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Escape from Mr. Y's Room 3 Walkthrough

Escape from Mr. Y's Room 3

Escape from Mr. Y's Room 3 is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game created by Tesshi-e, who is also creator of Mild Escape, Escape from the Underground Room and Escape from the Forest of the Fairy, Ground Escape, Escape from the Balloon Room and Escape from the Same Rooms games. In this game, you are in trapped in a room and you need to escape the room by finding and using items with solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Escape from Mr. Y's Room 3 Walkthrough

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This is going to be fantastic......

I have a river paper hint, key card from river pic, magnet from cb with many buttons and a white red paper from table.

Use calendar dates to get SD!

How ?


Zazie look at the dates positions in calendar

Put the 'key in the ball' from behind screwed panel
into the unit behind the river pic and got what looks
like a 'knob in ice'.......

Hi there :)
Zazie, click the buttons according the days of the week, 5th is Thursday, so click 5th etc

Thx Megi, got it !! :)

YEAH, Tesshi-e...as I'm getting out a fresh sheet of paper

now stuck and finding the number for Y...

Zazie, seven days, seven buttons so 5 is the fifth button

I think I used the SD to get the thingy out of the ice (wish they added names instead of "undefined")

Use SD on iceball.

oh,i'm stupid....just see the clue~

Zazie, how did you get the magnet?

Put the knob in panel you opened with SD

Thanks, got it :)

I think magnet was in cb with many buttons. i did it by trial and error, i just remember that the violet pattern was symmetric and the bottom middle button was violet, the other violets were in row 1 and 2.

Now in the mirror is the pattern for cb we opened already lol.

There is a key behind mirror.

got SD and card from behind painting...

Use magnet there and get the key.

lol Zazie, if you put the knob in panel, you get hint for that cupboard. Thought that was your answer, lol !!

Got cup from below cb...with T343

K x T = new room whoo hoooo!

Got key back in ball after putting red ball behind river pic, cant get it out of water ball. Also stuck with codes from birds.

now stuck with the orange code in 2nd room ...

great Kateskat, but how did you know?

Used coin to get key out

Red ball beside bed releases the 'Ball with key'
which is opened with the happy coin.

got Happy Coin in new room, used SD on frame in cupboard

Key opens box for another plate

Use tv colours combined with colours card symbols on the code with the birdies in the second room.

Hi Truus, this is what I got,

K=24 on chair
Y=x on key card
T=343 on cylinder

=8232 with key card

got it ~

out with Normal end~
try to find another HC~

thanks for explaining Kateskat, I didn't understand where the "x" came from. I do now :)

And new type of HC!!!!

Stuck with bird code and orange code in 2nd room

Ah, white spade on window of second room

Another plate from hippo.

Use tv hippo's positions on the hippo in the other room.

tv gives code for hypo

hypo meaning hippo :P

What to do with the number from birds ?

and out :)

Now, where are the Five and Eight sided cards....

Zazie, could it have to do with the plates, maybe the order of putting them in the drawer??


these represent the number of corners on the shape of the plates, position them in the 2nd room under the white spade

The number from the birds is the order to put the plates in the drawer in the second room.

Help with orange 3 digit code in 2nd room, please

Ahh it is how to put plates in drawer, i am missing two plates..

when I enter the numbers from the cb in the remote in front of tv, I only get for the 8 the color code for the symbols... how do you get the position of the hippo for number 8?

missing 2 as well, only have 3 4 and 6

Hippy hints are only 6, click channel 1-6

*i mean Hippo lol

Sabine, click on the remote number 1-6 and see where the hippo goes

@truus @ zazie
try raising the mirror to the other room and look
at the back this time

plates in the drawer? I just read your comment @s-t, the device in the drawer in second room doesn't do anything and I have no plates... ops?

need 5 and 7 corners plates... where..

oh... I was wrong with the hippos... thanks @Truus =)

sorry 8

I guess i need a block an octagon shape and anothr one with 5face shape...

How do you raise the mirror and in the second or in the first room?

And out... vintage teshii as usual!!!!

Only bad thing is he doesn't make them more often :)

orange code, hint please

and now I know which plates xD still need some

If hippo plates are
1 2
3 4

the code is 241431 ? this is not working

not sure how to raise the mirror Magno

s-t, in the first room, the hole next to the mirror where you needed to put the knob, turn the wheel again


Use the knob... turn it left (becomes red) to put downn shade... then enter the 2nd room

And i have no clue for the 3# box.

Ah, ok. I turned the mirror off again and then in the second room the number was there.

Thx Jon, got it...

Ok, thanks. Got the end key now.
Is there another 'real' happy coin?

aha, got another plate now, thanks Magno and Jon D

ok. thanks. out

I am out !!
Thx for all your help, i have to run now.....

Close the screen and look at the back !

And the tin is opened for last card.

I hate escaping a Tesshi game,
I want it to last...forever

Great to play live TY all

And yep, there is a real happy coin.
Look at the tv again. Hippo positions have changed.

ok last plate in can, use opener

Thanks small, out with real Happy Coin :)

Truus, Hypo...it's still funny!

And Zazie, the happy hypo hippy hippo !

Out with no help. Easy this time :)

Where was the triangle plate?

AH, got it. Put red ball in hole behind river pic...forgot about the red ball

Great game Tesshi-e! Thanks!!

       Anonymous  6/29/12, 5:07 AM  

I guess that it's the first time that I'm out without help in a Tesshi-e game ! Thank you Small-Tool for the new happy coin, it's the only thing I didn't find by myself.

