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Escape Turquoise Room Walkthrough

Escape Turquoise Room

Escape the Turquoise Room Walkthrough[REPLAY] Escape the Turquoise Room is our second sponsored new point and click room escape game created by 2keys games, who is also creator of Escape Orange Room, Escape Library, Escape Pink Room, Escape Magenta Room and Escape Green Room games. In this game, again you are locked in a room and you need to escape the turquoise room by finding, using objects and solving puzzles. Make sure that you remember that you have a limited inventory space. So if you don't need something anymore, put it back where you found it to free up a slot in inventory. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

Play Escape Turquoise Room

Escape Turquoise Room Walkthrough
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Patty, are you playing?

I have not much time now, I'm at work and will leave in a few minutes. Maybe I'll play tonight at home..

See you, have fun

I'm in. Let's see what's going on.

I've got more than enough stuff but don't know what to do with them. Anyone playing?

Jennifer, the makers of this game like to give you too many items to collect. Put things back where you found them to free up room in your inventory. Retrieve them as needed.
I'm just spilling bottles all over the place!

Trying to bild an UV-lamp...
Behind the safe there is a boot, MUst be important for it was hidden...
I broke battery with wrech.

thanks Kinbly. I think we need to oil and tape some stuff as said on the note. clicking like a mad woman now :P

Stange gray thing on desk has a puzzle game in it. I used WD-40 on it (not sure if that was required) to move bars around.

       Anonymous  11/20/07, 7:50 AM  

for the magnet game put the magnets in order from largest to smallest on the middle red one and it will open to give you the base of the UV lamp

       Anonymous  11/20/07, 7:52 AM  

also look at the ceiling in the scene with the safe. put tape on the lamp & get the dirty glass tube.

Removed radiator valve with wrench. Nearly jumped out of my skin from the sound it made.
I tried using the stethoscope to hear for any differences on the safe. Nothing.

Clean glass tube (thanks charlene!) with steam from radiator

       Anonymous  11/20/07, 8:03 AM  

thank you too kimbly. i've been trying to figure out how to clean it! haha

There's a mouse hole under the bed. Use apple core to get the battery from the mouse.

       Anonymous  11/20/07, 8:05 AM  

cut the string of the picture near the periodic table of elements with the scissors.

The purple jar of chemicals in the closet is one of the ones described in the blacklight book

       Anonymous  11/20/07, 8:20 AM  

anyone get any further?

Rats! I have to go. Good luck!

I was able to tear the picture above the purple desk in 4 places, but nothing else happened with it.

My mouse won't come out the hole no matter how much I wave the apple core about, maybe it's not hungry!!!


Put the apple on the ground in front of the hole. Mouse doesn't actually come out.

I can't put down the apple, it's stuck to my hand, I'm clicking like crazy but it won't let go.

You have to break the machine to the right of the tanning bed first. You'll see the battery fall down.

Thanks Ari, now I have the battery.

Okay, so I bent the cleaned tube with the lighter and put the barium in it. So I have everything for the lamp except for one battery...

The battery can go in the UV base is there another battery?

has anyone found the other battery yet?

Anyone figure out how to open the safe?

You can cut the picture down next to the periodic table with scissors, but doesn't seem to do much...

Maybe the other battery is in the dictaphone, I'm clicking everywhere but it won't turn over.

Hey how do you break the machine to the right of the tanning bed? Plz help......

Kick the ***t out of it, no seriously just keep clicking.

Do you think we need a straw or something for the DW-40?

And the other battery has to be in the safe! Seriously

For the safe, I tried using the numbers from the periodic chart for lead, barrium and silicon, but that didn't work. Any ideas?

On the other hand, the blank pages we need to read with the lamp probobly tells us how to get into the safe.

Do you have to use an item on the machine/tanning bed? I have been clicking endlessly with no luck

The knock you get when you click the underside of the bed may Mean Something later on...

Why do we put ourselves through this ><

Preston, see the little brown/gold lever on bottom right of machine? Hit that!

the tanning bed machine has a switch on the bottom right side, you have to hit that until it breaks!

Off to sleep...good luck all =)

the instructions say you have to find something that moves which shouldn't (the fan on the ceiling) and something that doesn't move but should. this could be the bench vice maybe?

ye, i thought that! was trying to crush the dictaphone in temper! Can't make it happen.

