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Detarou - Nobushi Escape Walkthrough

Detarou - Nobushi Escape

Detarou - Nobushi Escape is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Detarou. Gather items, solve some puzzles to escape this room. There are 4 possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

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Detarou - Nobushi Escape Video Walkthrough

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
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Spoiler:   Use This:


Got 4 of those "saitou get" puppet thingeys?

And I think there's a language barrier.

Ooohh, live Detarou...

I'll give it a try! (How could I resist...)

Live one. Anyone?

5 saitous... for what?

I've got 6... Also for what??? ;-b

paper stuck on neck of left guy;right guy has puzzle on stomach, there is another puzzle in closet...

Yes Jon, I've seen that too. There are following hints:

SPOILERright beside sofa circles and squares and triangles, the watch (D R L D U U) and the hints in the book on deskSPOILER

Where did you get the 6th one?

I have the ones from:
2 from drawer

Sorry, can't remember, but I've got news: solved the horse riddle! I can give you a hint or a spoiler, just as you like

Hint first!

I'm in two new rooms now, lots of riddles there...

Ooh, found 6th one behind couch!

2 in drawer
1 in couch
1 behind couch
2 ????

Ok, I'll try:

No language barrier, the hint is the first one in the blue book, all letters are written there, you can see the second and the third and the first can be guessed (you see its neighbours)

Oh, yes, two at couch right, forgot that on in the couch.

By the way:

Hit The safe button before touching the red panda button in second room!!!!

Thanks! I thought that was a male sign. :D

The rest seems pretty simple, solved some riddles and seen a lot more new hints...

Gave the old man a booger and opened the door with hint from clock.

F$"/("$Y/$(" PANDA!!!!

8 cards...

got 2nd key for drawer in 1st room...

Out with 9 of the weird little guys and the stamp, dunno if it was a good end or not...

I'll hang around for a while in case somebody needs a hint (or a hand or a spoiler)

By the way: no language barrier so far, but maybe for a good end?

How do you get the paper from the left man's neck?

anyone got paper from man's neck or solved belly puzzle?

Got paper... combine clue from wall (moon + sun) with book and 2nd drawer of desk


See the moons and suns below the red panda knob (the DTTPK: DON'T TOUCH THE PANDA-KNOB!)? Combine that with the hint on the bottom of the book plus the hint in the second drawer.

If you don't get it, here is the


I've found the 10th little guy, perfect end now:


Thanks Jon D.! Out with 9 saitous.

how to get color of card symbols?

how to open the thing at the right next to door in third room? I gress then hints were the plate in cupboard, the paper with arrows and the color code behind '?' panel, but it doesn't work? Spoiler please?

Can't open the ggreen "?" panel...

Jen: look at my comment above at 6:22 for my 10th. You've found that one?

Where's the stamp?

The colors are indeed behind the "?" panel.


Jon, do as the blue book tells you, combine the two symbols to get one, use that on the green?

to open green ? panel, combine the two ャレ simbols and used them on the green ?

escapism: Found them, thanks!

Jon D.: Do you have two of those japanese signs? Combine them and use them there.

@Jen: see the tiles on the floor before going out? Where have you seen such a 4x4 grid before?


Whoops, sorry, it was


Yay, perfect end!

Oh, I finally opened it! I tried that combination a thousend times... thank you!

I have one set of symbols (??) found in desk

Can't figure out the drawer code...

YAY love these, just going in... :D

Jon, another set is in the box with three knobs (hairstyles) in the cupboard

Mel: the four digit drawer code is on the hint paper stuck in the neck of the left grey man. It is mirored, the right part is the number.


Spoiler for the hairstyle-box:

left knob is 1, right knob is 3, so:


Got belly end...

I was missing the number code. Thanks all!

Ok, had to do something... now just gone in again but not doing so well lol, trying to work out the horse riddle! (have seen escapism's hint, but still trying to work it out)

@Jo. C: Ok, so here it is, the ultimate horse spoiler:


Lol thanks for getting me on my way @ escapism!!

I am really really rubbish at this one today!! LOL.
Do I need a watch from somewhere? And how do I connect the two symbols?

Jo. C, I don't understand your question about the watch. Have you used the watch as a hint how to push the knobs on the backside of the white ball? Because that is what the watch is for. And as far as I remember you just click on one symbol and add the other by clicking on the other (or was it dragging???) Sorry for being not much more helpful, hope that the hints will help you.

