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Escape Chestnut Room

Escape the Chestnut Room Walkthrough[REPLAY] Escape Chestnut Room is a new point and click room escape game created by 2keys games, who is also creator of Escape Orange Room, Escape Library, Escape Pink Room, Escape Magenta Room, Escape Green Room, Escape Pear Room, and Escape Ecru Room games. In this game, Rupert has gone on a hunting trip with his friends, but they decided that he was too noisy, and they've locked him in the cabin so they can enjoy their day of hunting. Help Rupert escape from Chestnut room so he can show his friends that he can't be left behind. Make sure that you remember that you have a limited inventory space. So if you don't need something anymore, put it back where you found it to free up a slot in inventory. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Escape Chestnut Room Walkthrough

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NEW GAME!!!! Woo-hoo!

Yes, I love these two key games.

So far I am finding pieces of metal.

Me too, wonder what we need and don't need.

Do you know where to put the metal pieces?

I have six pieces so far.

Yay! finally people to play with! i found 10 pieces of metal in total and I'm completely stuck! Def in need of Diana's expertise!

No, I havent figured out where to use them yet.

Just for a bit of fun, play with the bears rear end, ha ha.

Antlers on deer move. I wonder if there is a reason for it?

Got piece of metal from mouse hole.

The rabbit asleep is worrying me, why are his ears glued to the tree?

The pic by the window the rabbit is holding a magnet, maybe thats to do with the metal? The hippo yawns in the other pic if you press his belly, and the famingo lifts his leg up. Very confuddling!

LOL the rabbit is giving the middle finger.

I love these games too!!! Have you found where to put the pieces of metal?

(sorry for my English, I'm Italian!)

I love these games too!!! Have you found where to put the pieces of metal?

I tried putting logs in hippos mouth. Nothing happened.

There is a safe behind picture next to elephant : shoot it (the picture)

How do you know it's a magnet the rabbit is holding, it looks like an apple to me.

Still nowhere for metal pieces and I have 11 now! Mayb need to use the bottle of stinky stuff from the table for summat first?

There is something behind hippo picture. Cant figure out how to remove picture.

If you take the log chair thing and set it infront of teh mouse hole...the mouse comes out sniffs it then runs back in....

Hmmm. think id the safe wrong but can't reset it

How do you reset the safe?

I have 11 pieces of metal now.

You can put the note from the door into the fireplace. Don't know what it is good for.

Maybe somehow light a fire and melt the metal?

Antlers on deer are useful in order to change the pattern in the thing on the safe: when you make a wrong combination, you have to move the antlers

ive found 8 pieces, plus i found 1 when i lifted the toilet seat up, but it fell down :-( dont know how to get it yet!

Also ive got a carrot but dont know what to do with it!

you can move the antlers on the deer too, but again, not sure why!! anyone have any ideas why there are soo many pieces of metal??

with the hippo, use the brush and brush his teeth 2x and he will raise his foot. he's got a metal piece...

How do you take the picure off.....i keep shooting it but it doesn't fall....help please.

I solved the safe puzzle, but how can I explain you the way?

I've got 12 pieces of metal, but what to do with ???????

where is the safe then??

I dont have enough room to put the hippo metal because I have the brush and 11 pieces of metal. Darn it!

safe is behind hippo picture mike.

Ok i solved the puzzle..you have to fill all teh squares...but you can't go over one square twice..i think i started on teh second row from the top...like teh 2 one down too..but i;m not to sure.

Ok, I'll try this way.
LEt's immagine that the squares are numbered from right to left. The gray squares are represented by an X.
The puzzle is this way:

1 2 3 X 4 5
6 7 8 X 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 X 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 X 26
27 28 X 29 30 31

Ok, this is the "street" taht you have to do:
18 17 22 27 28 23 24 25 28 30 31 26 21 16 10 5 4 9 15 20 19 14 13 12 11 6 1 2 3 8 7

I hope I was clear... I can't explain it anyway!

This safe is driving me nuts.

how do you move the pic then? cos it just kinda, swings side to side

Is there any way to reset the puzzle...?

you take the shoot gun amd aim it at the picture...then shoot.

AArghh... Everythinng moved when I published the comment...
Anyway, I was wrang, the squares could be numbered from left to right, not the contrary, and the second "28" that I wrote is actually a "29"

Right i shot the picture, but i cant clear it, coz i did it wrong, how do you clear the safe so you can do it again??