Use the wrench on the dictaphone and it will break open, giving you the second battery for the UV lamp!

ok, where's the wrench?

how did you break it with the wrench? i clicked all over that thing with the wrench and nothing happened.??

how do u use the wrench on the dictaphone?

nevermind- got it!

You have to smash it while it's on the shelf, not while it's in your inventory.

got into the safe!

thank you got it!

paint the boots with layer from the safe

The code is different for everyone. Use the two numbers in the UV notes.
You can also paint the umbrella...

I am sure all the safe codes are different cause mine was 743017

Ooh, you can pick up the big jar of HF with the gloves and throw it at the door!

you can also paint the umbrella. The coat is already protected against acid.

I'm out! Thanks for the help everyone!

I got out!

That was a fantastic game! Thanks everybody for playing with me!

use umbrella on door and you're out. make sure you have the coat and boots

got the codes from the book but still cant open the safe

Yay fun! I'm out!

kellyseye- I had to switch the two numbers around. for ex: if they showed up in the book 123 and 456, I had to put them in 456123.

im out thanx for all your help

Has anyone found the second battery yet?

@lucy: look at Ari's comment of 9:50

Where's the lighter? I took a two hour break, but I don't see it in the posts.

argh... I can't open the safe.. I have 4 different numbers in the book and have tried every combination . Help !!

christine; first green code and then blue code.

pleeeease tell me where the lighter is!

kimbly; lighter is in the second drawer on the right when you see the cabinet.

lighter is in the big dresser 2nd drawer down on the right

How the hell did I miss that? Thanks, guys. SKipped a drawer I guess.

Thanks Yigit but, well... I'm a bonehead then, that last comment about green and blue just messed me up even more... !?! I can't get it

Thank you for all the help. I'm out.

christine; well, let me explain it... For the code for the safe, you have to make an UV (ultra-violet) light and then read the last blank pages (it says: personnel only) of pink book with the light. The note says "we open all doors with codes of 3 digits." The note gives two numbers with 3 digits, one of them is blue code (let's say 123), the other is green code (let's say 567). First green, then blue code, so the code should be 567123... That's what i see in my game...

lol... Thanks a bunch .. I was soooo no where near there.. (thought I needed to open the safe to finish my light, so that's not even completed yet)..

hi can anyone tell me where the gloves are? and the sissors mentioned in these comments? i havent found either thanks

hels, open the first aid box... scisors & gloves are in there.

yay ty and im out

Anybody still playing ? I am just getting started. Trying not to read the posts.

I can't get the magnets on the middle bar...grrrr.

Patty I'm Playing a little lost right now

I have managed to make quite a mess, lol.

fun game took me forever but I'm out. next game I have to get a life lol

Is somebody there?

am still here need any help

I solved the puzzle on the desk and now have the uv lamp base.

I'm almost in the end...
I threw the acid on the door, got the coat, umbrella, gloves and boots... I clicking everywhere on the door with the umbrella but can't go out. Any help?

i have lamp base, purple bottle,glass tube, tape. how do i make the lamp??

Laragosta, bend the tube with the lighter.

yess! Tnx Mauricio!!

mauricio, are the boots and umbrella covered with orange liquid from the little bottle? When you have coat and other stuff, just click on the umbrella and then click on the door and then exit.

How dumb. I forgot to apply the anti-acid stuff on the boots. Thanks yigit2005.

Have managed to put together the lamp. Where is the second battery ??

Patty; view the blue machine in the closet, on the far left. don't take it, click on it with the wrench. After breaking, take the blue machine and see in detail. Take the 2nd battery

I didn't get the second boot before I opened the safe. I knew it was there, just didn't pick it up !!!! Now what ???

ok, I am out. Good game.

i dont get this game at all

Anyone here yet?.. How do I bend the clean the tube?

I mean, how do I clean the tube..

how do u do this?

the story : you are locked in a room for the final test of your application for a job
the goal: make an UV lamp, read the hidden "staff only" note, open the safe and escape room with anti-acid wearings.

Yeah, but how do you clean the damn tube?

to clean the glass tube: take off the red left part of radiator with the wrench. select glass tube and then click on steam with it. you get a clean glass tube. see it in detail and click middle of the tube with the lighter. you get a bended tube.

i cant do this!!!!

