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Sleeping Beauty Walkthrough

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is another new point and click type room escape type game created by Twinkle, who is also the creator of Cindrella Escape , Escape from Pink Door , Escape of Blue Door and Escape of Yellow Door, Escape of Little Red Riding-Hood and many more. In this game, let's rescue the princess by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Afternoon :)

hmm it its getting to be noon


Hi diana
Long time no see. glad to see you in this live game.

Hi all!

Hi Shuchun!

Woot. Live game.

woohoo a Ax

Hi Shuchun! Long time :)
Got axe.

Got an axe and opened gate.

found a key in the flowers

Hi Ruff,glad to see you in this live game,too.

Hey guys!

Ahh see now. Get balls w/ numbers to match the number on the brick wall.

I got an axe, handle-looking thing and a key(used)

Can't find a thing :(

Found a box with a color code or something.

Think I'm just looking for the 3 to open the tower door now.

Guessed the password for the drawer. Couldn't find the first letter of the word, but played these games before so could tell what they were after! ;-)

stuck in same place as jam

I think the 3 is behind a patch a grass by the fountain?

hi all...i can't find anything

Got an axe, shovel, match (used), VI orb, handle, yellow key (used), blue key (used), code 3526 and some letters.

Use handle on fountain, jam.

somebody help me. i can't find anything. i am in the first view

Can you guys give some of us slow pokes a heads up on the ax and key? I have clicked everywhere

maybe check bottom of spade/shovel for the missing letter, sam.

Thanks Diana. :)

kjwalsh, note order of color of flowers going right to left. click near the tree for the box, press the colors in the correct order.

@DPFF9Oke1ISYnShXNXm8ZzNic8N0BFnaCsDBh0Mr9A: First look for a box behind tree. Use flowers' hints to open it to get an axe. By the way, could you give us another nick name to call you, your name is too long!

I think they forgot to add the stuff in our games DPFF9Oke

Cheers Diana, found it and out!

Oops! Don't touch the needle. Bad End :(


I found the axe handle yellow key(used), and VI I need help please.

Where is the shovel? I found where to dig but don't have the shovel.

What do I do with '3526'?

Thanks Diana, I have tried it 4 times and won't work, I will reload.

Jam, put the Roman number balls in that order in the door.

Think shovel was in the drawer, use blue key?

Where did you guys get the shovel?

Ahhh it's backwards Thanks!!

Aaaaaand...Happy End :D

Hmm, don't have a blue key. But I made fire! At least I'll be warm while I search.

Still lost. :( Where's the blue key?

Look at thet! A blue key Thanx :)

what is the code for the cupboard, my letters don't make sense?

blue key is in the fireplace.. leave the room then go back.

Still don't know where to use '3526'

lazy, you almost have it. Leave room after lighting fire, then go back in.

Jam, use it on the grey door. Using the balls w/ roman numerals.

Anyone get something other than the Bad and Happy Ends?

I'm still missing number 2 ball, I assume it's in the cupboard but I can't figure out the letters

Thank you. She's up and I'm out.

Oops, I mean the number is on the brown door AFTER the grey door and up the stairs.

help can not find matches..

Oh. Thanks a lot. :) I got the bad ending though.

geroff, Think Disney and _ _ _ _ _ing beauty...

matches are to the left of drawers in room w/ rocking chair.

Anyone know the code to the cabinet or where the matches are?

I'm having no luck figuring out how to use the handle! Only missing the #5 coin.

trying to figure out drawer code.....

Handle is used on the right side of the fountain.

thank you

for the code to the drawer, look at the title of the game.

KJwalsh, the matches are in the second room, behind the cabinet. also, for the code...think sleeping beauty and the letters you've been finding. hint: 5 letters

serena V ball is outside.. on the water fountain.
use the handle to get it

omg! thank you so much diana!

Am I missing letters? I have e,e,p,s.

the letter "l" is on the red rug

can´t find letter L. Where is it?

hello, where to used a shovel?

Use shovel in patch of grass behind the fountain.

thanks sweeti!

Thanks Diana I thought that was a red hatch with a handle. But it looks more an "i" tan a "L".

Yup, I didn't get it at first, until I looked at the rest of my letters. Well, good luck all!

Happy End!

thanks Diana

Yeah Happy end, thanks for all the help!

Retry and got bad end this time!

Shuchun, thanks for posting this game. It's a nice game.

No problem,Ruff. i like it too.

i cannot find the s. where is the s?

the s is on the shovel handle

I've found and used an axe and a yellow key. I have also some kind of handle. I can't find anything else.

And there is also a ball with VI (6) on it.

cute game anyone need help? out with good end :)

please someone do a walkthrough

Happy End!!!!Thx Shuchun!!!


Oh! Nasty thorns. Go left and click left side of tree to see a box with buttons. Examine the flowers for the code and notice the direction arrow. Get AXE.

Now clean up the place and find the numeric code. Make a note.

Open gate and note 1st letter on roof and go left to find a gold key in the flower bed.

Find fountain on the right.

Lets clean up and enter the castle. Upstairs and left door note 2nd letter and we have a safe. Enter right door and open bottom drawer for a CRANK. Use key on top drawer for a blue ball VI. What is that? Left side of cupboard are MATCHES. See 3rd letter on chair.

Go out and right and see 4th letter on the floor (its not a handle). Enter door and go to gray door - we need four balls and placed in the numeric sequence found outside on the wall, so we can place the first blue ball.