To reset it move teh attlers all the way down teh move them back up and that should reset them

Ooo! Thanks! And I had to shoot the nail to get the picture down.

To clear safe.....move antlers all the way down and back up again.

loriloo thank you so much, that has been bugging me for a while

I have another safepuzzle

Now the safe is bugging me, how do you do it?? Please help my poor hair from being ripped out :-(

No problem
pink_lellyx =]

now i have no idea what to do next....

Oh, there is a carrot hidden in the picture with the hippo: it's that kind of grass under the foot of the man... You can give it to the rabbit of the other picture (forest reserve)

you have to fill all the squares...but you can't go over one square twice..i think i started on the second row from the top...like the 2 one over too..but i'm not to sure.

once you give teh carot to teh rabbit click his other hand and he gives yout the magnet

what is in the safe ?? Do we need it to get rid of all the metal pieces?

You get the magnet out of his hand when you give the carrot to the rabbit!

to do the safe, you basically start from the grey block at the bottom, and work your way left round the outside, to the middle. if you see what i mean???

X 1 2 3 4 X
5 6 X 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 X 26
27 28 X 29 30 31

This is mine and it is driving me nuts!

Yes but we should find where to put the pieces of metal... I put some of them where I found them since I couldn't take other objects...

Usamomo, this means that it changes each games... Hard thing, I'll study on yours and if I manage I'l give you the combination in terms of numbers...

Mines from top left

Thanks brumilde!

brumilde please help me, its so frustrating!

Has anyone figured out what to do with the magnet?

got it!!! in the safe is a chainsaw, the metal pieces are the teeth and go onto it

how do u use the gun on the picture ive tried and it wont work?

Shoot at the nail above the picture.


the way is:

I'm trying, but with pen and paper is much more difficult!

However, if this makes you feel better, inside the safe there are some tools that i can't use anywhere yet! :P

ty so easy when u know how lol

I cant get past the safe!!! Please help me someone :-(

lol Thanks brum.

I think we should not have grabbed all the metal pieces first.

I've got the same puzzle you do Pink, Stuck too

:-( i hate this safe thing, if i figure it out before you i'll help you, please if you do it tho, please tell me how you do it!!

you can use the crowbar on the frog in the picture

I'm thinking we have to get the fishing pole out of the storks mouth to fish the metal piece out of the toilet?

you bet

Can I be a nuisance and ask if someone can help with my puzzle if it's not too much bother.

1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 X 11
12 13 X 14 15 16
17 X 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 X X 30 31

Thank you.

if you use the spanner in the pic where the rabbit is sleeping, you throw the spanner at the eyes in the tree, and get an apple

Pink_lelly and usamomo, I tried to solve both your safes, but I can't succeed in finding the solution! I think the best thing to do is to restart until you find one of the patterns we have solved (that are mine and that of monik_18)

so, now what do we do with the magnet after we get it?

Okay, I am restarting. Thanks a lot for your effort brum. :)

Ok, im restarting, i cant be bothered trying to think of it! Thank you so much for trying to help brumilde.

then if you give the apple to the mouse, he gives you another tooth for the chainsaw

I restarted and got the puzzle on my first try!

usamof : I restarted till I got the safepuzzle as brum. Safe is open now.

Metal pieces goes on chainsaw in safe.


Wow, nevermind, my comment is old news



What is a spanner?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Not so easy for me, still cant do the flaming puzzle

tosca.......I am glad you finally got it. I have been trying to open mine for 40 min before I restarted. lol

You're welcome! Don't worry for the metal pieces, i'ts better to take them after you open the safe, so that you can put them into the right place!

I've also found two metal pieces in the teeth of the stuffled sable... I mean..they were its teeth! :P

well i've only gotten 11 pieces on the chainsaw, now i'm totally stuck, any suggestions

OMG OMG OMG OMG, i did it!!! whoooooooooooooooooooooo i did the safe!!! On my own as well, so cuffed!!!! Omg i need to grow up, im 20 tomorrow!! Lmao!!

use hammer on teeth of bear, and sable

uhauhauha... You can brush the Hippo teeth with the toilet brush and it gives you another piece to thank you! LOL

happy early birthday "pink"

Get the stalk's leg down, then tie them together with loo roll. He drops the rod. then keep crowbar-ing the frog till you can get it! combine it with magnet & off you go!

good call hubcap!

you can also use the hammer on the bottom of the hunters gun and get a piece

Aww thank you nascargirl

Use crowbar on cupboard : another safe.
YES usamomof

WTG pink! Dont worry. I am in my mid 30's and still act like that. lol Happy Birthday!

i think i heard someone say they found another puzzle, can you give a hint as to where you found it?

