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Escape from Mr. Y's Room 2 Walkthrough

Escape from Mr. Y's Room 2

Escape from Mr. Y's Room 2 is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game created by Tesshi-e, who is also creator of Mild Escape, Escape from the Underground Room and Escape from the Forest of the Fairy, Ground Escape, Escape from the Balloon Room and Escape from the Same Rooms games. In this game, you are in trapped in a room and you need to escape the room by finding and using items with solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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yay live game

Scroll down the screen until u see the game. There are two possible endings in this game.

hmmm. found 1 stick. and cant find anything else to do yet.

Yeah ~ I only found a stick and cant do anything else. Hmm...

keep thinking the Word LOROL behind the glass table had someting to do with the thing with handle. maybe Left right Left or something. but no luck.

I think the spinning thing on the table with the LOROL code on the side of the table is the direction! Oh! I gt a key out from the box!

Got a green ball & a plug. No idea what to do now.

o go tit. click left side of handle twice, then right side twice. then left one. drawer pops out

same place as you now sygurl. pluged in thing on side of cupbaord, and got numbers now on front. now wheres the code i wonder.....

yeah ~ i think the code is something to do with the pi 3 ~ 6

yeah. suppose it would help if we spoke Japenese :)

ya =/ But i don't speak japanese * sigh * I wanna learn it somedays. Hmm ~ let's see how should we find the code

well pi is 3.14, not sure what the 3~6 is suppose to mean. so been trying different equations. 3.14 x 3 etc. no luck yet.

OK! I found out! pi 3 ~ 6 is the number code. Find the 3rd, 4th , 5th and 6th number of pi!
Anyways it's 4159.

Code is numbers 3 to 6 of pi constant

Gt a flashlight, 1 red ball , 1 yellow ball.

ok. im with ya. put plug thing from cupboard on flashlight to make it work.

ok. got the obligatory screwdriver now :)

aw... more number code......guess all 4 need to add up to 12. SH=12

stuck with the 2nd code. anyone reach there yet?

not me. think we only two here sygurl :)

yeah =x probably there are others playing and figuring it out too. Still stuck >< i dunno what is SH o_O

We are thee, but i'm stuck too... we need perhaps the 4th ball.

first i though tall 4 maybe need to add to 12. but the combinations is muchto high. suppose SH is the clue. just dunno what the heck SH suppose to mean

I wonder is there something to do with the time. But i doubt so.

I left the balls in the cupboard and now I can not access it again, because the plug is stuck in the flashlight. Where to use screwdriver?

you can access to the cupboard. Click on the door of the cupboard. You don't need the plug again once u put it in the torch.

Haha, cupboard was open all the time!

the doorhandle down maybe to screw

I tried that but it did not work.

wonder if SH has anything to to with chemical symbol. ie SH = sulpur and hydrogen

wow ~ the doorhandle is unscrewed. but what is it used for? Hmm...

if you turn handle around. shows slot on it.

S= second H= hour

ohh! I try to use my time to enter it inside but there's no effect ><

Oh! It must be that exact time and second. Okay! got it. Thanks shuchun!

if u input 0417 u have to wait the timer is 04[second]17[hour] and then press the black button

gt another key! The sofa chair is up!


Out with the sofa chair end. Gonna try the other ending!

I have the time it shows (11) and 01 for that it matches 12: 0111. When I press at 01 seconds, nothing happens.

the numbers u input friwi. must equal 12. my time was 10.30am. so i had xx10. xx would be the seconds. so i put in 3810. when time was 10.xx.38 i hit button.

you must prepare the time before the time strikes ur time.

I don't get it. If you have 38 seconds, how does it sum up to twelve?

Got 2nd end.

Thanks for the time tip Shuchun...I didn't even know they could program that kind of thing.

Oh, I understand x+x+x+x=12. Thank you!

hi martin
i didnt get the coin ..where is it?

stuck with stick key flashlight red green yellow ball what to with stick and flashlight

Evening all - out without a key nor the sofa cushion up???

Sorry out with the key not a COIN - sorry for the confusion. When I got the time right I then put the coloured balls in the correct order and another drawer opens with the key to the door - and escape.

Ummm...I forgot the coin Shuchun...make that 3 endings.

Use the torch to look under the sofa and use stick to get whats under there

For the order of the balls, look at the numbers and think colours, first initial = number

oh we have to make one by ourselves?

2 endings in this game.
You can get a Happy cion in the one of endings.

How do I input the hour more than 13:xx ? I changed my PC clock:D

No need to change pc clock, it's the clock inside the box/safe

each digit is singular, therefore if your clock reads 13:26:52 with the last two digits being the seconds, then you need to make the total equal 12 so 1+3 = 4 and you still have eight for the seconds. Either 17, 26, 35, 44, 53 - set the time first and wait till it hits and then push the black button

thx Mystris! I didn't think of that :)

       Anonymous  9/20/09, 3:48 AM  

Ik got the Sofa ending and the normal door ending, how to get the happy coin ending?

Sofa ending is Happy coin ending, I think.
Just wait for a while.

great piano music. what is it?

I thought I got the Normal End, but it showed that I got the Happy Coin?

Ummm...I'm playing this again to make sure.

I'm going to have to agree with Xenon. I got the Sofa end the first time and it showed that I got the Happy Coin.

Oh I see!

