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Dress Changing Game Walkthrough

Dress Changing Game

Dress Changing Game aka Hungry Panda is another point and click type puzzle game created by Minoto, who is also the creator of Cupid of the Mouse, Magic and Cat Escape, Escape Game of RPG, Sleeping Princess, The Moon Princess, Turtle Help, The Four Seasons of Cast games and many more. In this game, you must choose right wear to take a food to the panda bear.

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Well this is different!

Not my type of game.

This comment has been removed by the author.

HI!!! I keep missing everyone!!

finally i get to join a live one..there have been soooo many today:)
been matching clothes around.now the panda wants coffee

Ok, I'm not getting it. Are they supposed to dress like a hamburger, cook, or what?

Hi notty, how are you?

hi green,im doing fine.have xams coming up and im not doing anything except play escape games and sleep:)
you have to dress the girl according to the food he wants...does that make sense

Got the first one (Hamburger outfit), stuck on second one (baker?)

like the first one dress her up in the pink hat top and bottom..she becomes a burger serving girl.bit tricky to get the correct dress

I just ended class yesterday, so haven't been on here much.
I'm on the bread one now, this is hard for me, but it's different than the others!!

woohooo, i looooove minoto :)

I am by the soup...and stuck..

second is a cream green color combination and third is black-blue with the cap on

Got baker outfit. No idea for soup outfit

third is other black without cap and then he goes off to sleep.perfect end!!

and which shorts??

ooh this is... different...

Aww, that was a cute game. Done!

Now stuck on coffee. Dumb game. I'll try someting else.

finished...perfect end (=

First one is the red outfit with red cap red shorts and red/ gray shirt.

second is green shorts, green cap and the creamwhite with "tie" shirt

third is the gray blue shirt from third line, blue pants and black hat

fourth is orange pants second line gray/blue shirt

..and end (=

Oh this panda. no wonder they're endangered.

Okay, I've done the green combo about 22 times now and that stupid bear won't stop slapping the plate with the fork.

thanx Minoto!

Thank You Megi! We're some kind of witches or something! Love You! dziękuję!!! Forgive us Yalcyn!!! ;*

what combo do you use for coffee

Wasn't easy as earlier ones, but still one end...need more Minoto with more views and combining things...more endings...more MINOTO :D MORE ;)Should release 50 games a week he he :D

22 post @Fey...

not thrilled with this one.

Ohhh Minoto! my Favorite! I almost don't even want to start because then it will be over!!!!!

yay, yaggus! are we? :lol
that was easy one

ohh that Panda doesn't like the outfits i've been choosing...

ohh i'm stuck on the coffee outfit!

something like walkthrough ;))

finished, with one fat, happy sleepy panda! Ok Minoto we need another game soon!!!!!!!!

Bitchy panda! >:(

What's a panda doing drinking coffee?

Lol, coffee knocked out the panda! Woo-hoo!

Oh =( I was so excited to see minoto but it's not a real game.

gonna try this one,

Ahh..what a great way to start off a holiday weekend...a game of Minoto! Yipeee!

Oh no! I hate to say it but this is not a good game :(
I love the games from this author....I just don't like this one.

And that panda bear is very bossy!!

I fed my panda and he had an allergy attack. it involved a gross amount of snot and him falling over. :(

looking forward to new minoto games :)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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