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Escape from Boss Room

Escape from Boss Room is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game created by Tesshi-e, who is also creator of Mild Escape, Escape from the Underground Room and Escape from the Forest of the Fairy, Ground Escape, Escape from the Balloon Room and Escape from the Same Rooms games. In this game, you are in trapped in a room and you need to escape the room by finding and using items with solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  8/8/10, 12:41 AM  

Good morning..

Hello all !
I think i gonna need help soon ;)

Good morning
just loading

A lot of bolts and screws !!

       Anonymous  8/8/10, 12:49 AM  

Umbrella, remote, key, green pencil, green ball. not much else at the moment

have not got the umbrella yet, otherwise I am were you are Full
I wonder what that chap is doing in the Boss's room snooping around if he has such a great respect of him??

and now the sd !! :)
Full use umbrella under sofa to get another green ball. Then use 2 green balls in left black cupboard.

Good morning!
Found so far:
Umbrella (used), 2 keys (used), pencil, 2 green marbles (used) phillip SD (used twice) and a remote. And a lot of hints.

Good morning all,
Can't find that umbrella.

clue behind the Boss-plaque ?
there are blue red yellow books in one of the desk drawers but doesnt give me numbers

Nvm. had to use the key to get the umbrella.

       Anonymous  8/8/10, 12:57 AM  

Thank you Drisane.

( sorry, must go now and than, i´m at work. Don´t tell anyone )

       Anonymous  8/8/10, 12:58 AM  

These colored books all over the place are driving me nuts

open phillips sd in inventory to get flat sd. use it to open green ball. you got spanner for clock.

       Anonymous  8/8/10, 12:59 AM  

Ah, now i nknow where the books are for. Anyone knows the exact amount of books and their colours, i´m to lazy to count them, lol

Ah - got a wrench!!!


Time to master a Tesshi-e game!

I am trying to count them but missing some (it is not 6,3,4)

Can't open box with tv clue ... need a pass for computer and 2 cupboards.

       Anonymous  8/8/10, 1:02 AM  

Counted 6,3,4 as well Swissmiss

So far i got 5Y 3R 6B books.. but that's not the code :)

my screwdriver always gets together again - how do you change it?

1 yellow book in closed drawer of desk ;)

perhaps there are some books still locked away

I counted 8B, 3R and 4Y. But that's not the code

one can also use telephone

Got another key for desk, found usb stick and batteries.

SwissMiss i just clicked it ?

       Anonymous  8/8/10, 1:06 AM  

what´s after the spanner at the clock, there is a spot at the right of the clock as well to be opened with the screwdriver, but it doesn´t seem to do a lot

Stu where is that other key.
And sorry I bruteforced the code with the books.
It was something like 868.

8b ?? so i'm missing two books :)

Full : this lever changes the numbers on clock. You have to push the buttons (8625) in that order ;)

Used batteries to get hint from TV, open box on table and open left cabinet to get a note with a star.

another key in safe with the "boss" code on the wall near clock (thx small :))

It's the exit key...we are not supposed to get it yet ;)

       Anonymous  8/8/10, 1:10 AM  

thanks Drisana, but what does it do?

Stu can't get this we see to work !! Help ? i clicked left, right, down, right right....

full it gives a key if i remeber well ? for the desk drawer ??

Stu, I don't understand the tv hint?

there are more books in other places


Oh wait a minute it's west east etc.

Small it is. but it's not working for me :(

you have to beginn with up, down and so on (if I remember right, lol)

ho !! south is left !! :)

Yep south is left, there is a compass on the cabinet you have to push to see where west is.

opened left cupboard. got papaer with star on it. Use pencil on paper, got another hint with arrows but don't know what for ...

Use the pencil on the note with the star.

We to use the hint from the star note???

Got it. Opened the right cupboard and now have a small wrench.

Ah got the hint from star note and open right cabinet

opened safe - got 4th key

Got another kind of wrench, used it on desk, got code for pc

HOw do you get numbers from the arrows?
Do I have to use the clock?

       Anonymous  8/8/10, 1:22 AM  

can someone give me a hand?
at the clock it says 8625, i click these numbers and lower the level but nothing happaens?

