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Escape Chestnut Room

Escape the Chestnut Room Walkthrough[REPLAY] Escape Chestnut Room is a new point and click room escape game created by 2keys games, who is also creator of Escape Orange Room, Escape Library, Escape Pink Room, Escape Magenta Room, Escape Green Room, Escape Pear Room, and Escape Ecru Room games. In this game, Rupert has gone on a hunting trip with his friends, but they decided that he was too noisy, and they've locked him in the cabin so they can enjoy their day of hunting. Help Rupert escape from Chestnut room so he can show his friends that he can't be left behind. Make sure that you remember that you have a limited inventory space. So if you don't need something anymore, put it back where you found it to free up a slot in inventory. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Escape Chestnut Room Walkthrough

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after you start the fire you can get the key and another piece from elephants trunk

I am clicking all over the firewood w/the gun, and I STILL can't get the fire to start :( Also, how do you get the bald rabbit to give you the apple?

I mean after you start the fire you can click on the elephant trunk

I can't give up!!! I miss only yhe last pieceeeeee

marcinella, you also have to put the letter in the fireplace,,

Also the rabbit in the picture has now had his ears glued back to the tree, dont know why lol

This comment has been removed by the author.

After you start the fire and click on the elephant trunk. it rises and smoke comes out. There are two pieces of metal...on in each nostral

My last peice of metal was beside the sink,,click right bottom corner and you get another view..

How did you start the fire?

how did you open the second safe?
My animal list only has 6 animals!

Edit: from my earlier post...
One piece of metal and a key in the elephant truck (not sure if someone already mentioned this or not)

Got the safe opened. I'm still missing one last chainsaw tooth. :(

pink, how did u open the other safe? i now have a key and the metal from the trunk

csitobe, put firewood in..put letter in..shoot with rifle..

vbranam1 I took that! :(

Oh, OK, tnx vbranm1!

you did Brum, with up close view..cause there is 2 there..one you get without the side view...other has to be in the side view

I entered all the numbers from the animal thimg, the put the ky in the keyhole and it opened!

What do you with the money and the handcuffs??

I got one from the end of the gun. Someone said you can get one with hammer. I dont know if that would be an extra one or the one I already have.

No, I took the two pieces... the one on the sink and the one beside it... I can't find the last one!

this could be posted already dont know,,,tuna in front of mousehole,you get one...apple in front of mousehole you get another..

you also have to get the the that dropped in the toilet...
combine the fishing rod with the magnet to get that one,,

back to trying to work out tracks then...
did you use the crossed out animals? I have Sable, Grouse, Yeti and scout.
Any ideas??

money and handcuff seem to be useless..

I found the last 2 metal things in that animal on the table!

you dont use crossed off animals...the order of animal pictures are different per player..match your animal feet to your own book..i had to google mine

I didnt use my crossed out animals mike

mike, I think we use the ones not crossed out. I think. Dont quote me on that, lol

Oh goodie, my husband is home. Maybe I can figure out the tracks now.

also what do you do with the chanesaw??

I am missing one metal piece.


I took all pieces that where mentioned, the ones in the bathroom, table, mouse hole, door, drawer, etc... I miss a piece that no one has still mentioned!

chainsaw you will need to get out..

let me try to remember back brumwilde

I NEED HELP .... I don't know how to get the magnet.... can someone please help me get that fishing pole from the stork

I havent read thru the post so if I repeat, Im sorry..Did you get the nine from the bears mouth..they scatter when hit with the hammer..One is in the very left hand bottom corner where the writing is..very easy to overlook

Fishing pole, get toilet roll and tie th storks legs 2gether

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh this is getting to me now!!!!!!!!!!!!! still cant open the second safe ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

give the rabbit a carrot and you will get the magnet from his other hand

Great, just great....my husband told me it looks like I have the right ones. But he said the pictures arent that good so he cant be sure. So I tried what I had with the key and it didnt work!

vbranam YOU ARE MY HERO!!! I wass missing just that one from the bear near the "hand"... It's almost impossible to see over there!!

Does anyone have all the chainsaw teeth? Did anyone get out?

and after you do what pink said, you throw crowbar at the frog a few times and the rod gets pushed to the edge of water..pick up

mike what do you think you have wrong, an i'll try an find it for you

If anyone has 'grouse' on their list,i think it is a 3 claw track.

yw, brum..you will soon be out..

I have all the teeth, but dont have a clue what to do with the chain saw!!

I can go to bed now... Sleepy but glad !:P
Thanks a lot Vbranam, I 'd never had seen that piece!!