This comment has been removed by the author.

where do you use the crowbar on the cupboard?

Got 15 pieces put in the chainsaw...need 16 more i think !
For the fiching rod in the picture with frop, you need to fall many times the frog in the water with the crowbar...the frog push the fishing rod in the board and then combine with aimant for the piece of metal in the toilet

under it Jones, to tilt it over

Lmao usamomof2, i was so excited tho, i wish i could of got a picture of myself, it would of been a good picture, dont think ive been that excited in a while lol!! Thank you as well, so not looking forwards to it, i feel old :-0(

Thank you brumilde xx

Tosca what is the cupboard where to use the corwnbar to find another safe? if you mean the one near the toilet, I can't open it!

i can't seem to get the one from the bottom of the gun useing the hammer, any sugestions nascargirl.

did u use the hammer on the bear's teeth after making him raise his head up, and then go to the next screen on the left and you'll see even more of his teeth

Ah - the filing cabinet! I was looking at the cupboard thing in the bathroom...

hubcap, it's the gun in the picture with the hunter and the dog and hippo...the end of the gun

You feel old already? lol My kids are making me older before my time. Besides my 13 year old makes it clear she thinks I am "over the hill".

Does anyone know exactly how many metal pieces we need?

there has to be something to do with the elephant, just can't seem to figure it out

What part of the filing cabinet? I am clicking like a mad woman and nothing is happening.

thanks nascargirl, also put the apple in front of the mouse hole.

also 6 pieces of metal for the chainsaw ....
what to do with the moose ?
how find the code to the second safe ?

In the mouse hole there are two pieces to be found! One of them is the one that the mouse gives to you when you give him the apple. The other one is hidden in the darkness of its hole, on the right side. You have to use the magnet to take it!

Need four more metal pieces.
Any hard ones to find that could help?
Or understand the safe behind the filing cabenit?


I think i have about 20, and i think 9 or 10 more, did any1 notice on th front door at the top left the is a piece on th frame!!

Lol i rele do feel old, im goin 2 hate my kids gettin old (wen i ave them) it will shorely remind me im gettin old quickly!!

Also if you lift the top off the toilet theres 1 underneath it!!

axouille the cabinet beside the other safe, you take the plant off and then click the lower left side of it with the crowbar

Ok, for the second safe, provided that there are six number, I suppose we have to put the numbers correspoinding to the animal tracks that are in the book in cabinet. There is a list on the table with six anials, I think that we have to follow that list (numbers are those of figures), but who is able to recognize all the tracks?

@ brum remove the plant first. It is the cabinet with the book in it.

geez has anyone figured out the numerical code

oh, sorry Brumilde, posted before i read yours..ok now let's see what we can do with the tracks

I wonder if the code has something to do with the paper on the table and the book?

Ok can someone tell me where this so called cupboard is...

I am missing five metal teeth.

the cuborad is the fillinf cabinet, use th crowbar on thbottom left hand side!!

lori..the filing cabinet.

thank you very much..i was about to go crazy.

Sorry about my spelling then

I've only found that Grouse is fig. 5 and deer is fig. 4... I can't distinguish the other tracks

My husband is a hunter. If he was here he could tell me the tracks. Darn it!

I think the tracks are numbered different for each game

Finish for me. I hammered the head of the bear, heard a weird sound and now I cannot do anything anymore but to restart.
Be warned.

yeah, me too, i don't even have a grouse listed on my paper and in my book the deer is 6

on my paper there's a raccoon, armadillo, deer, bear, muskrat and wolf listed grrr

im trying to figure out the combination for the second safe. Was thinking that maybe the animals on the list with the lines through were the ones we should use for the code?? what does anyone think?

Argh, I'm giving up.
Good luck everyone.

How do you get the apple?
For the filing cabinet safe:
I tried using the number of letters in the animal names that weren't crossed out. No luck.

I'm trying to find the solution through google.. However if the tracks are numbered in a different way each game, I can't help you if I find it!

My paper has:

sable-crossed out yeti-crossed out
rabbit scout-crossed out
deer-crossed out

i'm completely at a loss here

alright i have officially decided to give up..=[ i tried and i just couldn't do it....i'll see you all at another game...good luck to teh rest who have dicided to finish it. =]


These are the ones crossed off on my paper.

