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Escape from the Basement Walkthrough

Escape from the Basement

Escape from the Basement is another new point and click room escape game from Shatteredgames, creator of Kitchen Escape and Dream Escape games. In this game, you try to search around to find some useful things and solve puzzles to escape the basement. Good luck and have fun!

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Wow, I'm here early for once!

He guys,
found a crowbar, key, blue handle, cheese, and a blue and green piece (dont know the name....)

i've never been here at the start! think a lot of people are tied up in that stupid haunted house game!

any idea where to use the crowbar??

Yeah I skipped that one.

yippee yahooey !

Hey guys :) give the cheese to the mouse take a green handle. In a blue basket keep clicking on a blue shirt you get a blue spigot, put in round thing next to the sink and then turn the faucet little ducky will swim up with a number. Number corespond to number of turns you will have to do with turny thingies. o and go up the steps and take a key out of the door open the box on a wall, has a red thingie

cheese with mouse, of course!!

theres another allen key (handle under the sink, right leg I think

i got a crowbar,blue handle(used), blue n green things(used) chesse(used)but cant figure out what the crowbar is for

I'm out!!


use crowbar on the floor by the window, where the lightbeam shines:)

thats heavy, salvan!!

I didn't use the crowbar.

Nice easy game.

how many times do you turn the green pentagonal allen key?

Sorry, I hope I didn't offend any one. It's the first time I have posted and got out on the first attempt!!!! Just pleased with my self, sorry!

cant get the allen key from the washing machine..
BTW, Hi you everyone =) !!

me too, saintj

nvm salvan, i hit your shoulder ;-)

how do i get the red thingie out of washing mashine?

Me too Salvan! Well done

You need to find another coin to work washer, look around under the stairs, and Hi! to you :0)

can you say more about the other coin? I've clicked all around the stairs, under and up near door, but find nothing. thx!

i even put the lights on, but all i find under stairs is an empty mousehole *snif*

move around til you see hand, underside of third step from top. Can anyone tell me what number goes with green handle?

lol Raz.....your 'whoa is me' snif made me chuckle

jburd try looking on the underneath of the stairs

what do i do after i turn those thingies?:)

click around the stairs until you get under them for the coin, then go to the fuse box for the red allen wrench, a number and to turn on the washer. Put the coin in the washer, it will drain and you can get the allen wrench from it.

found it, thx pinky!

and out, back to the haunted house....c if theres any progress!!

Pinky, green is 4:)

hi everyone! has anyone found the yellow allen key?

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thx, P4E! I kept clicking on the hand that was hot at the bottom of the stairs. .....of course, now I can't find how many turns for the green wrench. or get the crowbar to work on the floor.

oops, i really wont do that, jburd!!!

no, no, no, Raz! I truly meant it in a 'thanks for making me laugh' way. I write the same thing sometimes....kind of like Eeyore from Poor Bear stories, like, 'ohh dearrrr....' I wasn't meaning to be unkind, pls understand.

yellow key under sink with duck, tied to the leg.

green wrench is 4 jburd - i don't know what to do with the crowbar though!

Thanks Gellka,I'm still stuck though, what do u do after turning the things?

tyvm Tumbleweed! I keep thinking maybe things have to be done in sequence, but that doesn't seem to be the reason the crowbar doesn't work..

okay, i clicked like a mad-woman all over the sun-lit place on the floor. suddenly it zoomed in on a crack; used crowbar

how do u get the red thingie from the washer?

lol, of course i understand you - i´ll send you Picklet to bring you a handkerchief and we sniff together ;-)

move your cursor over the floor between the light beams until you find a hot spot and then click to zoom in...then use the crowbar...any ideas what to do after you turn the allen wrenches? I'm stuck! eep!

ummm....DUH. got the screwdriver, moved the panel, put in new bulb.....and saw the green symbol and # 4. oops. I went out of order, obviously. still can't get out.

aaaarg crowbar not doing anything!!

Raz - lol! thx!

after i turned my keys my window automatically opened so maybe you did something wrong? :(
i didnt use my crowbar and i dont have a screw driver?

ellenka - you need to open the fusebox and flip a breaker switch, and then you need to find another coin under stairs.

ohhh thanks you devildolldee!! i was going mental with that crowbar!!

hey nightgamers

Addy - maybe i'm messing up the blue one. how many times do i turn it? i don't remember where I found that clue...

ohh it turns out i didn't even need to bother with the crowbar thing anyway cos i had cheated and got the answer for the green wrench from you guys hehehe!

jburd - blue is on wash basket

There seems to be a few of us that just ain't getting outa this room as easy as others, I've done everthing, turned those bloomin allen keys and theres no window opening for me, pah!

taking forever to load

Got it...I reloaded and started again...I guess if the sunbeams are gone it won't open...thanks all for your help! On to the next one!

and if you didn't use crowbar or screwdriver, how'd you see the green # clue? I said it earlier...I think I missed some steps

correct me if i am wrong: Red -6 Blue -2 Yellow-3 Green-4

that's what i've got gellka

oh, yeah!! tyvm Tumbleweed!

tab key works btw

pinky, for me it is the same!!!
Don´t understand that, i turned right times, but nothing happens

well, rats. i've done all i can find to do, turned the allen wrenches the correct # of times, and I'm still stuck with just a black light bulb in my inventory.