Thanks yigit! :)


Umm.. what do I do after I threw the HF at the door? I try to use the umbrella with it, but nothing happens, and I already used the orange bottle with the boots and umbrella.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Danny; to open the door:
1)take gloves from first aid box
2)paint boots (there must be two pairs) and umbrella into orange liquid from cupbord (the liquid is anti-acidic)
3)take orange coat with you from the closet.
4)Cick on gloves, take large blue bottle from the safe, splash it on the door (the bottle has acid inside)
5)click on umbrella, then click on the door

Nvm, I got it.. Didn't know there was a right boot. And didn't know you also needed the gloves to get out.

you need to have the gloves in your inventory to leave as well

I just have to love the creators of this game :D

i cant get the boot out some one help please!!!

is one here

never mind i got the boot

I'm out! Great game! Fun final! It was extremely satisfying.

Great game, couldn't have finished without the hints, but did anyone notice that the two books on the shelf, titled towers of hanoi? I believe that's the name of the little puzzle to get the UV base...I'm sure if anyone had trouble they could have googled "towers of hanoi" to figure out what to do xD

I am stuck on the magnet puzzle. What are the steps?

It just takes patience....take first two and put on different poles, then the smallest on top of the other one, then take one off the pile to the empty pole and move the smallest one back to the pile. Then move the smaller single on the other pole and place the smallest from the pile on them. Now the next to the empty pole etc.....

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

fhey..anyone playing right now..?

       Anonymous  11/21/07, 1:50 AM  

I guess this must be a very nice game,if only i cuold find the switch on the sunbed. i´ve clicked on every single pixel, and there is exactly 1.500.000 of them, but no switch.
Hééééééééééééélp..... ;)

       Anonymous  11/21/07, 1:57 AM  

Well, i actually just blew up the machine next to the sunbed, a batterie came falling out, wich fell under the bed, i look under the bed, but the batterie is in the mouse-hole and i can´t get it.
I´m improving ?????

My 'walkthrus' are usually brief, as I want gamers to have the fun of finding out for themselves...maybe I should have said blow up the sunbed machine....

Helpful hints...

Your mission is to make a UV light to read the code to get into the safe to get the acid to break the door.

Examine everything, have a smashing time, but put it back until you need the item.

First job to get the UV base...the grey dome is a game getting all the discs on the middle pole in order by lifting up and swapping from pole to pole, but never a bigger discs on a samller one....see below for more help

Examine the first aid box, you need scissors and gloves.
Break the sunbed machine, there is a switch at the base and a battery drops under the bed. You cant get it at the moment.....

Go to the closet and get a wrench & break the dictaphone to get another battery.

Pick up the lighter, wrench and masking tape.

Above the safe are some lights...you need the tube, so stop the fan with something. Clean the tube, the radiator has steam, so break the valve.

While you are there, pick up the apple core. Go under the bed & feed the mouse who will kick the battery to you.

You can now add the batteries to the UV base. Read about UV and get the correct chemical from the cupboard. Bend the tube with heat and add the chemical.

Make the UV light and read the book for the code to the safe. The picture by the safe gives a clue on the order.

Take the chemical and acid from the safe (using gloves) and smash it against the door.

You now need to clothe yourself with acid proof items (see the comment by yigit2005) and escape.

Solving the disc game....http://www.mazeworks.com/hanoi/...select the number of discs, slow the speed and press solution.....this shows what to do, but you must get the discs on the middle pole in the game puzzle, so need to swap the poles

       Anonymous  11/21/07, 2:13 AM  

OK.... got what´s left over of an aplle out of the bucket, gave it to the mouse, wich thankfully gave me the batterie. both, the mouse and me are happy now.
Hope i don´t need the machine for the sunbed anymore though, there´s smoke coming out....

       Anonymous  11/21/07, 2:23 AM  

Tnx. redroobar, your right about your walkthroughs, if they are to detailed it´s no fun playing because you´re only copying in a way.
But that sunbed drove me nuts, i felt like pooring liquids on the floor, tearing down pots with plants and more messy things and than leave it all there for the cleaning-lady and leave the game.ha,ha
thanks again, i´ll stay on to your helpfull hints to continue the game

Where is the other boot? The 'right' one? I seemed to have missed it completely.

Ha! Found it!

help! i cant clean e tube!!

where is the boot????!!!!

one boot is in the closet, the other is behind the safe

thank you yiggit i would have been there forever.

