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🖳 Escape from the Living Room Walkthrough

🖳 Escape from the Living Room

[REPLAY] Escape from the Living Room is another Japanese point and click type room escape game by Tesshi-e, the creator of Mild Escape, Escape from the Underground Room and Escape from the Forest of the Fairy, Ground Escape, Escape from the Balloon Room, Escape from the Same Rooms games and many more. Good luck and have fun!

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there are two possible endings in this game. Have fun,all

Hi Shuchun, long time!

Lets go!

Okee dan!


not easy!
Have a woden totem and a pipe


hi Diana,
really nice to see you in this game :) really long time

Hi :)

For code for totem, look at the right side of the right cabinet (from the couch).

Life game?
lets start :D

a live one, let's goooo! ;)

im an idiot.....cant figure out how to turn the totem pole

Just click each segment.

What's on the bottom of the totem men?

go to the cd's, 4th cd is a key

there is a key on the botem of the totem

in the cabinet is a lighter, is that right? sorry for my english xD.. key is under couch now.. but i cant take it o.o

When you get the code for the totem, the bottom of it opens.

Thanks a lot, Diana, I totally missed this code !

Now, I have a blue tube (straw ?), a brown stick, a lamp, a remote for the TV. I can see another straw in the 3rd bottle on the shelf.
I assumed that 3258 where the numbers of the CD to play.
If I am right, the corresponding numbers are :
9 135 13 (good luck !) and 17. So I suppose that I am wrong...
I have tried also the 3258 code on the hearts, but it doesn't work.

I can move the 3rd picture on the wall, but I can't remove it.

i dont get what order to click the totem...the clue doesnt help me

late again, dadgummit

Diana, how did you get the code from totem from the chart? don't get how to use it on totem...

Madd, the arrows on the totem clue tell you which direction the face should be facing.

oh pop! ;) but thanks anyway!!!

Trying to figure out the little dashes on each of the three paintings? Anyone, or am I just grasping at straws here?

got a code from tv. put in cd!

theres also a key in one CD case

And has anyone reached the key under the couch yet?

but no idea where to use the code... diana, was trying this too, but no luck!

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 9:50 AM  
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Hi Full :D

Lots of clicking with no success.

Diana, once again, you are very helpful ! I moved the 3rd picture but forgot to check if something had fallen down or not...
But I can't reach this key.

has anybody found the same number combination as me on the TV? don't get any further with it at all...

Full, is there a hot spot for the picture to click? clicking for 5min but no success... ;)

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 9:55 AM  

Hi Diana, lóóóóóóng time, hope you are fine ;.))

Any help on how to "open" the ape totem? lot´s of clicking for me there without succes

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 9:55 AM  

How do ya get the arms on totem to move up and down?

I found as TV code: 90 225 135 270....225 in a golden square...The addition of each number group is 9, i tried clicking the hearts 9 times but nothing happens...

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 9:56 AM  

I can get them up but then they just spin around

Little drawer in small table comes out.

use CD key for right cabinet by couch,gets a flashlight

90 225 135 270 sounds like angles for me...tried these on the 4 hearts?

The 90, 225, 135, 270 are the way you turn the hearts as in degrees in a circle and then you can take the second heart.

You get the clue that is for the hearts from the picture on the wall with the heart in it being the same pic on the CD that gives the above code.

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 9:58 AM  

POP, just got the key from the totem, it´s actually very easy ( once you have the key, haha)

Comment #9 for code for totem. Shows you the direction they should be facing. When you get the right direction, click the bottom of it and there's a key :)

therealgodfather, you must be right, but how did you choose the CD corresponding to those numbers ?

Got string from right hand picture that fell.

Thanks for the heart clue.

finally got the heart! but now we need a screwdriver, I KNEW IT! ;)

Hi guys!

heya Ruff

The clue for the code for the plastic cabinet which gives you the corkscrew is
bridge x bridge x bridge

Hi pbm, just started. Hope I could catch up soon.

found opener>sunflower< and sunflower says bridge x bridge x bridge so the code is 4131. got corkscrew

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 10:08 AM  

Am I correct that the bottom set of arms on the totem should hang down, the top two up? I can get all of them up but they won't click back down. Bug?