Goodnight everybody, see you next game! ^^

I would be super impressed if someone makes a walkthrough for this!

i had grouse and it was number 1

i have:
sable crossed out
grouse crossed out
yeit crossed out
scout crossed out

so then am i suposed to use fox,muscrat,deer,wolf,rabbit,armadillo in that order with their numbers being the figure for their prints.

crank it up and use on door pink to spell out a sentence...

well, the ones that are not crossed out are... otter racoon rabbit armadillo and bear.

i think rabbit is 2, bear is 8, and the others, well, im guessing!! cos i dont ahve a clue!

I can go to bed now... Sleepy but glad !:P
Thanks a lot Vbranam, I 'd never had seen that piece!!

Goodnight everybody, see you next game! ^^

Anyone figure out how to use the hammer on the window and bust out of there, that's what I would do.

yes, hubcap

Do you need the key to open 2nd safe?How do you start fire?

The fox might be the 4 clawed/pawed one...

Dainz i am with you, i have been stuck on the last chainsaw tooth forever! ugh!

OUT! Yep, I totally missed the one tooth at the very bottom left of the bear-rug scene.

Turn on the chainsaw to use it. Then click where you want to use it. ;)

I have to stop now. My eyes are bugging out of my head. I will restart tomorrow and write everything down. Good luck mike and everyone!

I done the thing with the door and it says, here i come :-( im getting scared, i will try and help you now mike!

They are all different in each players book mike..go to google and put in animal tracks and the animal your looking for..do that with each of the animals you dont know.Will show you and exact picture..

OMG, OMG, OMG im out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!whoooooooooooooooooooooooo

thanks vbranam1 i'll keep cracking at it

what the heck is the code for the safe???

lol, pink, dont forget the apostrophe !!!!

2 pieces to find and still no safe, mike's getting angry lol
and thinking of just, giving up and going to bed! :(

where do I get the carrot?

http://images.google.co.uk/images?hl=en&q=otter+pawprint&gbv=2 otter pawprint

code for safe is different for each player sevin..check your paw prints

Finally out! thank you everyone for you help!!

preciouslove, the carrot is in the hippo picture

carrot is in the picture with the man and his gun and dog..around his foot..underneath the little plant

Mike go on google and type in what you want go on images and it shows you what they look like!!

Right im off, ive been on this for about 3 hours and im so glad im out, i need my sleep for my birthday 2moro!! Have fun all!! Bye xx

Happy Birthday Pink...Hope ya have a great one!!!

Can no-one post the numbers that are corresponding to the animal tracks??
I found otter=7 muskrat=8 rabbit=5 Wolf=4or9 fox=4or9
Armadillo ????

One metal piece is in the elephants nostril, took me forever to find it.....

thanks now about that safe ... i'll figure t out... I HOPE

Thanks vbranam1!!

Tosca, everyone,s book is different..same paw prints but they are numbered different..google helps a lot...Thats the only way I could come up with mine..

not sure if last post went up, found one metal piece in the elephants nostril, was my last piece...

hurrah i got the safe open!!! now just 1 metal piece to find.....

mike did you get that piece from bears mouth that scattered to the bottom left of the screen?

What do you do with the weird liquid?I have no idea!

Locations of teeth:

1 top left of door frame
1 next to toilet
1 inside toilet tank (back part)
1 inside toilet bowl (need magnet and fishing line)
1 right side of sink on the floor
1 on edge of sink
2 sticking out of table
2 from stuffed sable's mouth
2 in mouse hole (need tuna for one and apple for other)
1 in plant
1 in bottom drawer of filing cabinet
1 to the left of the fireplace
1 from hippo after brushing teeth
1 from sleeping/crying rabbit (need wrench/spanner)
9 from bear's mouth when you use hammer (four teeth on first screen, five more on toilet screen)
1 from safe behind file cabinet
1 from elephant's trunk

I think that's all of them?

Hello everyone!

When the trunk is up, use the fork in its nostrils.

What was the combination for safe?

I'm still missing 5 pieces...

I didnt find a use for the liquid at all..

ya i'm out!!!
had one paw print wrong.
also the last piece of metal for the chain saw is in the safe.

Tosca, Im sure some of players have the same animals..Just in case mine were..in this order:

so my numbers for the safe were 549371

someone may have the same order..unsure

I finally got the puzzle!!!
Some catching up to do now!

Use Google search for "Animal Tracks" and on the results page, click the middle image (dark beige chart of tracks.) It'll take you to a conservation page, but click the top image again for "Show actual size" or whatever. I think that's what 2keys used for reference.

