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Cemet'ry Gates Chapters 3&4 Walkthrough

Cemet'ry Gates Chapters 3&4

Cemet'ry Gates Chapters 3 and 4 are the continuation of Cemetry Gates game. They are point and click type adventure game from Shattered Games, who is also creator of Dream Escape, Kitchen Escape, and Gallery Escape games. In this game, you have to click on objects and people to help the characters move to the next level.

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ok, not sure what to do here...

managed to water the tree and grow flowers. stuck now.

oops, not grow flowers, tree blossomed.

Ok, I have a tree full of pink leaves and a red 8 on the door. I am so stuck! I can't do anything else. Is anyone playin' who can help, Please?

aaaggghhh!! any1 there? don't make me do this alone. clicked every pixel on that pic and am now completely stuck.

I see a 8 on the door maybe that the time for the clock?


i'm stuck where you are.

i wish that girl would move...she's kinda creepy

Not sure if 8 is for time on clock, or color of paper in window and kite.

wanderer I think I'm stuck were you are I have the tree with the flowers I can change the flag don't know what colors. and have the clock on 8:00 if that does anything.

thx, but that's where i am, too. u forgot to mention pushing the tire lol.

I see when you move that wheel the paper in the window changes

Wandere - so far changed kite to every color, but nothing, do u have the 8 on the door?

Looks like a string is attached to the kite and clock if that means anything.

well, must leave, kiddies have homework. have fun and lots of good luck...

yes, i have the 8, too. ciao

yes I set the clock to 8:00 but It's done nothing for me still stuck.

I'm sure it has something to do with the colors, but no clue which ones, anyone still playing?

wanderer see ya come back later I will let you know if I finshed

mistophene still stuck

hey peoples i been here for a while but i figured i would start with chapter one and make my way thru well i will be back when i reach chapter 3 i am on two right now anyone else doing what i am doing ?

I've pushed the handle for the bucket in the well, but it never came back up. Clicked on the kite too and not sure what to do. Also did the clock. Maybe it needs to go to midnight?? Haven't tried that yet.

not sure what i did, but i have a 5 on the other door now (got frustrated and opened up another game), clock is set to midnight, my kite colors are blue, red, green, yellow, from top left going clockwise...will restart and let you know for sure how i got the 5 on the other door...not sure what it means

no I am just going crazy with chapter 3 and 4 I am going to pull my hair out. :(

the change in color of the window helps w/ the kite...weak game

I got 5 on the other door too - kite colors are:
blue red
green yellow

time on clock is 8:05

don't know what I did to get the 5, but I did turn the wheel on the deck a LOT

Jdw you are right on the colors of the flag I don't know what I did but the clock was on 8:00 now on chapter 4

time is 8:25...one hand on 8 the other on 5

I give up. Will wait for a walkthrough. This one is harder than the first episode

well one was not so hard if i could do it anyone can lol

made a mistake in earlier post...

colors on kite ...same order as window color changes....

chapter 4 is collecting spiders???

for chapter 4..you click on all the hidden spiders..it counts down when you have them all..and then your just done..just done..end of chap. 4

colors on window must be differnt for everyone, mine was blue, red, yellow, green.

for chap.3..I set the clock to 8:00 and my colors were the same as jdw0723 on the kite..

WALKTHROUGH for chapter 3

Click on handle on well, bucket will go down.
Click again, bucket will come up.
Click girl, she gets bucket.
Click green grass, gilr walks to grass.
Click bucket, water pours out.
Click Tree, it blossoms.(#8 appears on door)
Set kite colors to BLUE RED
(#5 appears on door) ...(if you turn the wheel, the window changes colors, turns blue, then red, yellow then green...clockwise, from top left those should be the colors of the kite.)
Set hour hand of clock on 8.
Set minute hand on 5.


i can only change one window by turning the wheel how do i change the rest

I am clicking like crazy don't know what I am doing down to 9 spiders have that machine going don't know what's if fore

Angel keep turning the wheel get the window to white then keep turning as the colors change put them on the flag top left then right bottom left then bottom right

Wow, I thougth that chap 4 would be more interesting, but you only have to find spiders, so sad =(

8 left for me..

5 spiders left, cant see anymore. Is there only one room to check?

Here is the walkthrough for first chapter
- Click on the big wheel. You will notice the color change - blue, red, yellow, green
- Change the colors on the kite from top left in this order.
- Number "5" will appear on the right door
- Take water from the well, water the tree and the flowers will bloom
- Number "8" appears on the left door
- Set he clock : Smaller hand to 8 (little before 8) and big hand to 5
- Done and enter the chapter 2
Don't know what to do now as can't click anything

yep, luly that was a quicky of a game right there..fun though

5 more spiders...machine just produces 1 spider...hidden panel on wall, key behind lamp shade...genle clicking is best in this chapter...rapid clicking seems to produce nothing, when i click once, things seem to happen...

for chapter four i dont know if it was a glitch or what but every time i opened and closed the drawer under the lamp i kept getting a spider like 8 or 7 of them did that happen to anyone else i going play again to see if it is how the game goes or not i will let you guys know .