And now, what to do with this small wrench ?? still need pass for comp too !

dont know where to use arrows - don't know where to use 4th key

Yes I had to use the clock numbers combined with the arrows.

first u have to lower the lever, and then look at the new order of the digits.

open now "book"-paneel and opend safe to got 4.key.

the numbers on the clock are all wrong
press on the pendulum 8625 where they are now on top (i.e. if 8 is on number 12 place, press the light on 12, and so on)

hint please re arrows

Ok got it; Now the happy coin !

Out without coin. Replaying.

I clicked the black & white box and nothing happened except for the writing HIT on it....

@Drisana: For wrench look on desk (silver thing)

Got the hint for the coin but don't get it ...

got it stu

Where go the 3 numbers the PC gives me?

       Anonymous  8/8/10, 1:27 AM  

@Dana, thanks, that did it. I was to much concentrating at the bottom part that i forgot to take a look at the clock itself

Dana, HIT is the code word for the left cupboard door.

Look at clock with wrong numbers and note the number arrows shown, up = 8 uws.

@Dana: The word HIT is the code for the left cabinet.

Small it's door code !

THX. I forgot all about that cupboard

and out
thanks all for your help

Thanks Drisana, but I guess I miss the 4th key. Where is that?

small tool


and out with happy coin !

Small it's in safe right of boss book code.

I missed the happy coin
where did you get it

Swissmiss look at the door code pad once you entered the code !

Thanks again Drisana, but what's the hint to open that safe. Do I have to look at the phone?

An excellent game, as usual :)

Yes you have ;)

Hint for coin ! look CARREFULLY at door pad BEFORE you unlock it with key

Thanks, out too.

thnx all
MILD escape are my favorite!!!

Now I'm feeling stupid. I transfered DOG in numbers gave it in and it says that I have to look now for the Happy Coin but I can't find it ;(

       Anonymous  8/8/10, 1:40 AM  

don´t worry Stu, i´m feeling stupid as well.
How the heck does the arrows from the paper work at the right door of the cabinet????

Stu just look at the dog ;)

Full, use the arrows at the strange clock. It gives you the numbers.
The first arrow was up, so look what number is now on 12 etc.

       Anonymous  8/8/10, 1:43 AM  

Ah, found the arrow code myself, i´m so very clever

       Anonymous  8/8/10, 1:44 AM  

Thááánk you Smalltool, just figured it out.

Full there is a star in the clock too :)

       Anonymous  8/8/10, 1:49 AM  

Now, anyone still here' need a hand on the "boss" safe. Have the 736 from the pc

( sorry, i´m at work and must leave and come back to the game)

I'm playing again now, because I forgot the happy coin. But what do I have to do with the word DOG. I can make numbers of that word but where do those numbers go?

for right cabinet it's: 8637!

I'm now out without happy coin - I didn't get it.

       Anonymous  8/8/10, 1:53 AM  

Thanks Stu but i have that. i mean the safe with the *651# at it

small put this code in door again

Full look at boss safe and use numbers/symbols on phone.

Full, you have to put that in the phone and then it gives the safe code.

Can anyone tell me something more about the happy coin?

       Anonymous  8/8/10, 1:56 AM  

thank you Drisana, you a life saver!

Thanks Drisana, but I thought the word dog was in phone code 364, but when I put that in, it doesn't do anything?

Small for the happy coin :
After entering the code on door, you can see the word "DOG". Remember, before you used key on pad, there was letters. surprise, there was a D a O and a G (SPOILER it corresponds to 257 now). Enter this code in doorpad again. it says look for the happycoin. So look at the dog now ;)

Ah thanks, forgot all about those letters.
But I guess you have to write it down first because there's no way to see those letters again is there?
And out for the second time and this time happy.

Small i restarted a new game to see letters ;)

That's a good one Drisana,
some kind of thinking outside the box, or thinking outside and then inside the game again, or something like that.

Everybody's out ?