HELP! 3 things

1.i dont kno how to stop the fan
2. i dont kno wat makes the UV lamp
3.i've tried every combination in that purple book thing and none worked, please help


anyone know the trick to the magnet game

chris; look at the name of red book, "hanoi towers". That's the original name of our magnet game. if you feel stuck with this game, visit http://www.mazeworks.com/hanoi (just enter disc number, slow down speed and click on solution. then watch automatical solution.

zakk; 1)click on the ceiling above the safe. click on the fan with the tape (get get from drawer) to stop the fan. 2)click on ceiling with uv lamp device (you get it from mini-game)and get the dirty glass tube. After taking of red valve from radiator with purple wrench, clean the glass tube from steam of radiator (radiator: look at the game picture, white thing). Look at clean glass tube in detail and use lighter in middle of it to bend it. Take the batteries (1 from mouse hole, the other from blue dictaphone-look at above comments) Colour clean glass tube with purple bottle from the closet. Put batteries and purple bended glass tube into the uv lamp device. You have a uv lamp. 3)read the message at the blank pages of the book with the finished uv lamp. You'll see a secret message for the staff.

how do i get behind the safe?


Ok will someone plz help me i did everything i have theuv lamp and everything but i cant figure out the combo for the safe i put 384706 thats what the 3 digits room combos are in the back of the black uv book but it doesnt work any help plzz?

I have been playing this game for an hour. Thank you all for your hints, but even though I broke the dictaphone and I see the 2nd battery, it won't let me grab it. HELP!!!! Do I need to use something to get it or what??

How am i supposed to rip the red notch off? I already got the plumbers wrench and cant seem to do it, I've clicked the red thing with the plumbers wrench..

sami.. hit the trash can by the door till it tips over.. get the apple core, give it to the mouse and grab the battery

Sami, you probably had too many items. Click on one and place it where you found it. Then try and pick up the battery again.

Argh! You could add in the feature that the spot on the radiator will glow when the wrench is over the right pixel! That is the part that took me the longest, longer than solving the magnet puzzle! *hmph*

Thanks you guys! You are EXACTLY right! I just had too much stuff.XP How much dumber can I get?!? LoL! Thanks for the help, and myself & my brain love you guys from now on (as friends)!

       Anonymous  11/28/07, 6:25 AM  

I have everything needed to leave the room but it won't let me, i have the umbrella selected and its all painted, what do i need to do?

how do i put the batteries and the tube int he BASE i did the Honoi tower puzzle, and i just can't put the batteries in, where do they go?!?!?!


in the front of it. not the side with the switch the side with the grey square-lookin-thing.

how do you build the light

kale read yiggit's comment...

umm..is der 2 boots cuz i only found 1

Is the WD40 used for anything other than moving that chair out of the way of the drawers? I beat the game already, but I'm still puzzled over the WD40. It did make the chair move, so I could look in the bottom-most drawer. I managed to get the other drawers open despite the chair though.

one boot is behind the safe to the right just click around that area... and the other is in the bottom of the right cupboard...

that was a good one... thnx to everyone that posted... very helpful

Ok im really confused on how to break the Dictaphone with the purple wrench because after that i know what to do with the rest can someone help. And thanks for all those helpful hints from everyone but i just don't know where to hit the wrench on the Dictaphone.

(by the way this is a different Chris)

This was a great game! I'm yet to complete one without the help of any walkthroughs,you guys are extremely good at these!
Chris [you've probably stopped playing by now haha] but you hit in in the middle [using your mouse as the pointer, not the wrench].
Seeya everyone!

Click on bucket in corner until it falls over
-then get apple core
-go right once
-click on purple/grey machine on corner of desk and move magnets (largest at the bottom to smallest on top) to center red pole
- click on uv base
-get book from middle of the desk
-get gloves from first aid kit
click repeatlty on switch at bottom right hand side until it breaksdown
-a battery will roll under the couch into a mouse hole, put apple core in front of hole and get battery
-put battery into uv lamp
-go right once
-on RHS of drawers 2 down get lighter
-open BOTH left hand doors, in the middle one get umbrella and wrench (put overalls back)
-get wrench and click on dictaphone (while it is still on shelf)
-pick up boken dictaphone and get battery
put broken dictaphone back and place battery into uv lamp base
-click on desk drawer (with the vice on it) and get tape
-go right once
-click on ceiling above safe
-get tape and click on RHS of fan
-get glass tube
-go right once
-click on wrench then on red part of radiator to get steam
put glass tube over steam to clean it
-go right twice
-double click on glass tube then on the lighter and it will bend
-then open right hand side cupboard and on the first shelve get the purple bottle
-click on tube then purple bottle. it will turn into a fluro tube.Put this into the uv base and turn on.
-Now click on book flick to the back pages (the blank ones) and then your fluro lamp and onthe bottom of the page there will be
( X stands for numbers they change each time)
-in the cupboard still there a coat in the middle right and a gumboot far right get these
-now put the tape back in the desk drawer
-go right once
Click on RHS of safe and get other gumboot
-go to numbers on the safe and going left to right put in green level first then blue level
-get orange bottle
combine orange bottle with both boots and umbrella
-click on gloves and get big bottle of acid
-go right once and throw big bottle of acid at door
-then click on umbrella then on hole in the door and you are outta there.