My paper is different... same animals, but not in this order and rabbit and deer aren't crossed out!! I'm very sleepy, it's late here, but I don't want to give up now... aaargggh

Ive tried so much, ive been on google and had a luck, i think i have th paw prints, but it wont let me open the safe! Ive put them in the order that i found on the list :-(

mike, I agree with you. There would be too many numbers if we used the ones not crossed off.

ok this site looks like a good one to start with


this site might help http://www.geocities.com./Yosemite/9152/wildlife.html

Ok found 5 of 6 footprint, and then what the order to the safe ...
number of figure ? do we have to follow the order of the list in the note ?
crazy game :)

this is starting to get a bit tedious now. getting numbers and going round and round and round...

Maybe not....I have six that are not crossed out and there are six numbers.

does anyone have a key or know how to open the safe if we do get the right code?

im hoping we wont need a key!! i still need 5 pieces ... hmmm...

Thanks hubcap, it helped a lot!!! Now I think I have the right combination, but I miss the key! I've read in that forum that it's in the elephant hair, but first you have tu light a fire... but how? maybe we have totake some wood from the table?

Hey Guys

I found a piece of metal on the right side of the bathroom cupboard

Ok, i rele dont have a clue!! Im so stuck, i have all 6 im 99% there the same as th 1's i ave! But its not working! Do u put them in a different order??

Off topic - Try clicking the bottom left side of the fireplace to get another metal piece.

ps. I have six animals uncrossed. But still cant figure out that safe.


pink i just seen ur message from earlier!!! happy birthday for 2moro!!!

This might help with identifying the tracks: http://www.cityofmelrose.org/departments/Conservation/files/tracks/tracks.jpg

Now I only need three metal teeth.

ok, i'm officially giving up, i've put the code in for what i've found looks like the correct footprint, but no luck

Thank you Mike!!

What do you all mean by "crossed out" What do you do in the book/file to get something crossed out?

there is one more piece in the crying bunny’s mouth

usamomof2 .. i need 5, are there any you have found that aren't listed somewhere above??

one 1 of the pieces of paper there is a list of animals, some of which are corssed out.

No worries pink :) u doing anything to celebrate

mike, did you get the ones from the table?

I need 5 as well!

I need 5 as well! Mike theres 1 in the toilet if you lift the back off the toilet seat up (were the water is) and theres 1 on the top left hand side of the front door!

the one stuck in the table you mean??
I got the one from the crying rabbits mouth, and now need 4!

I dont think so, my brothers not talking to me and my mum has changed her mind about going for a meal, so i dont have a clue, im hoping to get a new car, i think my dads hiding it from me :-(

got those pink

Yes I guess you got them then mike.

I nheed two more. Let me think about where I found some of mine and I'll get back to you. It is hard to keep track when you have to find so many.

I still need 5, ive ran out of ideas were they mite be!!

i know what you mean!! i'll try think where i got mine, and we can compare lol. its gunna be hard to remembe tho!!!

put birch log onto elephants left tusk for the firewood..

I think I give up now, it's very late! Maybe I'll try again tomorrow... even if I'hhave to do the safe puzzle again!!!
Good Luck.. I hope You'll find all the pieces soon... I'm missing ony three!!
Good night!

shoot the firewood to start the fire

Oh rite ok, ive put 1 log in the fire, an th other 1 just goes in th corner

vbranam What birch log? do we have to collect all the metal pieces first in order to use the chainsaw and have the wood?

I started the fire in the fireplace but don't kno wwhat to do with it.

there is the one on the front door frame, the 1 down the loo, the one where the water goes in the loo, 1 on the floor to the right of the loo, the 1 in the rabbits mouth, 2 in the mouse hole, 1 or 2 on the tabke, the ones from the bares teeth, and the sable's teeth, think there was 1 in the drawer of the filing cabinet, somone said about there being 1 on the end of a gun, but i dont think i have got that. i cant seem to be able to get it (unless i already have!)

gets the key for the safe. Thank you v bram!!

Not to have the wood Brum, but to start the chainsaw,yes..

Omg thank you, i now have fire!!
I have also opened the second safe!!

If you click on the elephants truck it rises and smoke comes out. Not sure how this help yet.

I am missing one chainsaw tooth, any ideas where it could be, its not in any of the places people have mentioned already. Thanks!

i dont get the log thing! ive tried clicking all over the tusks - but nothing!!!!

I have hand cuffs from the safe, $2 and another piece of metal

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