Exit and up to left door and light the fire. Exit door and go back in and get BLUE key. Open bottom of the safe and get a shovel. Examine end of shovel for 5th letter. That makes a suitable word to enter in the safe. Get II ball.

Exit castle and visit the fountain on the right and click the right side of the parapet of the fountain and find a hole. Use the crank and retrieve the V ball.

Now dig around the garden with the shovel and get the III ball.

Back in the castle and up to the gray door and put in the balls. Step back and open the door....ahhhhhhhhh.....


You will start out at the gate with thorns. Go left. Notice the flowers and note the order of the colors. Click to the left of the tree and notice a yellow box that has buttons that are the same color as the flowers. Following the colors of the flowers from right to left (as indicated by the arror) click the boxes on the yellow container in this order: pink, blue, orange, orange, blue, pink, blue, orange, pink. The box will open and you will get an axe. Use the axe on the thorns. Go right and use the axe again on the thorns. Go right again and use the axe on the thorns. You will get a number 3526. Go back once (left) Click gate and go towards castle.

Notice the "p" on the left tower. Go left once and in the flowerbed take the key which is right above the yellow flower on the left towards the back of the flower bed. Go right from the castle and notice the fountain. We cannot do anything here yet.

Click the up arrow to go to the castle. Take axe and remove thorns from in front of the door.

Enter the castle and go up the stairs. Enter the door on the left and notice the safe/cabinet and fireplace. Notice the "e" on the window. Go out to the hall and go into the door on the right. Notice the "e" on the rocking chair. Open bottom drawer and grab handle. Open top drawer with the yellow key from the flower bed. Get the "VI" ball. Click to the bottom left of the cabinet and get the matches.

Go into the hall and click right. Notice the "l" on the red carpet. Then go back to the first door on the left. Use the matches in the fireplace to light a fire. Exit the room and go back in. Grab the blue key from the fireplace. Use the key on the bottom drawer of the cabinet and collect a spade. Click the handle of the spade and get an "s" from the end of the handle. Now combine all of the letters together and get "sleep". Type that into the white area in the top of the cabinet. Open and get a "II" ball.

Exit to back outside and go to the fountain. Click on the front right side of the fountain and see a hole to put the handle in. Put the handle in and twist. Back up and now you can grab the "V" ball. Staying in the same place click on the patch of grass directly behind and to the right of the fountain. You will see a brown spot. Dig there with the spade. Here you will get the "III" ball.

Now go back to the castle. This time instead of entering through the brown doors, turn right and go through the grey door. Go up the stone steps. Remember the code "3526" from the wall in the beginning? Recreate that code in the door using roman numerals "III V II VI". If correct the balls will turn yellow. Backup from zoom and enter through the door.

Two endings.

Click the lips of the princess for the "Kiss" ending.
Click the needle on the spinning thread for the "Bad" ending.

Good luck!

After the intro you are at the main gate to the castle with over grown thorns and vines blocking the entrance.
Your mission is to rescue and wake sleeping beauty. Go left pink arrow to the large oak tree and flowers. Using the color of the flowers from right to left, you will click in that order on the yellow box that is located at the left side base of the big tree. Click in the colors on the 3 buttons (pink-blue-orange-orange-blue-pink-blue-orange-pink) The box opens giving you an axe. Go two steps to the right. Use the axe to clear away the thorns to reveal clue (3526)
Go left to main castle gate and again clear away thorns with the axe.Enter the court yard and go left.In the flower garden, find a yellow key by one of the yellow flowers. Go right to the castle entrance go forward once again to reveal the main doors blocked by more vines. Clear them away with the axe. Click on castle doors to open and go to top of staircase using the red carpet. At top of stairs go into the room on the right.Use the yellow key to open the two drawer chest. Take the ball with "VI" now open bottom drawer and take the handle for the fountain. Go all the way back outside to the courtyard and turn right to find the fountain. At the bottom right side of fountain, click and put the handle in. Click again to turn on the water. Now take the "V" ball that is floating in the pool. Now go back to the same room with the rocking chair and look behind the left side of the two drawewr cabnet. Find matches and go back into hall and enter the room on the left side. Light the fire with the matches and leave the room. Go back in the room and find the blue key on the ashes in the fireplace. Take the blue key and open the bottom drawer in that same room. Take the spade and go all the way back out to the courtyard behind the fountain find a tuff of grass slightly to the right of the fountain in the background. Click to find a mound of dirt to dig with the spade. Take the ball with the "III" on it and return inside the castle. Notice the "P" on the left castle tower. Go to the top of the staircase and turn right. At the end of the red carpet notice the "L". Turn around and go back to the room on the left. Click on the spade and click "about item" Click again at the end of the handle to turn and reveal the "S" on the end.
Use these letter clues to enter the code in the top drawer... SLEEP ... Take the last ball with "II" and go back to the hallway. Follow the hall to the end and open the brown door. Go up the tower stairs to find the princess chamber. Remember the code from the wall outside the castle (3526) Thinking in olden days use the balls as roman numbers ( III - V- II- VI ) put the balls in the four positions. Take one step back and open the tower door. The Princess is asleep under the spell.... Two endings... If you go over to the spinning wheel and click on the needle you will have bad ending... If you go to the princess and gently give her a kiss on the cheek you will have the happy ending...

nice game, fairly eze :)

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