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The Great Basement Escape Walkthrough

The Great Basement Escape

The Great Basement Escape is another new point and click type escape the room game from Pastel Games which is also creator of The Great Kitchen Escape, The Great Living Room Escape and The Great Bathroom Escape games. In this escape game, you are locked in the basement. Look around, search for items, escape from the basement! Good luck and have fun!

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Hi all.

Hi... This one looks familiar...
Hope it's a sequel..


or not! lol

I wish i knew what im doing..

hello all.

i guess we are going to be building something

broke the box on the bottom shelf

My items: two planks, hammer (used on a box in the bottom shelf) 4 nails, tumbler, a mouse, a shoe lace a rope (used) 2 skies(used). Stuck

a carrot

woohoo, im out. that was fun

Such a nice new game...
It was the kitchen I knew.. but this one is very neat...
Nice way to use ski's...

Guiliana, you need 8 nails in total befor you can finish what you are building...

everything is ok, my mouse is running but i cant block the rope

i cant find the last nail.....damn!

Out.. i missed some pieces.

im stuck with a rat, a chain, and a tumbler. i built the latter and hung the carrot. now stuck

NIce, but too short...

got....and im out:-)

open the panel with screwdriver...u will know what to do next!

onecenthdr...look at the bike

thank you kathe - im out

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Out with no help at all.

First time ever that I haven't had to look at hints.

just starting! New to the forums lol, but been playing in the shadows for awhile!

I can't find the last nail! arg!

I can't find the last two nails - clicked everywhere. I can view the left side of the cabinet with the jars but can't do anything.

Yeh! I'm out

I have 7 nails, wheel with mouse(used), carrot (used), string(used), rope (used), 2 cogs (used), bike chain (used) and a hammer. I am stuck there

now have 2 planks of wood

and out yeah!!!

that was fun and actually logical, too!

just start

found one, now just need one more -very frustrating!!

I'm out too! I like this kind of games. It's logical and fun.

anyone have the location of all 8 nails?

can somebody tell where last nail is, i'm getting frustrated

lori, my last nail was located on top of the washing machine. If you click the sink, you'll see it.

me too murdie!!


forgive me for possible spellingmistakes, I'm from sweden :)

get the hammer and the 1st nail from the chest.

get the 2nd nail at the same screen, on the jar (left)

get the chain, small rack and big rack from the bike.

click the shelf above the chest.

it will break. and right ski will come to your inventory.

turn right.

get the screwdriver on the floor.

get the 3rd nail on the shelf.

break the box at the bottom shelf at the right with the hammer.

get the planks.

click on the jars at the top shelf and get a carrot from the jar.

get the left ski from left of the shelves.

turn right.

open the panel on the wall with the screwdriver.

put the racks in it.

turn right and get the 4th nail in front of the machine.

get a tumbler from the machine.

click on the sink and get the rope.

there is the 5th nail on the machine at the sink screen.

click on the shoe and get the shoe lace fom it.

there is 6th nail at the shoe screen.

click on the hole on the wall.

get the mouse and the 7th nail.

put the tumbler on the panel with rack.

put the chain on the racks and the thumbler.

tie the rope to the rope coming from the ceiling.

combine the rope shoe lace and the carrot.

put the carrot on the hook on the ceiling.

put the right and left skies under the closet on the ceiling.

get the 8th nail on the right box at the sink screen.

click the planks on the skies.

you will have a ladder to go out.


I got that one ruff - still need one more, thank you :)

Can you do anything on the left side of those shelves with the hars on them?

How do I get the rope to stay pulled down?

dear lord it was on top of the jar!! thanks mimsaan!

quick walkthrough:

1)first click to zoom in bicycle:
-take the bicycle chain, rack and small rack
2) zoom out
-take the nail on the jar on left
3) zoom onto bottom right box
-take hammer and another nail
4) zoom out and zoom onto rack on top
- take the right ski
5) zoom out and go to right
- take third nail on top shelf
- take screwdriver on bottom shelf
6) zoom on top shelf
- take carrot in te jar
7) zoom out and zoom into the bottom right box
- use hammer to smash the box, you got the planks
8) zoom out and zoom to the ski on right
- take left ski
9) zoom out and go right twice
- take the nail on floor
- take the nail on box on right
10) zoom on the boot on bottom right
- take the shoes lace
- take the nail
11) zoom out and zoom onto washing mechine
- take the tumbler
12) zoom out and zoom onto sink
- take the rope
- take the nail on top of washing mechine
13) zoom out and zoom onto mouse hole in middle
- take the mouse
-take the nail
14) now you got all the stuff you need, go left once to work with them
-use screwdriver to open the panel on left
-put the rack, small rack, tumbler and chain inplace in order
-put the ski in place under the door on roof
-nail the planks on ski
-tie the rope on the rope hanging down
-tie the shoes lace on carrot
-then tie it on the hook on roof on left side
-put the poor little mouse on the tumbler
-pull the rope on right

Spoiler - Location of 8 nails:
1. Facing bike, on left jar on floor
2. Inside wooden box
3. On top right of pantry shelves.
4. In front of washing machine
5. Click boots and it's next to boot.
6. Click sink, it's on top of washing machine
7. Facing sink, on the box to the right of the room
8. Click mouse hole, it's to the left of mouse hole

Nice, I´m not the only one from Sweden...

OK Out1 No help. Nice...

it was easy ;]

Such easy game ... got out without any help, and what do i see, 3 walkthroughs LMAO

I really like these, usually have much more difficulty finishing them, nice game, out without help :)

Very cute and easy game. I really do enjoy these. :)

im a little depressed. i got everything and then theres a glitch.
my nails didnt return to their respective place and are now stuck and floating -.-

FUN game from Matuez! I did not even need a walkthru for a change!

restarted and done ;)

nice one
out by myself :D

Thanks, nice game.

How much fun is this!!!! I love these games...skiing has taken on a brand new meaning...and I grew up in snow country...lol! Can't wait for the next "Great Escape"! Whoo hoo...big grin!!!

can any1 tell me where is the hammer........

plz tell me where is the rope i m confused......i dont know where is the plank i found all the other things...plz help me find the rope,hammer and plank......

martina: hammer is in the wooden box in the very first screen. use it on the wooden box in the lower shelf to smash it and get the planks. the rope is in the sink (go left from the first screen). need any more help?

the wooden box that needs to be smashed is in the screen right of the first screen...

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what do i do with the rat

where is the tumbler

working link:


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