk’s ride
So he easily could glide
To his friend who had been waiting there,
Leaving me the shoes where it can dash

I gave the shoes to little sun
Who wore a helmut while he had his fun
He knocked the log off of the tree
So I could take it to
Police sniper Fox who guarded the big pencil grinding box
It became sharp ahead

The pencil staked a string so She
Could help the yellow chick to cross the road
Knocking a small jar to the ground
I was some Medicine
That causes growth to End.
I gave it to the Shaggy Dog
(His hair was growing and could not be tamed)
The hair growth halted so the Green
Hair-Cutting Dog could stop
and his Secateurs could drop onto the research lab’s blue floor
And I could pick them up

And use them on the Bunny’s box
Whereupon Scary Head popped up so high
That Pink Bunny could now hop hop
and knock the Honey Comb
Right in front of Bear
Who dropped small play equipment

Took Toy and gave it to
The pink Pilot Mouse who flew
Over where a rescue rope was lowered
To let the Blue Mouse climb on board
Took the Ball the Blue Mouse used
To play hopscotch on the two
Kittehs who seemed quite oblivious,
and the Ball morphed to a Transparent Round Plate.

I took the Plate to Research Lab
It caused a Ghost to startle Doctor Who
He dropped his Glasses on the Floor
So I could give them to
Uncle Combover who put them on and drank his Secret Brew.
He dropped the Strong Cork, too.

Gave Cork to Sniper Fox
Who then used it in his Glock
And then Time decreased and all the Cops
Used Hard Measures so the Crab would drop
The Girl Ape held in the air
At that moment Sniper sniped
But the Cork was light and didn’t work
Crab got mad and called the Coppers Jerks
The combat has begun…

Sniper end. Only one method. To be continued...

How did Crab get re-enslaved after Part 1?
What happened Man Monkey and banana from Part 2?
Will Lady Monkey ever get rescued?
Will Crab ever get free to go back to its crab family?
Who is manipulating Crab? (Who could be so evil in Minotoland, where even Dracula is cute and Werewolf is kind?)

Tune in again next week for the next exciting developments ...

Nice WT @TB Tabby!

Great saga-through @zoz! and, appropriate music... I always did feel like I was tripping when I listened to that song!(back then)lol


@zoz, good choice, it's a bit like my daily routine.

"Woke up, got out of bed, played Minoto in my head" ;o)

I love minoto games!!

what would the world be without Minoto

thanks zoz for making me smile again with your sing-a-long!

       Anonymous  11/22/10, 1:43 AM  

:o)) magnificent , @Zoz!

great Minoto with fantastic comments here as always.

Zoz, you rock, girl!

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