Sorry! No i haven't seen a watch anywhere (just the clock on the wall), and I saw your comment above about the watch (D R L D U U)... but don't have a watch and I don't think they will work until I have seen it lol. And I can't seem to drag them symbols. I have saved and will have another go in a bit!! Something not right with my brain today lol :D

Hi later Jo.C. ;-) I've replayed it. If you have both symbols, you must be pretty much at the end of the game, so no watch needed (you just might have a hint that resembles a watch, but it refers to the plate in the cupboard and the card symbols on the plate). To join the japanese symbols, just double click one and then click the other, they should combine to one (the one looks exactly the same as the two ones that formed it, but that is of course not the weirdest thing in a Detarou game, as we all know).

How to get perfect end? I have 10 of the saitous.

Why doesn't anyone write WT's for these games?
There are lots of spoilers here...but the clues don't make sense....and why play a game when you just fill in all the blanks from the spoilers?

I have 6 grey guys (i'm calling them escape men ;) lol) and still stuck in the first room. Will update when I figure out what to do next, lol!


Start screen (girl)
Book on desk (pick up saitou #1). Note moon (left) sun(right). Note clue for horse code (spoiler below) and japanese characters X + X = ?
Desk bottom drawer. dig twice for 2 more saitou. Middle drawer note Right to Left.

Cabinet. Note plate and hairline box. Get saitou #4.

Go left (horse)
Enter horse code for key.

Go left (two old guys)
Note note stuck in neck, left/right belly buttons.

Go left (sofa)
Note clock numbers (spoiler below)
Get saitou #5 from sofa cushions. Right side of sofa note code triangle circle triangle square circle triangle. Saitou #6 behind sofa.

Use key for Room 2
Go left: (red button) note code (sun sun moon sun moon moon sun) and DO NOT PRESS THAT BLOODY BUTTON

Back up, go right (old man in ball) Click behind ball, enter clock code to unlock door

Go on to Room 3
Box: note circle triangle square. Open for hairline guys.

go left (palm tree): get saitou #7 & 8, note black/white key pad

Back up, go right: note cylinder with heart/spade/club/diamond

Back to Room 1 (girl) and open hairline box (spoiler below) for key and Japanese character 1.
Open grey desk drawer with key. Take note with hint for plate and note pattern for black/white keypad.

Room 1 Door view: click belly buttons. Combine sun/moon hint room 2, book, and drawer hint (Right to left). Take note from the guy's neck.

Use this number to open the grey desk top drawer (spoiler below) for Japanese character 2. Combine characters in inventory.

Room 3, palm tree view: open door with pattern

Use Japanese character on question mark. Take key, note colors order yellow, red, green.

Back out, turn right twice to cylinder. Set symbol with right/left arrows and color by clicking symbol (spoiler below)

Enter door and pick up saitou 9 & 10

For perfect end note new tile pattern.

Horse code:
S (between R and T)
Old man ball: S E W S N N W
Hairline box: 3 2 3 1 2 3
Belly buttons: R L L R L R R
Desk code: 5963
Cylinder Yellow diamond, red spade, green club

TY TY TY @andrea! I will go back in there and use your WT to guide and nudge me when I get stuck... Which I was...the same place as @sleepy student! LOL

Incidentally - people with AT&T as their ISP may not be able to load the game because SBC blocks the detarou website. I used to go to MixGames1.com because they would store a copy of the game there, but sometimes they just link back to detarou. My new way around this is to find a transparent proxy (has to be transparent) and that will get around the block. You may have to try a couple different ones to find one that works.

Andrea!!!! Thank you!!!! I would have never have gotten that horse code!

or any of those other codes! lol!
Thanks again!!! :)

I really liked the way you wrote the WT...orderly, concise, and easy to follow. Please do them more often @Andrea!

SGDALOWT (Some Games Deserve A Lot Of Walk Throughs)
I started the walkthrough earlier, but just got back to finish it. Hope this complements Andrea's.


Some cultural trivia:
Searching for "Nobushi", found this great reference:
(note especially the pictures at bottom of page)

Searching for "Saitou" I found this:

The 10 Saitous seem to be a reference to the Escape Man games.

(I'm sure there's much more that went over my head.)

As is usual with Detarou games,
there are many intriguing views and interactions not necessary to solve the game. Explore and enjoy!

This game has a side-game of collecting 10 gray ninjas (Saitous) -- optional

Inventory: Double click on item to look at it; click the little circle to close it.