Write down the names of the animals from your list (on the table behind the sable) that are NOT crossed off. Then match the tracks by page number. For instance, if your uncrossed list is "fox, otter, deer, bear, grouse, armadillo" then write down those page #s from the Animal Tracks book in the file cabinet. That is your safe code.

ok if you opened the second safe... did you use the number of prints or the print figure number.. of the animal on the list? because I got more numbers than the rottaters have

just the animals on your list that are not crossed off

RE: if your bear is fig.2 in your book, that becomes your number for the bear print

confused. what do you do with the puzzle. I click it and it doesn't do anything. >_<

let the fire burn a few min then elephant raised trunk got a metal piece and a key from his smoking nostrils...eeeww... lol

bailey, if youve played and got stuck..you have to reset your puzzle by raising the deers antlers on the wall..lower and raise each time you need to reset

Thx vbranam
Just opened safe2 with a bit of luck. Now getting further.
1 am here.

I'm still missing the 7th piece from the left on the bottom row. Does anyone know where it is?

yw, tosca

wooooooooooooooooooooo i did it!!! thanks everyone!! wow i think this was the longest one of these games i ever played!!! my last piece was on the left side of the fire place, near the floor!!
Good luck everyone!! anyone who hasnt completed it yet, should have more than enough info if they read all the posts!!
I'm off to be now!!! :)

way to go, mike..yep, this is a great game...I liked it very much...

I can't get the hippo to brush his teeth. How do you get the apple from the rabbit?

okI got the numbers I believe they are right but now I cant open it... hmmmm ok I need the kep but I cant neither get the fire started nor the trunk of the elephant up.... how the heck do I do that

cat get the brush and click on the upper left tooth

touch the hippos navel and he will open his mouth..

for the fire..make sure letter and wood are there first ,then shoot at with the rifle

This comment has been removed by the author.

you get apple after you throw something onto the whole in the tree.. (wrench)

Okay, thanks. How do you get the apple?

into the hole in the tree..

the wood doesnt want to go into the fireplace :((

THx vbranam finally out, thanks to your last comments about the last metal piece. After 4 hours playing , a headache.
See you all later.

When you put the birch log onto the tip of the elephants left tusk..it splits and lands in the fireplace..

See ya next game Tosca..

got a bit from the apple but not from the tuna. What's up with that?

Finally out! Nice game!

After mouse comes out and smells rotten tuna, he runs back and you will see a faint peice of metal in the mousehole..

used chainsaw on door and it cuts door to say... come here!

but don't know what to do after that

Your almost done Steven..It says" Here I Come!

Sorry trying to remember..it says I am Here! something like that,, may be different for each player to..unsure

The door opens when your done cutting..

of course! haha thank you vbran! that only took two hours haha

I cant find the last piece of metal... ok I got the one on the door, the ones from the bears mouth, the toilet1 inside 1 in the tank.. 1 next to the sink, one in the crying rabbits mouth, from the hippo, the guy's gun in the hippo pic.. the elephants trunk, the safe. the table.. that is all I got well I know I got more the one next to the fireplace. and stuff bu I am missing one... AWWWW .... where is it... (cry in despare) HELP!

Thanks,, couldn't see it. Now the safe

It said for me HELP ME.
Just kept sawing until I was out.

Nope, mine did say "Here I Come!

new game!!

Okay, we know for sure now that its different for each player,thanks Tosca.

precious did you get the other one beside the sink..you click on lower right corner and you get another view,,

What do I do to get the bit from the crying rabbit?

under crying rabbits tongue..just click there

yup... I think Im missing the one that someonw mentioned inside the mouse hole, but we needed to get with a magnet... but I cant do so...

the one you get with a magnet is in the toilet..mousehole is apple and tuna..

I got the one that he drops, but not the one that it the other one... if there is one

Did you get one after putting down rotten tuna?

yeah I tried the apple and after it dropped the piece, I couldnt place anything else. so I know its not the tuna

here is another combination for the puzzle behind the picture,
mine was:

start at 22,21,33,32,26,25,1,6,36,35,17,14,8,10. that should complete it, hope it helps. it was a very tricky puzzle i thought.

out out and out!! woohoo thanks for all the clues that where given and TY vkacademy for that link.
BTW...if needed my tracks where Muskrat 5/Raccoon 8/Deer 4/Otter 7/ Rabbit 9/ Fox 2......
GL e1 that tries and see ya next game.

Did you get the one at the very bottom of the screen from bears mouth..That one was tricky

oh for that puzzle here is mine

1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 x 10 11 12
13 14 x 16 17 18
19 20 21 22 x 24
25 x 27 28 29 30
31 32 33 34 35 x

10-4,4-1, 1-31, 31-35, 35-29, 29-30, 30-6, 6-5, 5-17, 17-16, 16-28, 28-27, 27-21, 21-20, 20-8

yup, the one that you said to place the tuna so that the mouse can smell it... well... I cant place it anymore. not after it got the apple

precious, click around the mouse hole. the bit is in there

I just dont know Precious, I dont know of all the places you have got them..I know you get 9 from the bears mouth and they scatter..you combine fishing rod and magnet to get the one thats dropped into the toilet..(theres no other way to get that one)so you did that to right?

sob... nope not there ... Sigh... Im starting to give up... BLAH.... no....I wont give up and now I sound like a little baby whinning....

yeah I got the one from the toilet....

cant open the safe :( help!!