Maybe something with the 9-fuse in the fuse box? I cant open the window eighter

I'm using 6-2-3-4 also gellka, and nothing. Tried it with sunbeams, tried it without. no window opens for me.

right, is it just me or is this game buggy?? i've just restarted and now the sink won't fill up and i can't click on the sink leg to get the key

Well,either us 4 are very thick, or we have a bug in the game. The second one makes me feel better. No wonder people I helped have got out before me!

ignore that - sink now filled and found key :)

okay, y'all. there must be something simple we're missing. lots of people have gotten out of this room! ;-)

buhuu! jburd please give me back the handkerchief....i´ll never escape this basement. what a nonsense, why havent i used the crowbar to break the window?!?!?

I have to restarted and now it works and I`m out

ok think i've got it!!

you need to wait until you've got all four keys before you put them in and turn them

i've just done it that way and now i'm out

I restarted the game and waited to put the alienkeys until i all had them. Then i got out....

I vote with Pinky - it's gotta be buggy, b/c I can't think of anything we've missed between the four of us working on it.

seriously LOL'd on that one, Raz! I'm just sitting here...in the dark...wishing I could open a window to escape...and it's a little chilly in here....but never mind me... ;-)

Yep, I took a big gulp, reloaded and now I'm out, def a bug. Tut tut, fancy wasting our time like that. I mean, we're obviously very busy people!! Thanks for all your help, all.

buggy thing!
Here it is 01:33 and i see stars dancing in front of my eyes - better i go sleeping!
Good night to all!

had the same [roblem w/window not openeing so refreshed. this time flipped switch and drained washer last and was able to escape!

oops that should be 'problem' and 'opening'!

well i'm glad i'm out, just need another escape game fix now!

finally out, thank u guys and good night

yep - buggy, or just testy about the way we do things. I restarted, and waited to put allen wrenches in and window opened. thanks much to all - I enjoyed the after work game and visit!

to use the crowbar first click between the lightbeam (once you click you should see a crack in the floor) then use the crowbar to get the screwdriver... use the screwdriver on the screws on the water heater thing and get the black blub then go to the light and put the black blub in and turn it on, go over to the washer and dryer and you'll get the green number

Same here. I put in each allen wrench as I found them, and couldnt get out. I started over, and got all the wrenches before I put them in..and was able to get out.
Nice game!!!

With the wrenches, I put the red first, clicked how many times to turn, blue next, turned, etc. and then the windows opened.

I was stuck too - did everything, but couldn't open the window. I put all of the allen wrenches back to their starting positions, then moved the red one click. And the window opened.

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Help... i can´t find the coin... :(

This comment has been removed by the author.

ok... got it all but still the window isnt opening... :S
pls help

Easy game, out all by myself,
its a lot easier when the arrow changes into a hand.

Wow! I was having the same problem as the rest of you...had all the allen keys in, turned them, nothing. Restarted, held on to them until I had them all and then put them in...got out no problem! It would have been nice to know we had to hold on to them until we had all of them, would have saved a lot of trouble and frustration!

100th lol


1-coin is beside of stairs which is third of top on.
2-take crossbar
3- get on the stairs and take key
--> next room which has a window

4-open lock with key
5- take bluehandle
6- turn 9th switch on
7- go to wash machine room
8- put coin to wash machine and run the machine
9 - take red handle inside of wash machine
10 - focus to blue basket , click clothes you will take a valve
11- go to room with has a thermostat
12- put the valve to the termostat and clich twice
13 - go to sink and click left turncock
14- a yellow duck will appear focus back the the top right side of sink .get the yellow handle
15 - take cheese from mouse trap
16- go to the stairs room
focus to left of stairs
17- give cheese to mouse take green handle
18 - goto window room
19 - put all handles to the place
20- turn red 6 times
blue 2 times
yellow 3 times
green 4 times

You escaped

Just got to play..That was a fun n easy game...Thanks Megipoland

There are something missed in the walkthrough. Without that you can't get the green no.

1. click on floor between 2 sun rays and find a crack
2. use crowbar and find screwdriver
3. use screwdriver on thermostat to get UV bulb
3. replace bulb with UV bulb and turn it on
4. found on wall of laundry room that pentagon = 4

ok... so once you get the cro-bar, there are rays of light near the floor of the window, click in between them. Once you do that, you should see a crack. Use the cro-bar on that. You get a screwdriver. Once you do that, go towards the water heater.. or the huge cylinder. Click on the upper part of it. You see a pannel for the screwdriver. Then you get a purple light. Go to the lightbulb near the stairwell. Drag the purple light bulb to thelight. then pull the chain. Once you have the light on, then go to the wall where the washer and dryer are. Once you are there you will get the number of turns for the pentagon. or the green shape.

hate this game >:|
i played it once window would not open played it again open right up >:|
wat the crap
but it was fun :D
thanks for your help people

Just so everyone knows...in order to get out after you turn the allen wrenches, it MUST still be daytime outside. If it's dark out, it will not open for some reason. And if you can't find the 'hot spots' people are talking about use tab and you'll see little boxes outlining where to click...hope this helps somebody :)

hey guys i know how to use the crowbar close the light and youll see a window with light coming down and click the black part than you can use the crow bar

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