Screwdriver in left cabinet under TV.

dont worry Ruff,, pretty remedial up to now

Well... my last question was stupid...

darn, Diana, how do we open it?

Totem arms are all up.

I don't remember which key :$ I think it was the one behind the right most painting.

I cannot figure out the totem even with the clue! I read the arrows show which way the pieces face but I still can't figure it out.

How can bridge x bridge x bridge be a clue for a code ?

ahh,, the one i cant seem to get, thanks

Because there are a picture of a bridge on 3 of the cds

n/m got the right painting key,, click all the corners, one by one, thanks Diana

Use the code from three cds of bridge to get the opener.
Use the opener to get four corks from the bottles and the other stick from the third bottle.
Use scissors to cut the pipe and combine the two sticks and four corks together.

how did you get the key behind picture? my picture is not falling down, nor can I take the key behind couch.

LAH, when you believe you have them facing the right direction, click the bottom of the statue.

combined 4 sticks and corks


Look at the left cabinet under the TV and note the roman numerals, then go to the rigthmost pic (not the tree one), and click the corners in the correct order.

a key under the sofa but cannot get it

scissors? nobody said anthing about finding scissors,, we need to work on our communication... :D

This comment has been removed by the author.

thanks Diana!!! finally got it, phew!

Finally got the totem. The middle guy faces backwards. oh brother. This is a really good game!

Please, can somebody explain the bridge x bridge x bridge thing ?
The number corresponding to the CD with a bridge on it is 9.
And the code is not 9 x 9 x 9 (=729)

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 10:19 AM  

It was not the tree picture, oops. delete my comment earlier.

Btw, where are the scissors?

To get the red phone look at the little drawer on the table, it comes out, then use torch in slot and push button

any idea why i still have the right picture in my inventory after i took the wire?


Where did you get the 4 sticks. Have 3 here.

There are 3 different bridges Pascale

cut the stick on bottom w scissors and found another in bottle to match top

POP, got it!

There are three cds have bridge pictures.
I don't remember where I found the scissors but it seemed in one of the locked cabinet.

Thanks, anyway, Chris! Swear I tried that a million times.

Thank you, Catflap. I was trying to guess which bridge I had to choose...

New game. Still live?

i dont know if you can necessarly call this "alive"

hey guys, it's been a long time since my last live game

great job catflap. now have roll of tape combined with cork axles

Out! Thanks for all the help!

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 10:27 AM  

I must be really thick but I just cannot work out the totem! Can somebody spell it out for me, please? Thanks.

Can anybody explain how to make the rightmost picture fall down ? I have clicked hundreds of times on each corner, following the order of the roman numerals and it won't fall down !


Top guy faces back left, middle faces directly back, bottom guy faces front left. Then click the bottom of the statue.


Comment #71

down left, up left, up right, down right

Can't for the life of me figure out the hearts! I'm turning them to the degrees from the cd (90, 225, 135, 270) but it's not working!

Oh, sorry, pascale. You already tried that. Not sure, but that's how it works. Maybe click the middle afterwards.

I have tried this again and again, Diana, it just doesn't work !

Vixen, when you have them all turned the correct way, click the second heart again and it comes off.

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 10:31 AM  

Diana - you've just saved me from hours of pain. Thank you so much - I had the middle guy facing forward.

vixen,, get the hearts in those positions and then click the 2nd heart

heya j@de,, LTNC

Vixen it is not the points of the hearts that go to the degrees it it the other end

Ah, thanks Diane!

Vixen said...

Ah, thanks Diane!,,, and you too PBM

My pleasure tallboy and vix :)

for once!! an already working flashlight : D

I'm really slow today, what do I do with combined sticks and corks? somebody said something about a tape, seem to miss that...

Yeah, screwdriver. No scissors yet??

pop... nevermind! ;)

ƤβM said...

Vixen said...

Ah, thanks Diane!,,, and you too PBM

lol P, beta, M.. that's how I read it now ; P

Tape is in the cabinet left of the couch.

Combine sticks, corks, tape, cell phone, and string.

The problem is still the same for the picture on the wall : if I click the bottom left corner, the picture moves, but if I click any other corner, it comes back to its normal place.
Clicking several time on each corner, or clicking the middle of the picture doesn't help.