Room 1 - Punchy Lady
Puzzles and hints:
In brown cupboard
-Plate of card suits
-3-button box
-Book with 3 clues
-Locked drawer
-4-digit drawer
-Arrow clue drawer
-Trash drawer
-Clock and couch
-Couch clue
-Locked Door #1
-(Tweedle) Dee and Dum
--Dee has Neck Paper
--Dum has Tummy Buttons
-Man-horse with 3-letter puzzle

Solve 3-letter clue for KEY #1
Use Key to enter ...

Room 2 - Panda Button
The door ahead is closed
On right is an old man in sphere (is it a giant spitball?) -- on the right side is a panel with 4 buttons
On left is a red button and a pattern of suns and crescents
The red button is the outline of a panda -- if you press it you'll get the Laughing Panda end.

Solve the 4-button puzzle to open door to ...

Room 3 - 3-men in a Box
Look at box top and open it
To right is a door, next to door is a puzzle of suits and colors
To the left is a Person-Palm and a door with a 4x4 code pad

Back tracking
Return to Room 1
Solve Tummy Button puzzle for PAPER CLUE #1
Solve 4-digit desk drawer for "アレ" # 1
Solve 3-button box for "アレ" # 2 and KEY #2
Use key to open left desk drawer for PAPER CLUE #2 and PATTERN

Return to Room 3
Solve the 4x4 grid to enter

Room 4 - ?
Solve the ? puzzle for KEY #3 and COLOR CLUE

Return to Room 3 and solve colored suits puzzle to reach

Room 5 - Exit
Use key on door to escape
(Wasn't that easy? lol)

3-Letters on horse
Clue in book on left page shows
-1st letter is between R and T
-2nd letter is O (not sign for "male")
-3rd letter is X (not cross-out)

4-buttons on sphere
Clue is the clock in room 1
Top is 56, Left is 37, Right is 2, Bottom is 14
Note that the digits 1-7 each appear once
Click the buttons 7 times: SPOILEBRLBTTLER, then center

Tummy buttons
Clues are
-symbols under red button "**)*))*". where *=sun, )=crescent
-symbols in clue book, bottom of pages (crescent on left, sun on right)
-order hint in middle desk drawer (right to left)
Reverse symbols to SPOILRLLRLRRER

4-Number lock
Paper clue looks like strange drawing or character
Look closer to see it's 4 digits, mirrored
Top to bottom: SPOIL5963ER

3-button box
clues are head of the 3-men-in-a-box, symbols on that box, symbols on right side of couch.
Matching hairlines and symbols, the buttons are

4x4 code pad
Pattern in locked desk drawer is
where g=gray, B = black
Press the "g" buttons to turn them gray

? box
In inventory, combine the two "アレ"s for "アレ" #3
Place on the ? symbol

Color Suits puzzle
Clues for suits are clue paper #2 and Suit plate
Clue paper has arrows: 1 stripe points to NE, 2 stripes to W, 3 stripes to NW
Corresponding suits on plate are diamond-spade-club
Clues for color are the color clue from the ? box
For color clue, think of 3 stacked mats, so YRG top to bottom

Saitous (gray ninjas)
Room 1 (6):
-bookmark in clue book on desk
-brown cb, middle shelf
-couch cushion
-behind couch
-trash drawer of desk (2)

Room 3 (2):
-left of person-palm
-behind person-palm

Room 5 (2):
-Under mat
-Under shoes

Laughing Panda (red button) ("candid")
Normal End (0-9 Saitous)
Complete End (all 10 Saitous)

Should have read Andrea's WT first - missed the Perfect Ends (with or without 10 Saitous)

(The normal ends you get a view of the Tummy buttons, in the perfect ends you get 3 spinning dolls.)

       Anonymous  8/4/12, 6:13 AM  

- for COLOURS on card suit cylinder, click:
R - 0x/4x (start)
B - 1x
Y - 2x
G - 3x

awesome game :) :)

indeed :)

And the perfect ending was even a bit "Tesshi-e style" =D (you know, in these games you usually have to re-enter a new code into some device you've already used before to get a Happy Coin; here you had to re-enter a pattern using a panel you used before as well, this seemed quite familiar ;))

And completing what Puzzled wrote...

In the Perfect end WITH 10 saitous, you will get TWO stamps, one for the saitous and one for the game! :)
And you will get only one stamp if you only found 9 saitous or less.

Where was the clue for the second pattern for perfect ending?

On the floor where the red shoes are.

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