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Escape from the Same Rooms Walkthrough

Escape from the Same Rooms

Escape from the Same Rooms is another Japanese point and click type room escape game created by Tesshi-m, who is also creator of Mild Escape, Escape from the Underground Room and Escape from the Forest of the Fairy, Ground Escape and Escape from the Balloon Room games. In this game, you are in a room and you need to escape the room by finding and using items with solving puzzles. Search around to find items and clues. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Vbranam1]

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I'm going around in circles here!

I meant First, got a little excited lol.

I have, red liquid, blue liquid, key, paper, cup

I have cup of noodles...yes vixen plus going around in circles..lol

I have green key, green ball, white ball, blue and red liquids, noodle cup and code for the box in one of the rooms. Can't figure it out though.

This room is a complete mess!!!!! I have a cup noodle, red bottle, some white dish and a key. Some other clues?

vixen where did u get the balls

The balls are in the grey boxes. You have to press the switch to a different number in one of the rooms.

found the code
got 2nd key

Vixen, where is the code?

same here, im with u vixen, am totally stuck tryin to figure out code...lol and its only two letters

This comment has been removed by the author.

same here, im with u vixen, am totally stuck tryin to figure out code...lol and its only two letters

hd22 how did u figure out code

first bit of code is months of year
second bit i just guessed

try for code J & M

Thanks got it, and got second key!

mixed red and blue liquid in empty container ,put in white ball and now have purple ball

got code of balls and got 3rd key

I can`t find the code. Help please!!!!

and out!!

The code for the balls is red, purple, yellow, green! code for letter box is J ad M


it`s done. Thanks guys!
Put noodle cup in one of the bins, something happens.

stuck with purple liquid in the coffee pot and I only have two keys two empty bottles and only two color balls...

how do Imke the purple tuff a ball?

This comment has been removed by the author.

I have two keys, green,white,red an light green balls,code,red and blue liquid bottle, and half purple and yellow round shape thing..plus found black box i guess just a matter of putting the right coloured balls in order.

how do I make the purple stuff a ball?

keyboard malf...

and out...

       Anonymous  5/26/08, 8:07 AM  

I'm out...No walk through needed. Probably for the first time ever.
Balls need to be red yellow purple and green

This comment has been removed by the author.

I did it finally..yooho!!

I only have the nodles. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game is NOT working

Anyone still playin?

wicked ur still playin yay

i got green key n noddles im in secound room but wt should i put de numbers 2 do any ov u noe? AWNSER ME!

puzzle u der cuz if u r ill help u n wicked

puzzle in first room by green cupboard look on de left side on de floor ov it derz a green key

I'm so confused! How many rooms are there?

there are around 5 rooms.....
u'll have to draw them down to understand the relations of the doors

there are 3 keys in total
yellow and green keys are enough to travel between all the rooms

Whewww, this game was a bit harder than it seemed..Fun game,,Thank you Shuchun

This comment has been removed by the author.

nah never mind me *lalala*

Hi vbr,
Nice to see you in this game..and my pleasure.
I was out!it took me forever to search those rooms.Good night!


(sry for my english)

1. open the drawer, take the cup noodle; zoom in the bottom left of drawer and take the green key
2. turn right once and zoom in the green bottle. note the colors (red/purple)
3. turn right twice,use the green key, go trough and open the grey box(box0), set the number 2
4. twice right, take the bottle with red liquid,open the drawer. u see a box with 2 digit (A to Z) u need later...
5. use here the green key, go trough the door, turn left, use green key again and zoom in the green bottle. put the cup noodle on the desk, push the bottle and fill the cup with some liquid. click the cup and see the bottom of it. note the colors (purple/yellow)
6. turn left once, open the drawer and take the bottle with blue liquid; zoom in the bottom left of drawer, take the paper with codes. first line: months (need us "J'uly), the second line (I don't know, but we need "M")
7. turn left twice, open the grey box (box 2) and take the green ball
8. go back to the first room (right, green key, right, green key), set the grey box to 3 and set the digits in the drawer first "J" and second "M", push it and take the yellow key
9. left once, use yellow key, go trough the door and open the grey box (box3) on the wall, take the coloured paper (yellow/green)
10. left one, zoom in the green bottle, take the red ball from it and fill into the red and the blue liquid
11. left one, take the light green ball from the top of drawer. open it, u see a box, but u can't still open it (later)
12. go back to the first room (straight and use yellow key)
13. turn right and set the on the grey box 1. after that: right, use yellow key, right, yellow again, right, use green key, go trough the door and open the grey box (box1), take the white ball (here is the entrance door too)
14. turn left twice, use green key, turn left, use yellow key, zoom in the green bottle, put in the white ball. Now u have a purple ball
15. turn left one, open the the drawer, put the balls in this order(like on the colored papers): red-purple- light green-green
16. push it and take the blue key
17. left one,use yellow,right, use green key, straith and use blue key...
18. u are out :)


So confusing.............

Finally out! Sheesh... Andras...ty! Your walkthrough got me through the last part and out the door!

wow! this one was soooo confusing! thanks for the walkthrough andras! without it, id be extreamly lost!

omg ... what a game, lost direction while following the walkthrough ... needed to return a few times ... but thanks Andras, i could read it and found my way out,
this was so confusing.

Cool game. I got confused with all the rooms, but thanks with the hints and the walkthrough i finally got out.

If you use AHIMOTUVWXYZ and wrote it on a paper and look into a mirror, they look same.
Thats the reason, why M is missing in the one box
(Number 6 in Walkthrough)

Happy coin?

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