Don't click the top left until it moves, just click each corner once, regardless.

thanks Diana, found the tape (wonder how I could miss THAT! lol) but can't combine string and cell... god, today is definitely not my day!!

how do you get in the left couch cabinet?

I had to go to the urban dictionary to figure out your LTNC PBM, yeah there still are people who don't know what these abbreviations mean, for me it's just lol, other than that I'm lost :)

Press 3258 on the red phone and then press OK


Help please! How do I get key out from under the sofa?

Diana, I have even restarted the game and clicked very carefully each corner once in the correct order : there is still no way to remove the damn picture. I suppose that the game is a little buggy.

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 10:42 AM  

Can some please tell me which way the point of the hearts are supposed to go, i am still not getting the angle thing

ooooh got it now, you have to turn cell... ;) thanks Diana and everybody for their help!!

You have to combine the sticks, corks, tape, cell phone, and string. Then you can get the key under the couch. It's the last key you need........

leithian you have to turn the phone over and then put it on the wheels then put string on that and then turn it again to put tape on the front

gonna try for second ending another time! good luck everybody, see you soon I hope!

ok,, reading back,, i need a torch,, i musta slept through the part where we find a torch for the slotted drawer

pascale, it doesn't matter that the picture moves every time....i remember tha it only moved on first corner and on the third one...hope it helps...

Does anyone know how to open the cabinet that is to the left of the couch (the one that says 3258 on it)?

LAH, use the cell phone to dial the number.

oh ,, this damn thing is buggy,, while i was reading posts, my slotted drawer just magically flew outta the drawed and onto the ground

i can't seem to combine any of my objects, i have string, cell, 1 brown stick, 1 blue stick(cut in half), 4 corks, and tape do i need any thing else to make the thing?

@diana, I manage to combine the straws, sticks, corks and tape. But I cannot put phone on the cork wheels. How do I combine phone with the cork?

Cut the brown stick as well.

ruff, try turning the phone over first before trying to attach it.

LAH, the slotted drawer under CDs comes out and the glass lifts up, the red cell phone is the thing that looks like its on the table

Thanks, Diana. And I guess that leads me to my next question...is the cell phone the red thing in the green table? I haven't figured out how to get to it yet.

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 10:50 AM  

I need help with the hearts, anyone?

(mumbles to hisself... still cant find those $^^^%$#%$ scissors)

LaLuzDeLaLuna, I have restarted the game 3 times, I have even tried with Firefox instead of Opera... I can't remove this picture. I give up.

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 10:51 AM  

The phone has to be flipped over so you can see the back only, than combine it with the rest
( tape is also needed a couple of times as well as clicking your construction now and than)

See the bottom of the flash light after you got the door key.

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 10:52 AM  

Scissors are in right cabinet under tv set

alright,, i found the scissors, but they were NOT there awhile ago.


Sorry, can't remember which key opens the case for the cell phone :$

I'm out guys, good luck! *waves* @full

@diana, got it. Got key and out!

Thanks so much catflap, diana and all the others who have contributed hints.

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 10:54 AM  

Do I need something else to cut the brown stick? My scissors aren't doing the job for me today!

Pascale, are you sure you're hitting the corners in the right order. At first I misread the roman numerals. One click in each corner. It will turn crooked and then back straight again and then crooked again.

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 10:55 AM  

Don´t give up Pascale, keep trying, just click the corners and you make it turn and move, it will fall of for sure

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 10:55 AM  

Hearts??????????? can anyone help me????????????????

i'm really sorry pascale...restarted two times to see if it was buggy, but both times i got the picture...

thanks Diana, but i can't seem to cut the brown stick with the sissors, do i need something else?

@tallboy, you don't need to cut brown sticks. You need to cut straw in half.

I've tried one last time before closing the game and... it worked ! I don't know how, but it worked. Buggy game, indeed.

So, I've a string, scissors, a blue tube, 2 sticks...

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 10:56 AM  

TallboyUK, use the scissors at the blue tube you found in the beginning, not the two brown ones as i tried for 75 minutes....

@Full - LOL

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 10:58 AM  

can anyone see my posts or are youall just ignoring me?