Excellent, as usual. I agree - the only thing wrong with Tesshie-e games is not enough of them!!!

Hooray! Yesterday, I was looking to see if I'd missed a Tesshi-e while on vacation, and I wake up this a.m. to find one! Thanks, Tesshi-e games!

Something different I don't like--everything I click on says "undefined." Is that intentional?

and another hooray from me! I like Tesshi =))


As it says at the beginning of the game, the English translation hasn't been published yet "Sorry,this game has only Japanese version now.Please wait for the English version a little more.".
As soon as it is finished, you'll find it there instead of the "undefined".

Tesshi-e, I really really love your games, thanks for another great one!

Where to use the SD, please? I can't find the screwed panel...and if I keep reading I'll see all the spoilers...TY!

You'll find the panel in the cupboard/door view, left hand side of the (covered) glass pane.

Thanks, @ainao!!!!

@nokra, I think the screwed panel was to the right of the cabinet that held the screw and other things...

now I can't find red ball! need only triangle plate... always behind on these things!

oops, need to refresh more!

Somehow, I have missed the clue for the order of the 5 plates that go in the drawer...anyone still here?

Oh, POP...It was on the TV...that is what happens when you take too many breaks in a game! lol

ok, i've tried to click on the river picture to remove it but can't seem to get it.. any hints.. i looked at the paper i have and the clue in the cb but can't figure it out..

Kerzman - look at the River Paper - it is ryybgg

wow,, i was putting why to much into that.. thanks

       Anonymous  6/29/12, 9:10 AM  

But for the 2nd happy coin, I too escaped with no help. (Ty ST) Another Fine game by a master.. Thanks for starting my day just right!.. 2 coins of happiness Yippee!!

Okay, got the clover key and can't put it in the wall to freeze so I can break it :( I'll go through the comments again to see if there's a hint.

POP, coin! Thanks!

@myrdlebp, did you find the spot behind the river picture?

let me know if you find red ball!

POP, found it by bed.... always miss the obvious!


I too wondered how you all got out!
The stuff on the tv is only 6 seventh of the puzzle!
Took me a while to realize that the position of the hippy WITHOUT pressing any channel is the 1st!

Channel1 - Channel6 give 2nd to 7th position.

Hence it is seven in total, not six. (pretty sure about that)

P.S. The above only applies for the first "usage" of the hippo, not the (optional) second one, where it's a true 6 steps ;)

Sort of a WT (cause its a pity for the game not to have one LOL)

left pink chair:"river"hint

right pink:clue K24

table between them:card and notice calendar

mirror wall:left cb clue for the river painting
up cb ;after noticing the positions of the numbers in the calendar press the buttons (5th,2nd,6th,4th,3rd)for the SD

river pic:corners uptop,upright,upright,downleft,downright,downright
,take card and notice Yx on it

left of mirror: unscrew the panel for key-ball
put it behind river pic and take knob-ball, use Sd on it for knob

use the knob on the unscrewed panel left of the mirror, click it and the mirror turns to a window, now you see the clue for the right cb (birds positions)

open it and take magnet and notice red heart

mirror-window: use the magnet to move the key and take it from the hole under the mirror

open with it the down cb and take box with T343

door next to mirror:TYK code:343x24 after putting the blue card and enter 2nd room

2nd room "cbs" use SD for happy coin and notice green club

between beds: notice yellow spade and take remote

windows wall:notice white spade

1st room: TV:click one of the top buttons and see hippo, then click 1-6 for the hippos positions
and 7 for colours-order

2nd room:hippo:ur,dr,ul,dr,dl,ul for card

1st room:click Tv and notice blue diamond

panel left of mirror: turn the knob (red light) and go the 2nd room

2nd room:mirror clue for the box-orange 3 digit code (512),"tool" and card

use the 'tool" on the T343 box for another card

birds view:click the heart,spade,diamond and club combining TV clue and their colours(you ve noticed)
and see 46385

right of right bed :red ball

1st room:behind river pic,put red ball and take key-ball,open it with happy coin
use that key under TV for the last card

2nd room windows view,open drawer and put the cards-notice the shapes on them and use the 46385
so square,hexagon,triangle,octagon,pentagon (sorry if these arent their names LOL)
and take THE final key

1st room :TV click remote for new hippos positions for the hippo in 2nd room to have the real happy coin

and 1st room use The key to other door and OUT!!

and of course Thanks Tesshi-e for the excellent game
and thank you all fellow-players for your comments

i love tesshi-e

       Anonymous  6/30/12, 4:12 AM  

YAY, what a great weekend start for me with a solid & perfect Tesshi-e...!
(got the English version already - thx, @idahhh! ☺)
& thx, new,
for making the WT-job!
Only needed a little impetus for the 3-digit-box, otherwise I just flew thru the game (like the river)...!
Very nice & clever introduction of the new Happy Coin by getting the usual happy coin easily already in the middle of the game & using it as a tool!
Looking forward to seeing Mr. Birdy HC in all the next Tesshi-e games again...!

Great game Tesshi-e - thanks!
Only got stuck on the 3 digit code - thanks for the helpful hints

@new: thanks so much for all the help. but one thing that keeps bugging me is: how did you get the 3-digit code for the orange box (512)?

Prudence, if i remember well...
you use the knob twice,once the light turns green and the 2nd time again to red and then(while its red and the window is again as a mirror ) you enter the 2nd room and the code is on the mirror.

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