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HASSE - How A Story Should End Walkthrough

HASSE - How A Story Should End

Hasse WalkthroughHASSE - How A Story Should End is a new room escape game type point and click game created by MMOO, who is also creator of Gow, Twinkle and Zashiki Warashi and Seven Lucky Gods games. Search around to collect items and solve puzzles for escaping the room. This game has two language option, Japanese and English. Good luck and have fun!

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Anyone playing? Found a pencil, 7 notes and a note with the alphabet.

I need a black paper now ...

These games are so cute. I'm gonna take a stab at it and check back if I get stuck.

       Anonymous  1/15/08, 7:35 AM  

aaah the game aint loading for me :(

I have a pencil, 6 notes and a note with the alphabets. What did I miss? Oh noooo

the flags in the kitchen are marine signals

I have 7 + 1 notes now. What next?

anyone found all 8 notes yet?

I have deciphered the marine signals. Tried to enter it into pc, but doesn't work. Anyone suggestions?

weeee I have all the notes!

Is that ninja secrets supposed to work? It's not valid for me.

Also, there's something hiding beside the headboard (view of the tissue box and cell charger) that is too narrow and far to reach.

Can't find paper for origami, dunno what to do with the "ever after" hint ...

I meant the ninja secrets WEBSITE. Still working on "ever after" as well. I thought of trying "happily" but no go.

I'm just missing one note, I think.

Oh, silly me, got the paper.

You have to get to the website to know how to grab the thing behind bed

got the password. even without all the notes yoy can decypher it.

Website won't work for me...

Hi havent got website on kitchen paper to work yet, but have got password for computer, the notes are an anagram.

In have 6 notes (stool, TV-drawer, fridge, closet, DVD-Deck, cuoboard)! Where are the others?

and out at last

There's a note in the tissue box.

allways: one in the box of tissues.

you can enter the website on the pc after you got the password

Hmm, still missing one note.

where is black paper ??

lasers.. you have to get another ninja to break bottle

You don't need tweezers to get the note from bottle, someone will break bottle for you.
You make black paper, you don't find it

i figured it out christine, thanks. power of posting

Christine, you make the black paper, using 2 things you already have

And I'm out. Thanks guys.

Please, I can?t see the web . Can you tell us what it's in that web?

Hint on where the last note is or a hint to the PC password?

I think the website in the kitchen is for the PC in the game, but you need to have the password first.

You've got to see the website in-game ! not in your browser !

i'm out too. nice game

Diana - its very near the dustbin

Thanks, Jenn! I REALLY need to adjust the contrast on my monitor.

Oh, so there was a note with letter "P" ? I had not found it, but it's not really needed anyway =)

Oops... Jeje. Well, I (don't know how to say that) "decodified" the flags, but not work at computer.

My "password" isn't working.

i got all the notes and i think i got the "password" but it wont work

diana, lower case, no space, as written on the computer.

got all the notes password wont work

Yup, that's what I've been doing but it's not working.

Now that I've made my origami, I dont know what to do with it. I think I'm missing something.

all i have are the 8 letters the alphabet and the pencil am i missing something for the "password"

You're trying the password from the notes or the one from the marine flags ?

Sorry if that sounds dumb, just checking =)

phillip, go left in the kitchen and use it there.

I think I am missing a note ...
I have ones from the tissues, dvd deck, drawer near the tv, behind the stool, bookshelf, closet, refridgerator, and cupboard.
They are the letters a, d, o, w, r, s1 and s2

the one from the notes

GAh! Thank you Lasers I completely missed that arrow to the left.

out! thanks all.

I'm using the "password" not "ever after".

it's under the dustbin. I had a hard time seeing it too.

"password" is anagram.. you look for symbols, write down letter, mix letter and you have three words. example sing with letter a is letter L

not loading

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by "sing with letter a is letter L".

i thought the password was "password"

I'm dense. I have it now.

Thanks Diana ... Are you having trouble with the password? Unscramble the letter parts of all the notes you found to spell a word. Then use the symbols and decode each letter. This will also spell out something, which is the password.

I think I am supposed to use the pencil to write down how to shrink myself? But I cant figure out how to do that ...

Look at the symbols on the symbol sheet. Find the matching symbols to the shapes you already have. Unscramble the letters again. There is the actual password.

amanda, just go to the view with the tissues again

haha thanks!
Guess I'm too influenced by some of the other games in this series. :)

I can't believe I was that blurry about it all. I'm out! I hope this isn't the end of this series since it is called "How a Story Should End".

I'll do a walkthrough with all the help we got.

i got the password i went on the pc website but i dont know what to do with the scribbled lines.

There is nothing to do with the scribbled lines, if you saw them, that's enough.

broke the bottle now what?


-Open the top drawer of the computer desk. Get the pencil.
-Turn right. Get the Bionicle Alphabet note from the bookshelf.
-Note that you can't open the top drawer of the vanity.
-Pull out the stool. Get note D.
-Open the closet and get the note A.
-Turn right again. Keep pulling tissues from the box until you get note O.
-Note there is an item on the right that you can't reach.
-Click the dustbin and get the note P.
-Turn right to the TV. Get the note W from the drawer.
-Get the note R on top of the DVD player.
-Go into the Kitchen. Read all 3 notes. Make note of the flags. The 3rd note is in regards to the number of times you must pull tissue out of the box for the note.
-Open the left side cabinet and get the note S (1)
-Open the fridge. Get the note S (2).
-Note that the left arrow gets you to the entrance way.
-You now have 8 notes. If you rearrange the letters you get the word "password".
-Look at the shapes that each note has. Find the corresponding letter on the Bionicles Alphabet. Rearrange the letters to get the actual password for the PC. The password is "iloveyou".
-Log into the computer and open Internet Explorer. Enter in the URL from the note in the kitchen. Now you know how to shrink.
-Go back to the item you couldn't reach behind the bed. You can shrink yourself to fit and get it.
-Get the glass bottle w/ note inside.
-Use the bottle on the warrior (guarding the drawer) and he will break it for you. Now you know how to make an origami figure.
-Use the pencil on the Bionicle Alphabet to get the black paper.
-Use the black paper on the origami instructions to get the cockroach.
-Go back to the entrance way (via the Kitchen) and use the cockroach.
-The warrior is no longer guarding the drawer. Open the drawer and get the tweezers.
-Note that the closet is now locked.
-Use the tweezers to pull her thorn out. She gives you the remote control.
-Use the remote control on the TV to decode the flags on the note in the kitchen.
-Enter the code into the lock on the closet "EVER AFTER".
-Open the closet, click through the dialog and YOU'RE OUT!.

Thanks lasers, einkaldir, and jennifer!

thnx for the help i finally got out only because of your help

How do you read scribbly lines on the web sight so you can shrink?

if mmoo reads this blog ever i want to tell him/her i simply love his/her games!! keep on designing them, u r simply gr8

WOOTS!!!!!!!!! im out!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDD i love mmoo's games!!!!!!!!!

I love room escape game so much.and many thank for create game for our. Cheer up!!!

help nearly out just when I enter the website in google it keeps coming up page not found what am I doing wrong?

hey diana!!tnkz!really needed some help!!

please help as nearly finished, thank you.

How do I use the cockroach? It's driving me crazy

Can someone tell me where to put the cockroach? im soo stuck! here i dont know what via means sorry diana..:(

You put the cockroach in the room next to the kitch where the shoes and the mail slot are {go in the kitchen and click right{or left i cant remember] and clik the mail slot.! :D thanks diana


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