       Anonymous  8/8/10, 2:09 AM  

Me again, still working on the code for the last door. tried 257 but all it says is number is wrong.
guess i´ll stay here a lot longer although everybody is out. But hey, i was in first and nobody can take that away from me, lol

with the small wrench you can see a code on the desk. Use that code on the pc and then you get the first code for the last code panel.
The other number is for the happy coin.

full :)
257 is for happy coin !
The comp gives you another 3 digit code ! Use it first :)

We are all with you Full ! Come on get out !! :)

I missed the happy coin - but I just might survive
being happy without it - lol

we are waiting outside the door with Champagne
hurry up :))

       Anonymous  8/8/10, 2:17 AM  

First in, last out!!!!

TY Drisana :-)

yeepeeeee ! congratz ;)

FILO - that brings out old school memories

       Anonymous  8/8/10, 2:18 AM  

Swissmiss, do you have Tomato juice as well?, i don´t drink..

sorry- yes I can organize that too (a week bloody mary - lol )

Hi all...Ehhh, how to get the game started? Really, I don't know how to! Help please?

Alright, nvm, got it!

       Anonymous  8/8/10, 3:28 AM  

Hmm, can't find the sd?


GO LEFT (cupboard and cabinet)
- Zoom in on the cabinet.
- Zoom in on the top right black door and open it. Count the colors of the books and take the CIRCLE SHAPED KEY.
- Zoom in on the cupboard. Use the key on the left door to open it and take the UMBRELLA.

GO LEFT (windows and desk)
- Zoom in on the desk and go behind it on the right side. Take the PENCIL from the middle drawer. Open the bottom drawer and counting book colors again.
- Go right to the other set of drawers. Take the REMOTE from the top drawer. Take GREEN BALL #1 from the middle drawer. Open the bottom drawer and keep on counting book colors.
- Go down 2x and you're zoomed out.

GO LEFT (couches, clock, pictures)
- Zoom in on the left couch and then under the left couch. Use the umbrella to take GREEN BALL #2

GO LEFT 2x (cupboard and cabinet)
- Zoom in on the cabinet.
- Zoom in on the top left black door and open it. Put the green balls on the thing on the bottom shelf and take the SPADES SHAPED KEY. Take the green balls back.
- Zoom out all the way and zoom in on the cupboard. Use the new key on the right door to open it. Count the book colors. Zoom in on the top shelf and take the philips head SCREWDRIVER.

GO LEFT 2x (couches, clock, pictures)
- Zoom in on the clock. Zoom in on the bottom right side of the clock and use the screwdriver on the panel to open it. Click the lever (the numbers on the clock have changed now).
- Zoom out 1x and zoom in on the bottom front part of the clock. In your inventory; look at the screwdriver and click it 2x to make it a normal screwdriver. Use the screwdriver on one of the green balls to open it and take the BIG WRENCH. Use the wrench to remove the cover of the bottom part of the clock. You see 8625. Now zoom out and zoom in on the top part of the clock to see where 8625 are on the changed clock. They are on 12, 3, 10, 8. Go down again and click the buttons on the bottom part in that order (where on a normal clock 12,3,10,8 would be). Take the CLOVER SHAPED KEY.

GO RIGHT (windows and desk)
- Go behind the desk on the right side and use the key to open the top drawer. Take the BATTERIES and the USB-STICK and count the colors of the book.

GO RIGHT 2x (exit door, tv)
- Zoom in on the tv. In your inventory; put the batteries in the remote and then use the remote on the tv and see the hint. It's about the box on the table and WE SEE is (west, east, south, east, east).

GO LEFT (cupboard and cabinet)
- Zoom in on the cabinet and then zoom in on the top middle right part. There zoom in on the compass and click it to see the needle move to the left. A needle is always pointing north.

GO RIGHT 2x (couches, clock, pictures)
- We went right 2x, so now north is to the right.
- Zoom in on the table. Zoom in on the box and click W, E, S, E, E (don't forget north is on the right, so West is up) and see the word HIT.

GO LEFT 2x (cupboard and cabinet)
- Zoom in on the cabinet and zoom in on the bottom left doors and put in the letters HIT and open the door. Take the PAPER with a star on it and count the colors of the books again.
- In your inventory; Use the pencil on the paper and see Up, Right, Down, Left (arrows). The star was on the clock so let's go there.