When you leave via the Sofa, you automatically find the Happy Coin. (Finish viewing the end cinematic)

Help! Where is blue ball?

Am I the only one who can't understand what Mystris said about the clock? I feel stupid...

lol,,Bernard..I didnt understand it either..Had to quit the game,,Felt same way you do..Stupid

I can explain clearly for you guys.

To solve the clock puzzle follow this:

1. S = Seconds, H = Hour

2. S + H = 12. What you're going to do is simple addition with the Hour and the Second.

3. Note the time. In the order given in the clue (SH = 12), you will ONLY add the Second + the Hour. Ignore the minutes.


If the time says 06:24, what you're going to do is try to set up the time where the seconds and the hour adds up to 12. So using the clue, you will end up setting it up like this:

0606 because 6 (seconds) + 6 (hour) = 12

If the time was 10:58, again, just set it up using the second and the hour, so you would end up with:


02(seconds) + 10 (hour) = 12

What you're doing is setting up for the anticipated time. When the clock matches your number, press the black button. If you miss it once, just wait the minute out until the seconds come back and try again.

I hope that helps.

Oh never mind, I overlooked shuchun's post, which is the one that actually makes sense.

Please! Where is the blue ball?

Alright, found the one. Now how to place handle?

       Anonymous  9/20/09, 11:45 AM  

OMG I love the music!

What is it called? Does anyone know?

But my time is 20:47... it is actually the real time! I can't for the life of me think how 20 can be narrowed down to 12.

OK, I read Mystris's explanation again and understood what I had to do. :)

Because 20 is 24 hr time. Break it down to 12 hr time and you'll have 8. Just add 4 seconds.

And thanks Bernard....your comment wasn't condescending at all....

...lol, I'm going to stop commenting.

       Anonymous  9/20/09, 1:14 PM  

where do u put the code? help plz

       Anonymous  9/20/09, 1:18 PM  

nvm found where u put the code

Can anybody tell me where the blue ball is, please ?

For everyone who likes the music, I've found it:
Look for "tw008".
It's a little disappointing, though, because it seems that the 1:25 piece is the full song, which is intended to be looping BGM only.

i can't 4 the life of me figure out this stupid clock, even w/ all the explanations, so i'm quitting! arghhh BTW my time was 23:17:xx


-Go to coffee grinder on table, see LOROL on wall. This means Left, Again, Right, Again, Left. So spin the handle to the left twice, right twice, then left once to get a key
-Use your key to open the table with the glass case on top to retrieve a plug and a green ball
-Go to the red cabinet, and on the back of the left side (near the top) you'll see a place for the plug. Put it in and note the pi sign 3 ~ 6. This means the numbers in pi (pi = 3.14159...) from the 3rd place to the 6th place.
-The red cabinet now shows a code. enter the pi numbers (4159)
-Grab the yellow and red balls and the flashlight. Retrieve the plug (it's a plug-in battery pack) and use it to power the flashlight. Don't worry about the red cabinet, it's still open
-Get the cane/stick/pole from the left of the sofa. Use your flashlight under the sofa to see the screwdriver, then the cane to reach it.
-Back to the red cabinet, the screwdriver removes the panel. The hint is saying SH total = 12. This means that the code is S (the two digits for Seconds) then H (the two digits for the Hour) as long as they total up to 12. So if your time says 18:44:53 that means the seconds (53 in my example) plus the hour (18 in my example), 5 + 3 + 1 + 8 = 17, is too high. But if my second numbers totalled 3 (3 seconds, 12 seconds, 21 seconds or 30 seconds), then I'd have a total of 12. (0 + 3 + 1 + 8 = 12). So I'd enter the code as 0318, then when the seconds count reaches 03 again, hit the black bar under the code. (if still confused, Catalyste posted an excellent explanation above)
-Now that the clock changed, the A-Z is showing that the numbers are correlating to the alphabet. The 18th letter is R, the 2nd letter is B, etc. This tells the order for the colored balls (Red, Blue, etc.) so grab the blue ball from the newly-opened area and place all four in the circles to get another key.

FOR NORMAL END (laptop and drink on patio)
take your key to the door and you're out!

FOR HAPPY COIN END (inside a cafe)
go to the door and click under the handle. You'll be able to remove a screw, then take the handle. use your key on the handle
go back to the red cabinet, and the light is now green. press the gold button (that the blue ball was on) and the sofa lifts.
place your handle on the trap door under the sofa, then exit. Watch the closing movie to get your happy coin.

Thanks to all who posted. This is just a recap of the hints, since I never would've gotten past the clock puzzle without all your help.

Thanks a lot for this walkthrough, RC. IMHO, the clock puzzle was too difficult.
I'm trying to get the happy end, but the handle of the door won't fit on the trap door under the sofa.

for anyone who is having trouble getting the door handle to fit the hole under the couch -- look at the handle in the about item view from the inventory. Click the handle to flip it over and see a slot. Use the last key you got on the slot to have a metal pin sick out. This makes the door handle fit in the hole.

A couple of people have asked about the background music. You can find it here on the composer's site:


Look in the right-hand column - the song from the game is "tw008", and you can download the mp3.

Music Composer Takeaki Watanabe
Song Name; Wind (BGM Collection)

Mais avant de pouvoir atteindre le sommet, il haleta et s'arrêta au premier pas. Il leva les yeux pour voir l'intrus se tenir en haut des escaliers julien lubrique.

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