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GOW WalkthroughGOW is the sequel to GOP which is a kind of room escape game type point and click game created by mmoo, who is also creator of Twinkle and Zashiki Warashi and Seven Lucky Gods games. This game has two language option, Japanese and English. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Misse]

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Hi, anyone playing this?
I have used the clues and got the password for the computer to draw the ingredients.
I also have a thermometer and a clue for the lock on the closet. I'm trying to draw the letters by using the positions of the letters on the keyboard, but it didn't work. Has anyone else got it?

Oh, I was right, I got it :-)

i have paper and a pencil
i also have password for computer i have a clue for lock but it makes no sense

what ingredients

one of the clues for the computer password is a red herring. The clue "look down" is a better one.

I now have money too, but don't know how to get the ninja to shop for me.

Also have paper saying "He rigs bib" and have no idea what that means!

I love this series. Gonna start and try not to peek!

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i used the thermometer on the stove but it didnt help

Got into the lock, (letter clues for lock trace out letters on your keyboard), got the money and piece of paper, went out, show the guy the hot thermometer to make him shop for food, and then you follow him out and do this whole fishing thing... but i can't catch the fish, and he's starting to annoy me. Anyone gotten this far? (do i just keep trying or is there something to add to the fishing rod)

Aaaand nevermind. Got the stupid fish.

im showing the guy the thermometer but he still isnt going

Do you have the changepurse and the note "he rigs bib" with you?

And the ingredients list?

no i dont have the ingredients list

Use the pencil and paper on the website for the ingredients..

i am so stuck on diciphering the pc code...any auggestions are welcome...please and thank you

Km77 when looking at the computer screen there is an arrow pointing downwards ("Look Down"). Click it and a new page should open. Match the symbols to the keyboard.

i cant get the fish

Finally figured out why I'm stuck! The webpage that loads for me doesn't bring anything up so I can't get any further. Says Quicktime and goes blank. Help please!


...will help with the computer password... take the advice "LOOK DOWN"... the link that clicking the down arrow as you're going to type the password sends you to didn't work for me the first time, but it did after a bit.

Thanks for the new link!

Use the paper note on the fish.. strangely enough...

I'm still stuck at that point where I'm back in the house, and can't get into the kitchen because i need to do something else first, inventory full... I think it has something to do with getting GOW to exercise.. any suggestions?

whats the code for the lock? i don't feel like using the hint with the keyboard picture

nvm... wow that lock code was brilliant!

I'm out! Or done! Or whatever! Thanks again, beith, for the link to the site. I'd be stuck without it. Cute game as always.

Anyone know what happens if you choose the wrong mushroom?

You need one more thing from the pond. Or near the pond.

Tickle the ninja with the fox feather. But you have to talk to the boy first on the floor.

Use that to make someone "dance".

click on the guy in front off the tv then go to the ninja and use the cattail on him
then you can go to the kitchen

Could someone please give me another hint to open the lock? Got the paper with the letters on it but now I'm stuck.

done if any one needs help im willing to give hints

the letters on the sheet make letters on your keyboard

I think, I'm too dumb for this *gg*
Now I translated the letters into japanese letters...but I think this was the wrong way o_O


Code for the lock: KYA
Code for the computer: 7PQEU

I'll do a walkthrough if someone hasn't already started.

Thank you so much, Diana!
I still don't have the clue, why this is the right answer...but now, I can go on. :o)


-Turn right. Get the pencil and paperfrom the top drawer.
-Get the password hint paper and password decoder from the second drawer.
-Talk to ninja and he will ask you to go shopping for him.
-Turn right again and get the hint for the lock from the bookshelf.
-Right again and get the thermometer from the headboard.
-Go into the kitchen. Turn on the stove and use the thermometer on the stove to increase the temperature.
-Read the three notes on the wall.
-Note that one of them says Look Down!!!.
-Look at the hint for decoding the 3-letter lock. If you look down at your keyboard and trace the pattern that the 1st line makes, it is the letter K.
-The second letter is Y.
-The third letter is A.
-Therefore, the code for the lock is KYA.
-Click the lock and open the drawer. Get the wallet with 1000 Yen and the note that reads "He rigs bib".
-Click the computer.
-Click the blue arrown pointing downward. It will bring you to a website. Use this website to decipher the password code. (If you are having problems viewing the website: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/bc/KB_Japanese.svg/800px-KB_Japanese.svg.png). Thanks beth!
-The code for the computer is 7PQEU.
-Enter in the password.
-In the computer go to Internet Explorer>Tools>Toolbar>Favorites>Weight Loss.
-Use the paper and pencil on the ingredients to copy them down.
-Click Start to exit the computer.
-The door will open. Use the thermometer to convince him to get the ingredients for you.
-Get the mushrooms from the tree (Remember what they look like!).
-Get needle and thread from man in the lake.
-Get tree branch.
-Use needle and thread on the tree branch to make a fishing rod.
-Use the fishing rod on the pond. But the fish is too smart for you!
-Use the "He rigs bib" note on the fish.
-Grab a foxtail from the side of the pond before you leave.
-Return to the house and talk to the GOW on the floor.
-Use the foxtail on the Ninja to make him dance.
-Dinnertime! Put water in the pot.
-Get the knife from the cabinet door and cut the ingredients.
-Click the glass cabinet door and measure out the correct amount of soy sauce and mirin.
-GOW will now try the soup but he will get sick.
-Identify the mushroom correctly to the Ninja (it is orange with yellow dots).
-GOW is fine and he is now Prince Charming!
-Click through all the dialogue and you're done!

