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Escape from Bed Room

Escape from Bedroom is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game created by Tesshi-e, who is also creator of Mild Escape, Escape from the Underground Room and Escape from the Forest of the Fairy, Ground Escape, Escape from the Balloon Room and Escape from the Same Rooms games. In this game, you are in trapped in a room and you need to escape the room by finding and using items with solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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there are two possible endings in this game by the author.

Here we goo again :-)

Good morning,

found 2 batteries (used), lamp (batteries inside, helmet, capsule? now stuck.. clock in window with pictureframes gives us codes but how??

I need a screwdriver .... anyone?

Iris, look at the color of the picture frames ... second, watch the colors of the clock ...

capsules are fuses to be used next to door. with key you can open the box.. found 2nd fuse under bed with lamp and stick

Upstairs there is something on the railing, but cannot reach it. Right angle stick behind couch. Key inside miners hat. Have found fuse in plant and second fuse under bed.

Capsule is fuse! Goes left side of door.
There´s another one under the bed but cannot reach it.

Za, i did look at the pictures and the numbers are 2=red, 3=green, 5=yellow, 7=blue, but how to use them in which sequence?

And a code in the fuse box next to the door.

if you press the clock then look at the photos it gives you clue to 4 number code for under tele

Henrique, use lamp and stick to get fuse under bed

Iris, look at the picture frames. They'll tell you the sequence.

Hi, i'm french so sorry for my english...
I found a key in the helmet which opens the panel next to the door in which it will be necessary to put capsules. I found a 2nd capsule under the bed which we catch with a crowbar (?)i've get behind drawers in the firts floor

Third fuse in suitcase upstairs (you have to use a key).

I cannot find the stick


use numbers at sequence of photoframe and you'll find a remote for tv.. use batteries from lamp and you get code on tv for box upstairs

Laurien, look closer to the closet upstairs ...

My - looks like I'm first - apart from the sixteen other comments that have appeared already...

I've found a code in the fuse box ... don't know what to do with it.

Anyone made any sense from the items from the TV screen? You have to use the remote

there is a second key in the remote

Thank you, ZA

The boxes coincide with the boxes under the stairs but whats up with the square, circle and star?

Ah count the number of items per that shape and you get the right hand code for the TV stand

Keep clicking on the tv - you get more channels

put some tape on walking stick then you can retrieve capsule from beam

YW Laurien :-)

Six fuses now, and about to put them into the fuse box. Might be out in a minute

Lorraine ... can you explain what you mean by 'capsule from beam'?

OUT!!! Wahoo ive never gotten out by myself on a tesshie game

when upstairs facing cubed box click left and you will see it

philippa code for tv please?
is there a specified sequence to put the fuses in? i only have 3 now...

I'm out. Happy to try and help anyone who needs it. :-)

Iris. You need to count the square the circle and star shapes. For instance the dice are squares.

Also for the colour code for the fuses, keep using the remote - there is more than one channel for hints

I've got screwdriver and tape from box on firts floor. Code is given by tv.

spolier : 4802

Ah, you have to use the stick (with the tape)on the railing to get the fuse ...

PEOPLE PLEASE read previous hints left by other posters!

out~~and find ending 2!!It is a easy and nice game
some hints about ending 2:
231332 means that fuse amount

Yeeeah I am OUT ... but what I don't understand is the code inside the fusebox .... I didn't use it (?)


out! Out! OUT!

Thanks Glyn :-)

How did you get 4802?

I don't understand the code for right size under tv...
I count the number of item but it doesn't work
Help ?

wauw, i'm out. thank you guys for all the hints!! Found some things on my own this time but did'nt manage without you gamers... untill next time. Have to get kids out of school..

Emilie, the tv shows you cube, ball and star. Count the amound of these shapes in the boxes under the stairs.

Turn on TV and you can see
▉○▉▉ ▉▉▉▉T ▉▉▉○ T▉▉
Then guest number of English

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you Glynhappy. Now I'm only looking for the key for the box upstairs.

@Laurien : that's what i did but i was wrong because i also counted each drawer as cube...
Finally out ! thank you all !

I'm having trouble counting the shapes :( How hard can it be :s....I guess i'm missing something or count things that aren't there

O, you are all out! Don't leave me here, I still need a key!



       Anonymous  12/3/09, 2:31 AM  

I am so stuck, don't know what to do with the screwdriver or where to find the last fuse - help anyone please?

Never mind...I did count things that weren't there....

Michelle, look at the left window behind the bed.

Tnx Laurien :)
Thought the red dot on one of the dice was a circle too

Laurien, you've got only 2 key to find.
1rst in in the helmet, 2nd is in the remote

Thank you Emilie. I didn't look there!

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 2:34 AM  

Thanks Laurien - I saw that earlier and forgot about it!

What key did you find already Laurien?

btw I'm out :D

Thanks you all, I am out!!!!

Liked this one..gonna try the other ones!

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 2:38 AM  

why can't i get out? i put all the fuses in - got a coin - turned the dail - and still can't open the door

Michelle, remenber the tv showed GRGBRG?

put the fuses in the right order

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 2:41 AM  

@ Laurien. O NO, I can't even change the fuses. Do I seriously have to start over :(

or they are in the right order already?

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 2:42 AM  

Trust me to lock myself in even more - lol - so much for my coin brining me happiness

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 2:43 AM  

@Bianca - I had them in wrong...RGBGGR

Any help on code 231332 inside fuse box?

Seems like were all out now :)


Don't know , didnt use it (as far as I can remember)

Hi Bianca! Read the post at 11:15 from glynhappy about end 2, but didn´t understand it!

Dont get that either..oh well..i'm happy enough with one ending :)

Oh Got the 2nd end finally!
Escaped through the window upstairs.