I have my 'buggy' set up...except for the string, which I can't get to attach...is there some trick to it?

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 10:58 AM  

lush113, I'm with you!

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 10:59 AM  

Thanks Full. Am I missing a brown stick then? I only have one...

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 10:59 AM  

Can you help me with the hearts then?

Lush, put the CD that is same as picture with heart on it in the TV. It gives angles that the hearts should be. Click the first heart until it has spun 90 degrees, etc.

Thank you LAH, yes I am sure that I was clicking the corners in the right order.
Now, I have some sort of contraption made with the straw, the sticks and the cork, but I don't know how to use the string that gave me so much trouble to get it - lol...

@lush, so sorry for missing your post.

Work on hearts from left to right:
1st one - click 2 times
2nd one - click 5 times
3rd one - click 3 times
4th one - click 6 times
Now click middle of second heart to get it.

Hi Pascale,
I had the same problem with the damm picture. But now I got the the key. I clicked at first on the left bottom corner, the picture moved, then on the left corne above, then at the top right corner, than bottom right corner. Then I replicated it, wether the picture hung straight and it worked. Sorry for my english. I can't explain it better.

for the hearts, look at the pic on the left above couch, it has a heart in it, notice what the pic looks like, then find the cd that looks the same, put it in the dvd player, get 90,225,135,270, rotate from left to right the hearts,2x,5x,3x,6x, cilck on the second heart

lush see post 43 about hearts...you'll find these numbers into cd

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 11:03 AM  

Ty ruff i finally got it after working on it for an hour

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 11:03 AM  

TallboyUK, do you have the one from the 3rd. bottle?

I have put some tape on the contraption...

I'm with you Pascale. I combined the tubes, sticks and tape but can't combine the cell or the string. I'm guessing this little car thing will get the key under the couch.

TallboyUK have you found the second stick, i have the one from the thrird wine bottle, please share

@pascale, close phone, flip phone over. Zoom in contraption, put phone on top, then tape string on phone, to make a pull cart.

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 11:05 AM  

Thank you Ruff!

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 11:05 AM  

Other stick is at the flower on the left desk next to the sofa

This comment has been removed by the author.

@myrdlebp1, you're welcome!

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 11:07 AM  

Ruff, POP

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 11:07 AM  

Oh no! How simple! I swear that I checked that vase a million times!! Thanks Full and Ruff!

Ruff & Diana, go have a look at the Mystery Box,, i have no idea what to do

Lah, I think that you are right...

Somebody asked which key opened the case where the phone is. There is no key : we must face the little drawer of the table, use the torch on it and click the button that opens the case.

phone will NOT go on my contraption. I've got sticks, corks, tape ON. phone is turned over to solid red. zoom contraption, highlight phone, click contraption. nothing.

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 11:08 AM  

Got the key from the heart but that does not got to right cabnet under TV to get the flippin sissors!

thanks ruff and full, could have swore that i tried to zoom in there

please anyone help me with the hearts.which way to point?

trish,, put the contraption on the BACK of the PHONE

Why won't my cell phone go on the vehicle? I have sticks in tubes, corks, and some tape all combined. I have the cell closed and flipped over to show plain back.

@pbm, what mystery box. Do you mean the table with a green box?

Ooooohhhhhh - zoom on cell and then put contraption on it. I was trying it backwards. Thanks PBM.

LAH, do you have the string ready to go?

Great, I found something by myself ! LOL
First, you must close the cellphone, then turn it upside down. Don't close "about item", click on the contraption made of sticks, corks, and tubes, and put it on the phone !

no,, the new game, just posted on the home page, Ruff

... then turn the new contraption upside down again and add the string on it !

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 11:12 AM  

I have never been so happy to escape a room ever! Thanks all for your help. I can safely say that for the first time I doubt I would have ever got out of this room without your expert aid!

cuity, look at my post #168

       Anonymous  6/21/09, 11:13 AM  

How do ya get into the cabinet under the tv where the scissors are?

... then click on the contraption again to see the front of it and add some tape.

Out - finally. Thanks for all for all of the help. I can't believe I have been sitting here for almost 2 hours. This was a GREAT game!

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