(Did the turquoise text give anyone else a headache?)

And looking at the walkthrough, I get a bit wiser *g*

"(Did the turquoise text give anyone else a headache?)"

Oh yes, this was nasty!

I couldn't get the website with the translation to load in IE, so I used mozilla and it worked.

Diana: I have tried the password for the computer several times, but it still wont work. Help?

Hmm, try in lower case?

Thanks Diana! I can't believe it was that simple! Oh well, at least now I can move on. Yay!

Haha, no problem!

Is anybody having trouble with the soy sauce and measuring spoon. They want 4cc of soy sauce but they only have 3cc 5cc and 10cc. I have everone none seem to work. Need help

yes bash, I can't get it either

You have to fill one of the smaller spoons and move the amounts to a larger spoon. Trial and error will eventually get the right amount (4cc or 1cc) into the spoon. When you get it, she automatically adds it to the pot.

I have tried using the 5cc one figuring 4cc of soe sauce and 1cc of mirin,the mirin doesnt show is there anyone besides Cat and I still playing or giving hints?

how do i get they soy down to 4 in stead of 5?

Crap, I started to write down the steps, but she put them in the moment I got it! I will try again.

your the best D

I put soysauce and 3cc and the soy sauce and the spoon go away and its back to start again. It doesnt let me put it in a larger spoon,what am I doing wrong?

nvm i finally got it thanks!

Soy Sauce:

Just click in this order:

1. Soy Sauce > 5cc
2. 5cc > 3cc
3. 3cc > 10cc
4. Soy Sauce > 3cc
5. 3cc > 10cc
6. Soy Sauce > 3cc
7. 3cc > 10cc
8. Soy Sauce > 3cc
9. 3cc > 10 cc
10. 3cc > 5cc

Sorry if it's confusing!



1. Mirin > 3cc
2. 3cc > 5cc
3. Mirin > 3cc
4. 3cc > 5cc

diana..it did not work for me (mirin)

whats up with all of the dialogue at the end?that game took me a long time b/c i was trying to do it without help but thanks anyway

THank you so much Diana for the warkthrough. Next time i will walk through Ghent with you.

nvm got it!
thx diana

Put the Mirin in 3cc then transfer it to the 5cc spoon. Put more Mirin in the 3cc spoon and transfer it to the 5cc spoon. Since the 5cc spoon already has 3cc in it, it will only take 2cc from the 3cc spoon, leaving 1cc of Mirin.

Wow, that was wordy and confusing.

also for the mirin:

1.fill 3cc,dump it into 10cc
2.repeat number 1
3.dump 10cc into 5cc

That's MUCH easier than my roundabout way.

lol thank you!that was the first thing i thought about trying since i wasnt using the walkthroughs!

Nice job! It's hard not to take a quick peek. But one peek, leads to another, leads to another, and before I know it I'm refreshing every few minutes!

you've got yourself a deal! hehe

Thank you for the walkthrough. I was having problems catching that fish.

I'm having trouble with measuring the mirin. How do you get it to be 1 cc?

oops! sorry! I didn't see the new posts!

Anyone here..?

does anyone else find it cool that they teach us japanese writing on this game..lol..or is it just me..

i bookmarked the keyboard..lol..save it for later japanese games..ya..

i like these kinds of escape/puzzle games... thank god it's in english.

pulling kleenex for twenty minutes does nothing as i can see..

       Anonymous  1/6/08, 8:50 PM  

I've tried the walkthroughs for the mirin ingredient but I still cant get it to work right.. Any advice?

..u need help with cc...is that what u mean..

10 cc cup..put into empty 3cc cup.
this will leave u with 7cc's..again empty 3cc cup..into bottle

put the 7 into the 3cc cup...leaving you with 4cc's

AS for the 1cc.
Empty 10cc..cup
Put 5cc into 10cc cup
Then add the 3 cc cup to the 10..cup
making it so u have 8cc

Then fill up 3cc cup..empty it into 10cc cup....there for leaving u with 1 cc in the 3 cup.

hope that helps.!!

how do i use the twig n needle n thread 2 gether

how do i use the needle n thread n the twig 2 gether

I know no one is playing now probably, but if any of you see this - I can't seem to get the ninja to go shopping! I have the thermometer highlighted when I click on him, but it just goes thru this dialog about not wanting to go how he's dressed. can't seem to pick up clothes so I'm stuck. Any thoughts? Thanks!

PS I got into the computer and I have the recipe. But the door wasn't open on it's own, I could open it with a click but I was able to since I started the game, so I think something is wrong somewhere, maybe?

Arfing u still here..? ill explain if u are..let me know

U have to heat up thermometre to make him think he's sick...then once u convince him hes sick then, u must write down ingredients...door will open at that time..

diana am trying to use the foxtail with the ninja to make him dance but it's not working, what am I doin wrong help!!!!!

where do i have to put it on him to make him dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there..notsure if Diana is still subscribed to this thread or not..been awhile since we played this..but ill try to help..:) u more than likely have to speak to someone first then use it on him..also have u caught fish with it..?

sorry i remember now u dont catch fish with it..but u do have to talk to gow on the floor...before u get ninja to dance..someone in the house tells u he's tickelish i think..

Gr8 game, thanks for the walkthrough ... couldn't done it alone.

it took me more than an hour to load... =S

I'm cant get the darn fish,can any1 teach me hoe 2 fish the fish,i'll pretty pls T^T


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