i finally escaped

last ime i just couldnt find the second boot but i found it behind the safe!

I really need some help!!

Where is the tape?

puppies, the tape is in the desk drawer :D

how do i brake the dictaphone


I'm stuck after getting the floresent tube. How do you get the batteries in & where?

anyone on???


1)there is a switch to the tanning bed on the bottom right corner of the screen, keep clicking on it until it breaks and a battery comes out
the battery is under the bed, in the first room, hit the bucket until an apple core falls out
click under the tanning bed and click in front of the mouse hole so the apple core is on the ground, a battery will roll out

2) the other one is in the closet room; first get the wrench. It is in the middle left closet door, beneath the overalls; then in the far left closet door there is a dictaphone, leave it in there, but take your wrench and click on the dictaphone. To get the battery, click on the broken dictaphone and click on it in your inventory

To put together UV
1) play magnet game which is on the purple desk, just keep moving the magnets until you get them from largest to smallest on the middle one
then you will get the base
2) put the batteries you found into the base
3) TO BEND THE TUBE: get lighter which is in the room with the closet; it is in the second drawer on the left center
since you have the tube, bend it by clicking the tube, then the lighter and clicking the tube in the center
4) get the lead doped barium silicate(the purple one) in the right closet door; click the tube, and then add the purple chemical into the bent tube, attach the tube to the base

turn on the light and find the book, then you will get the code to the safe and equipment

anyone on?

i got everything cept for the orange anit acid.
can anyone help me????

UGH, I was stuck on the secret
note and then I noticed my UV
light wasn't on. -_-' What a shame
that Im that dumb. Great game.
Im on, I only used the WT on the
battery part. I did make a mess.

ok u guys you seem to be helping alot of ppl
so i need help now
i got the lamp thing done and i read the back of the book and i got the numbers from there to
so how do i know if there the right ones and what do i do with them ?????


nevermind i got it :)

To use stuff, double click the stuff u wanna use and click the stuff u wanna use it on. Example: Double click the book and click on the book cover to open its pages. U can also click other stuff while ur looking at the book to use other stuff at the book.

walkthroughs r cool:
1. when u start, click the bucket until it falls. get the apple.

2.dont click on the buttons at the door if u have heartattack k?

3.go right, and u can see theres like a weird contraption on the table. If you click the hole, you can see 3 sticks n some magnets. What you have to do is to get all magnets on the red pole. If you actually manage to succeed, you will be awarded with a rock!!! a very important rock. (not kidding).

4.Take the purple book.

5. click at the medkit. Get the gloves.

6.Im sure u can see a weird machine connected to a weird bed. Theres a weird thing sticking out of it at its bottom. click it so much, until the machine breaks. A battery will fall under the bed and u cant pick it up. Boo hoo. Dont worry, just use the apple near the hole and the lil mouse will help u!

7.Insert the battery in ur rock. How to do this? double click ur rock and click on ur battery. insert it into the weird holes in the rock.

8.Now go to the right.

9.Open the tables drawer and get the tape.

10. Then, open the middle cupboard and take off everything inside it. Then, just return the overalls and the umbrella (which ur gonna need soon) and keep the wrench.

11.Open the left cupboard and use ur wrench to break that device which looks like a tape recorder. Then, take the broken device. Double click it in ur inventory and take out the battery. Then return the device and insert the battery into the rock.

12.Move the office chair by clicking it. click the cushion of the chair to lower it or rise it and click the chair metal part to push it away. U see some drawers on the cupboard rite? Open up some of those drawers until u find a lighter. Open it by directly clicking the small grabbing part.