You daredevil you! ;)

Where please is a screwdriver and duct tape?

Screwdriver and duct tape in toolbox upstairs. Got Happy coin end.

Cool, let's play! (Let's see how long this takes me to complete!)

I must be particularly stupid today...what clock?? By the picture frames in the alcove, I only have a black rectangular thing that looks like it needs a wrench to undo it...and I don't have any kind of tool at all!

Thanks Masi!

@Kiri Click on it´s base to show the time!

Kiri, next to the images in the niche, Click on the white slot, Clock displays of color figures

I have no real comment about the object found in the plant. =P

Aha! Thanks so much Henrique...didn't realise I could do that! Now I can finally move on :o)

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 3:57 AM  

How to get a coin? Help!

Ok, have been out without a coin, and got a path and 'Thank you for playing my game'. Don't understand what the 231332 means, which must relate to how you get the coin, I guess. Any thoughts anyone?

To get happy coin end, count how many fuses and which colour fuses you got...

Thanks Masi...now I can have wine1 :oD

Yes, Kiri. Lets have some wine!

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 4:16 AM  

Please share second ending: I don't understand a thing with your amount of fuse!

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 4:16 AM  

Masi thank you very much!

Talie, you have 3=green, 2=red and 1=blue fuse. Place fuses 231332 is a hint. Where is number 2, place red fuse and so on. Got it?

Tali, you got 1 blue, 2 red and 3 green fuses. just put the right fuse in the according place...

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 4:22 AM  

Second ending:

1 is blue 2 is red and 3 is green

oh, Masi :-)

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 4:24 AM  

Thanks Masi + Rudi, got it at last! The word "amount" got me stuck!

Nice, got the Happy Coin ending!

Thanks for the hint for the second key. That was all I needed! :)

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 5:42 AM  

anyone help pls I cant find the last green fuse?

how do you get the stick behind the couch?

what is the first ending? i only found the 2nd by myself :-)

3 green fuses
1.when upstairs and facing 4 block cabinet and blue 4 digit safe~ click to the left and it is on the beam
2.windowsill~need screwdriver

Danielle~try behind the 4 block cabinet upstairs

Zoom in on the shelves in front of you
Click the basket in the bottom left cubby -- get the battery from inside it
Click the wall shelf
Zoom in on the clock on the right and click the button under the screen -- note which numbers correspond to colors
Look at the color frames on the shelf-- make each color a number (thanks for the hint, ZA!)
Turn left
Note the door has a panel to the left of it that needs a key
Zoom in on the corner plant-- get the first fuse from the pot
Zoom in on the couch and lift the cushions -- get the second battery from under the left one
Turn left (enjoy the view out the window lol)
Turn left
Click the TV cabinet to zoom in
Click the left doors and enter the clock/picture code
Get the remote
Look at the remote in the about item view and click the bottom half to open it -- see it needs batteries
Add the batteries
Still in the about item view of it, click the top half near the edge to turn it over -- get the key (thanks, Emilie!)
Close the view and back up to see the TV
Use the remote to see 3 more clues
The first is a square, circle, and star relating to the cubby shelves and the TV stand’s right doors
The second tells you it is for a toolbox with _o_ _, _ _ _ _ t, _ _ _ o, and t _ _.
The last is grgbrg
Click under the near end of the bed and see it is too dark to see ;)
Click the left window and note you need a screwdriver (what’s an escape game without one?)
Turn left
Zoom in on the cubby shelves
Count all the shapes
Turn right
Zoom in on the right TV cabinet doors and enter the code based on the numbers and order of shapes
Get the fuse
Turn left
Hover your mouse over the stairs so you see a green arrow going up
Click it and then the second green arrow up the stairs so you are upstairs
Zoom in on the locked case and use the remote key to open it (spade key) -- get fuse 3
Turn left
Zoom in on the toolbox and enter the code based on the missing letters in the TV hint
Example _ o _ _ is four
Get the screwdriver and tape
Zoom in on the cubby shelf at the end of this landing
Get the miner’s helmet
Click the light in the about item view of the hat
Click the top back edge to turn it over and see it needs batteries
Look at the remote in the about item view and remove the batteries
Add the batteries to the light
Look at the hat in the about item view and get the heart key from inside it
Click to the right side of the cubby shelf and see behind it
Get the stick
Back up so you can see both the cubby shelf and the toolbox
Turn left and see the fuse on the beam you can’t reach
Look at the stick in the about item view -- add tape to the bent end
Use the tape and stick to get the fuse
Back down the stairs and turn right to the bed
Click under it and see a fuse since you have the working light
Use the stick to reach it
Click the left window and use the screwdriver to uncover another fuse
Turn 2 times to the door
Use the heart key from the hat on the lock to the left of the door
See a place to put fuses and a new number code
Note each fuse has a color

For ending one
Place the fuses in the color order from the TV
Push the button
Turn the knob that is now there
Click the door to leave

For ending 2 (thanks, Masi!)
Count each fuse color (1 blue, 2 red, etc)
Place the fuses in the order from the code in the fuse box -- 231332
Push the button
Get the gold happy coin
Turn the knob that is now there
Go upstairs to the new opening
Click the opening to leave

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 9:08 AM  

thanks Larue

I played and out this game before, but I must say: I LOVE THIS KIND OF GAMES!!! Good graphics, logical and differents puzzles, I'm able to get alone. GOOOOOD!!

most welcome tartenmark!

ok, ive only played 2 games by this author so far (tesshi-e), and based on that i must say, he makes the best escape games ive seen! a perfect balance of great graphics, LOGICAL puzzles that actually make you think, and multiple endings! i loved escape from 5th door very much, and loved this one too (too bad i didnt get to play it live).

excellent game, lasted me almost an hour, and managed to beat both endings without any help.

awsome game!

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