GO RIGHT 2x (couches, clock, pictures)
- Zoom in on the clock and then zoom in on the top part and see Up, Right, Down, Left is 8637.

GO LEFT 2x (cupboard and cabinet)
- Zoom in on the cabinet and zoom in on the bottom right doors and put in 8637. Open the doors and take the SMALL WRENCH and keep counting those book colors. And those were the last, now let's use it.

GO RIGHT 2x (couches, clock, pictures)
- Zoom in on the clock. Zoom in on the plate (to the right of the clock) with boss on it. In your inventory; change the screwdriver back to a philips head and open the plate.
- Books in the color order BRY is needed now. If you counted right you have 868, so put that in and click the button. Look right it says, so do so. Zoom out and see the painting is moved to reveal another safe. On the safe is the clue *651#.

GO RIGHT (windows and desk)
- Go behind the desk and zoom in on the backside of the name plate. Use the small wrench on it and see escape49.
- Zoom out 1x and zoom in on the keyboard. Put the usb-stick on the red part next to it and click the keyboard. Put in the password (escape49) and see the code 736.
- Zoom out 1x and zoom in on the phone and click the clue from the safe (*651#) and see the phone lights up with the numbers 2498.

GO LEFT (couches, clock, pictures)
- Zoom in on the new safe and put in 2498 and open it and take the HEART SHAPED KEY.

GO LEFT (exit door and tv)
- Zoom in on the door and zoom in on the code panel. Write down the letters get coi ndx. Put in the new key and click the code 736 and click enter. The door is open and you can go out. But you can also see the word dog and that's for the happy coin. So where there used to be letters are now numbers but we wrote down get coi ndx so you know where to click for the word dog. It's 257. Put it in and click enter and see happy coin, click enter again and see you have to go find the coin. Well, the word was dog, so go to the dog (right of the desk) and now you can zoom in on it and take the happy coin. And now you can go out.

       Anonymous  8/8/10, 3:46 AM  

Wow Small-tool, good job!! :-)

Thanks Full, couldn't have done it without you. If you hadn't gone in first and said Goodmorning I would never have found my way in.
And thanks to all the other players too of course.

I don't find the happy coin and never saw a dog before in this game.

Ahh, Tesshi-E, I love those games!!

Although I didn't get that thing with the two green balls on the scale (?), I solved the rest on my own.

And of course, needed help with the happy coin.

And of course, forgot to safe before going out without happy coin, so I had to play through it again, which wasn't bad at all (I mostly play games I like twice).

Great Walkthrough, Small-Tool!!

Out on my own!

Now I'm trying for the gold coin (been trying for the past hour or so...lol)

Yay found Happy Coin...with help from small-tool.

Lol, I should have written those letters before activating the keypad. I would have been out a long time ago! lol

       Anonymous  8/8/10, 5:58 AM  

Tesshi-e games bring happiness to me!

I agree with you, @zoe!

The castle shown on the PC desktop is Dunluce Castle in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.


I love Tesshi-e, and this wasn't an exception! Out with the happy coin and even happier when reading your comments afterwards. Lol @Full! I loved the cheering from the people waiting outside for you. Congrats to getting first in, and finding your way out again!

Great job on the WT @small-tool!
Thanks @Shuchun for posting and @Tesshi-e for going on making these games!!

I love Tesshi-e , I wish every game maker would take her escape 101 class and learn how to make Beautiful and logical games , I loved the happy coin ending in the plane . Thanks for bring sanity to my day!

       Anonymous  8/9/10, 5:53 AM  

We love Tesshi-e! It has such a calming effect like it was made with magic! =)

thanks @small-tool - needed help from your excellent WT towards the end

@escapism "Although I didn't get that thing with the two green balls on the scale (?), I solved the rest on my own."

But I DID get that thing!
However, I failed at some other very essential points: I was not aware that the balls are different, so the one could get opened, the other couldn't! (First looked at the non-opening one...)

And I missed that second wrench, which did not give me the code to go on at the end (GRRR)

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