13.Now go right.

14. U can see a ceiling in that part of the room. Click the ceiling n u can see a fan and a tube stuck in it. Use ur duct tape to stick the fan rotors to the ceiling n safely take ur tube, which is dirty.

15. now go back to ur starting point and use the wrench on that pipe thing, at the valve, which is red. Dont pick up the valve though. Just use ur tube and click it at that air hole. It will be clean!

16.Now double click at ur now clean tube and click ur lighter, and click the lighter at the middle part of ur tube to make a u tube!

17.Now go back to the part where there are alot of drawers n cupboards. Open the right cupboard and take out the purple bottle.

18. Double click ur u tube and use the purple bottle to change ur u tube into a purple u tube. After that u can return the bottle and the duct tape.

19. Double click the rock and insert the u tube into the rocks 2 holes. Now u can turn on the switch of the rock!

20.Double click the purple book and turn the pages until u reach the blank page. At that point use ur switched-on u tube to read the SECRET message. Note the last 2 weird messages at the end of the page.

21. Go right and click on that huge safe. Insert the code by the order of green level first and then blue level.

22.The safe is open! take out the orange bottle first. Then, go back to the room with drawers. Open the middle one and take out the orange coat. Then open the left one and take out the boot. Then take out the umbrella which is hidden among the overalls. Back to the safe, click the right side of the safe and grab the hidden boot. Double click the boots and the umbrella to cover those things with the orange bottle liquid.

23. Click the gloves and click the BIG bottle of acid. Go back to the starting point and click the acid, and throw it at the door!

24. Click your umbrella and click inside the hole. Make sure u have the orange coat and ur 2 orange boots.


I have the 2 boots covered with anti-acid, the coat covered with anti-acid and the umbrella with anti-acid but when click on the hole in the door I can't go through. I'm clicking like a maniac but no effect at all

the anti-acid is in the safe

(got it from another website)

1. Click to remove the note from the whiteboard. Read it, then click to replace it. Click the bucket in the corner three times to knock it over; click to take the apple core. Go right.

2. Click on the blue dome on the desk. Inside is the Tower of Hanoi puzzle using magnets. You can only place a smaller magnet on a larger one. Therefore, begin by dividing the smaller and smallest magnets up, putting the two smaller ones on the bottom of the right hand pole and the two smallest on the red one, then transferring the smallest two to the right hand pole to have a tower of four. Then move the largest magnet from the left to the middle red pole. Transfer the smallest three magnets between the right pole, the red pole and the left to make a tower of three and free up the second largest magnet on the right, which is then transferred to the red pole. Put the smallest magnet on the red pole, the one underneath it on the right, then the smallest on the right pole. Transfer the middle sized magnet to the red pole, leaving a tower of two on the right. Transfer the smallest magnet to the left pole, the magnet on the right to the red pole and then top off your red pole tower with the smallest magnet from the left. Click to take the UV lamp base. Click to take the purple book from the middle shelf of the desk. Maximize it, read it, and then click to put it back in your inventory. Click on the top and then the inside of the first aid kit at the top of the corner shelf to zoom in on it. Click on the scissors and the gloves to take them. Now look on the bottom right of the purple tanning bed machine. Click on the red-tipped lever repeatedly until it breaks. A green battery drops to the middle of the tanning bed, then rolls off. Click under the bed to get the underbed view. Click to take the apple core and place it on the rug in front of, and to the right of, the mouse hole. The mouse will take the apple core and roll the battery out. Click to take the battery. Go down. Maximize the UV lamp base, click the green battery and place it horizontally on the front of the base. Minimize the lamp base to your inventory. Go right.

3. Click the handle to open the drawer of the workbench; click to take the tape. Click the drawer handle again to slam it shut. Click to open the left middle long closet door. Click to take the blue overalls, the light blue umbrella and the purple handled wrench. Click the overalls and keeping them minimized, put them back into the closet, then click the door to close it. Of the right hand set of drawers, click the second handle from the top. Click the lighter to take it, then click the handle of the drawer to slide it closed. Click on the far left closet door to open it. Click to take the wrench from the inventory and keeping it minimized, click on the dictaphone on the top shelf. Click to replace the wrench into your inventory, then click the broken dictaphone to take it. Click on it again to maximize it. Click the battery to take it. Click the broken dictaphone to minimize it, then replace it on the top shelf. Close the closet door by clicking it. Maximize the base of the UV lamp, then click to take the battery from your inventory, then click again to place the battery in the horizontal slot on the front of the lamp base. Click the lamp base to minimize it. Go right.