Dont forget about the touch lamp on the right..turn off and on...also hidden panel on portrait..

yes, Mistophene613 only that one room..

another glitch - every time i turned the lamp on/off i would get another spider - got my last 5 that way. . .

I'm down to 6 spiders One I found next to the picture on the left the wallpaper slides down

yep, angelgurl. I got 4 from there I think..

Can't seem to find last 4....
maybe you have the ones i dont?

LOL@figuringitout....that works for me

yeah you can get all the spiders from the drawer under the lamp lol all of them just open and close drawer

Angel and Figuringitout
I was down to 6 spiders and It happen to me with the lamp and the drawer must be a bug.
more fun to find them around the room.

angel gurl - got the same as u, done now, got them all, this chapter was kinda boring.

Thats the way I got my last 4..was from the touch lamp..the drawer didnt give me that many..

i think you can do that for the lamp and the drawer lol cause i never even clicked the key one or the lamp one and still got all my spiders lol

Dang, no wonder that game was such a quicky..lol

That was a strange game, I got my last 4 spiders from the drawer....not sure if it was a glitch, but my light didnt go off and on?

Yes must be a glitch, and am now down to MINUS 4 spiders!!!

redroobar - for me, there was a little string, or pull-chain hanging to the right side of the lamp - that's what switched it on and off for me, not just clicking the lamp. . .

Okay guys,,,does this mean we cheated our way through it?? lol..thought I was actually working good through there...until I collected 4 spiders in one spot..hehe..yep, very glitchy

later everyone..

well nice playing with you all back to chapter two now i past chapters 1,3 and 4 still have two to go if anyone is as bored as me and is planning and playing from chapter one let me will come and check again

vbranam1 - I like to think of it more as 'creative problem solving' than 'cheating' - sounds better :)

it's been fun thanks all for your help :)

ha ha ha might try that spider one again when i get there to see if i can find all the spiders without looking twice in places

lol...FiguringItOut..we shall leave as that then..sounds good to me..

ok - went back to the spiders and I was able to find 19 without having to resort to 'creative problem solving' (aka glitches) - but the last one has me stumped

well i am playing again and i need five more where have you looked already FiguringItOut

i new there was one under the couch cushion but it didn't want to lift up for me till now

did you get the one on the picture i have 4 more to find

side table drawer
2 in the chandelier
one under floor panel
one under sliding wallpaper
one in picture
2 in the locked cabinet
big one on wall
under cushion
one dropped mysteriously from the ceiling at some point (NO idea what I did)
one behind the machine
two came out of the machine after turning various knobs
one in box on locked cabinet
. . .
trying to remember where the others were!

now 3 more

gotta run - will check back later - good luck!

lol found all those looking for the ones you havent mentioned yet except the celeing one hey do you have a long spider web on the left side of the screen what is that about lol

angel_gurL...I found 2 on the picture...one on her necklace ..one in a movable panel top right in the picture..

good luck..gotta go

thanks vbranam1

1. big one on wall
2. very very top of chandelier
3. middle of chandelier
4. side table lamp (pull chain cord on rt side)
5. drawer of side table
6. picure, on necklace
7. picture, rt side panel moves (THANK YOU VBRANAM1!!)
8. behind sliding panel to left of picture
9. hanging from spiderweb on far left
10. behind sliding panel on floor
11. under cushion of chair
12 & 13. there are 2 in the locked cabinet (key is under the side table with lamp)
14. brown box on the top of the locked cabinet
15. floor molding just to the right of the bottom shelf of the locked cabinet
16. plug in the weird machine and turn it on using the red button - one pops out on the right side of the machine and moves around on the wall
17. one is at the very bottom of the machine on the right, just peeking out
18. turn the handle that is just above the right spinning dial on the front of the machine and another one drops out
19. click the molding to the top and to the left of the picture and a big one drops down from the ceiling
20. last but not least is the little stinker that is hiding just to the right of the chair, between the chair and the side table with the lamp - I had to zoom in to see him. . .

However, if you don't have the time or patience to hunt hiding spiders, just open and close the side table and keep grabbing the spider that shows up, or turn the lamp on and off and you can grab a whole bunch that way too!!

Past first chapter pressed play.Now in entry way with stairs. Now what, nothing. Tried pushing evey thing. Heard alot about spiders cant find any. Help please.

I can't find 20 spiders from different place, my last 8 spider is got from the drawer(lamp)....keep reopen it will find one spider once.
Bug I guess...

working link:


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