I can't get the safe either

for the safe..when you have your correct numbers put in..zoom out and click your key then the keyhole on safe..If your numbers are right ,it opens

precious you got the one in bottom drawer of file caninet right?

yessm.... and the ones from the kitchen table... and the pictures.

I think there was one in the potted plant to..

If you placed the tuna on floor of mousehole and mouse came and left and you picked up the tuna again,, Do you remember if you got that one or not..It may still be in the hole..Its very faint

yeha got that one in the beginning.. nvm... I want to give up

Okay, then..must be missing one from the bathroom..I think there were 5 in there all total

I got the one it dropped after the apple... it didnt drop any when I put the tuna,,, I already clicked on every spot of the hole

chainsaw working ;D

I can't seem to start the fire. The gun just won't go off. :\


ok, i'll try to remember where i found all the metal pieces:

2 toilet (bowl and tank)
1 click bottom right floor next to bathroom cabinet
1 in door
several bear (use hammer on teeth and look very carefully to make sure you get all the pieces. one is on bottom left, just above inventory and some are in other room)
2 in/on table
2 teeth of critter on table
2 mouse hole
1 left of fireplace
l crying bunny
1 brush hippo's teeth, on foot
1 hunter's gun--you don't need hammer
1 bottom cabinet drawer
1 in safe
1 in plant
1 left of toilet

i can't think of any more at the moment...

       Anonymous  4/5/08, 5:20 PM  

i have all the chainsaw pieces, all the stuff from the safe, and NOW im stuck

yep, thats 27 laurel ..missing 3..

I already got them but I don't think that I got one in the mouse hole... I only got one after the apple that was the only one that I saw


I couldn't keep up with everyone but THANKS TO ALL for all the hints!


Okay,let me see if I can remember:

1=under hippos foot
2=left of fireplace
1=potted plant
1=gun in picture
1=bottom drawer
2=sable teeth
2=on table
2=in mousehole
1=crying rabbits mouth
5= bathroom
1=door frame
9=bears mouth
1=elephants nose
1=in safe


yay, way to go precious..

Good grief, Ive spent all day on this thing..whoa, how time flies when your having fun..

I really liked this game too. Thank you Diana for posting ( a good way to spend a Saturday)..Good Luck all..See ya in the next game...

1 2 X 3 4 5
6 7 X 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22
23 24 25 26 X 27
28 29 X 30 31 32


For those having trouble with the tracks and the safe code http://img167.imageshack.us/img167/9608/tracksmo8.png

1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 X 16 X
X X 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 X 25
26 27 28 29 30 31

its: 10, 7, 1, 6, 11, 19, 20, 31, 26, 21, 24, 18, 17, 15, 13

For a list of most of the animal prints for this game check this thead in the Nordinho forum, there is a good walkthrough there also.

Missing one piece of metal, and I have NO idea about animal tracks. Thinking about giving up. Because I do not have any possibility to make it if i have to know the tracks.

Here is a possible shortcut from Stephs post that will help instead of having to google every animal...



ahh i cant get the second safe.
i really thought the code i was using would work but its not :(((

anybody still playing?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Im trying to put the website on here for the now found shortcut by steph..It will not let me put the whole thing in here..If i can get it...This will help yall a lot..Copy and Paste


the end of that website is:


tried 3 times...it keeps cutting off the last part

Ok. I`m offishially giving up. I`m tired and this game doesn`t make things easier. So I say goodnight and good luck to those of you who have the patience to continue this puzzle. See you all later.

Try that website Tia.. Type in the "Conservation " one time

what order do i put my #'s in anyone????? HELP!!!!

My safe looks like this:

1 2 3 X 4 5
6 7 8 X 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 X X 20
21 X 22 23 24 25
26 27 28 29 30 31


The order of your paw prints...the animals that are not crossed off on your paper... Got to go ..Good luck all

im stuck at the second safe.
anybody playing?

...is anyone here..? Jumping right in..lots of comments..lo

Walls look dusty rose to me..not chestnut..wonder if my settings are off a bit..

Anyone else having problems getting this to load???


what browser are u using..

i'm using FF and it loaded well..

IE, never had problems before

some games are made in FF..they won't load in IE..:(

OMG..NO...i have to do a maze like the ones in leprachan..just found it..ahhh

Oh my heck!!! I cannot figure the safe!!! I have restarted for new ones, and I can't get it!!!! UGH!!!!

argh... not working in FF or IE

it won't let me do it again..

is that the same safe im on SEkwof?


what flash do u have..?

Adobe i think... newest avaible

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