4. Click on the ceiling above the safe. Click to maximize the roll of tape. Select the scissors, keep them minimized, and cut the tape. Replace the scissors in your inventory. Minimize the tape, select it, and click on each blade of the ceiling fan as it passes through the right hand side. The tape will stop the fan. Click and take the fluorescent tube. Go down. Click the right hand side of the safe to zoom in. Click and take the boot peeking out from behind the safe. Go down. Go right.

5. Click the wrench and keeping it minimized, knock off the red valve from the left side of the radiator. Click to replace the wrench in your inventory. Select the fluorescent tube, keep it minimized, and place it in the gushing steam to clean it. Click to maximize the tube. Select the lighter, keep it minimized, then click on the middle of the glass tube. The middle part will turn red then the tube will bend into an inverted U. Click the U tube to minimize it, then click it to return it to your inventory. Go left twice.

6. Click to open the far right long closet drawer. Click on the purple bottle on the left hand side of the top shelf to take it. Also click on the other boot below to take it. Click to close the closet door. Click the left one of the middle closet doors, then click the wrench. Click the closet floor to replace the wrench, then click the door to close it. Click on the right middle long closet door. Click on the orange anti-acid coat to take it, then click on the closet door to close it. Click on the second drawer from the top on the right hand set of drawers. Click the lighter and then the drawer to replace the lighter, then close the drawer by clicking the drawer handle. Click the drawer handle in the workbench, click the tape, then click the drawer to replace the tape. Click the drawer handle again to slam it shut. Maximize the glass tube. Select the purple bottle and click it on the tube. Minimize the UV tube. Maximize the UV lamp base. Select the UV tube and place it on the base. Click the switch on the left of the base to turn it on. Minimize the UV lamp. Select the black light book and click it to maximize it. Click to flip to the pages that are for staff use only. Select the UV light, and keeping it minimized, put it on the left blank page. Read about the job on the left page, continue to the right. Write down the blue and green level codes from the bottom of the right page. The codes change with each trial of the game. Minimize the book, then replace the UV lamp by clicking the hand. Go right.

7. Click on the dials on the front of the safe to zoom in. Input the three green level numbrs by clicking the dials, followed by the three blue level numbers. The safe will open. Click to take the small orange bottle. Click to maximize the umbrella. Click to take the orange bottle, then click it on the umbrella to coat the umbrella in orange. Minimize the umbrella, then click the hand to replace the bottle. Select a boot and click to maximize it. Click to take the orange bottle, keep it minimized, then click the boot. Click to close the window then click the hand to replace the orange boot into the inventory. Click the other boot to maximize it. Click the orange bottle, keep it minimized, then click the boot. Click to close the window then click the hand to replace the orange boot into the inventory. Select the gloves, keep them minimized, then click on the large acid bottle in the safe. Select the orange bottle by clicking on it, then replace it in the safe. Go right.

8. Select the gloves, keep them minimized, then click on the large acid bottle. Click on the door to throw the acid at it. The door will have green bubbles and the word 'acid' will flash above the door. Select the umbrella, keep it minimized, click on the door and YOU'RE OUT!

I got the door open with the acid I put on my clothes. but i can't go through, what am I doing wrong?

at least this game is better than that gay game Escape Paris

Thx lili. i made it!

I can't get the batteries!

       Anonymous  3/21/09, 1:29 PM  

Rawr! >.< Lili I can't knock the Red Valve off.

right that was realy hard x
its took me ages x
alixisbaby take the wrench and just touch the red valve it will come straight of
thankz for every ones help though

i put in the code in the safe but it wont open! can someone help me?

way to get 2 batteries- 1)in the personnel department there is a bed and a machine. tip over the machine by clicking the cable looking thing on its down right side keep clicking it and it will break. the battery will fall behind the bed. take the apple core and put it in front of the mouse whole. U now have the first battery.

2)go to the office looking room and open the long cuber take out your wrench and hit the Dictaphone while not in the inventory. Then click it to put in inventory. Double click it and click the last battery. You now have both. :)

what gloves???? where do i get them???

Thanks a lot guys i thought i could get out but half way of your comments i manage to get out.. merry x mas..to all


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